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Man on My Wall
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 9th, 2011

I flip on the light switch and watch him adjust to the bright as I descend the stairs; my shoes making the distinct tap he's become accustomed to fearing. The corner of my mouth smiles as he shudders with every footfall, closer and closer. His nakedness is disgusting; his penis erect and throbbing, what a despicable creature.

"No, please." he pleads, softly sobbing.

I stop myself from touching my snatch; he gets more more horny than he'll ever know.

I pat my stomach softly; rub it. I look at him and smile, devilishly.

I walk up to him and turn quickly; showing him my crack. I take a hand on a each cheek and separate exposing my spicy asshole and shoving it against his nose.

He's struggling already; I assure him it's not that bad. I reach behind and stroke his hair lovingly.


His binds rattle with force as he inhales my pungent aromas. I laugh.

The next one grumbles in my belly; he can hear it for sure as he starts whimpering like a bitch.


He moans before breaking down and crying; his tears feel good falling down my ass cheeks.

I pat his head as I bubble out another fart for him; a reward, if you will.


I watch as his hands start to tighten up; tighter and tighter.


The grip their tightest before slowly falling lifeless. I rub my, no doubt, wet asshole against his face before leaving him to recover.

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