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Mall Service
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: April 3rd, 2017

Goddess takes me to the mall, I'm wearing my collar but she's kind enough and trust me enough to let me hide the leash in my pocket but I will give it to Goddess if he so commands.

At the shoe store, Goddess finds a pair she likes and asks the employee to get a pair for her to try on her perfect feet. She looks to me, the first time in a long while, and points down at the hard bench available in the shoe store. And, of course, I knew exactly what she wanted.

I get down on the ground and lay my head on the seat so Goddess can sit more comfortably. I hear a pause in the employee's footsteps coming back, likely in shock from the sight.

"Uh, here you are, ma'am," he says, passing the shoes to her.

She speaks softly, sweetly, "Put them on me."

The employee sounds worried, "Yu-yes, ma'am."

I hear him undoing Goddess' shoe and then him cringe a bit; Goddess shoves her now bare foot, sweaty from walking around the store and pungent from her aging shoes, "Do the other one first," she says with a big grin no doubt, I'd seen it before.

"Yu-yes, ma--ma'am," he stutters, his words muffled by Goddess' foot.


Unexpectedly, I'm hit with a powerful, loud fart that makes my head shake violently from how rank it is; the mall food was not sitting well with Goddess and now that was my problem, to spare her from it. "Excuse me," she says politely with a slight giggle.

The employee whimpers softly, almost crying it seems as he starts to put the new shoe on Goddess' feet.

"Don't worry, my fart slave will smell it so you or I won't have to, isn't that right, slave?"

"Ye-yes, Goddess," I manage to eek out between wrenching gags and muffled under Goddess' perfect ass.

"Good boy," Goddess says before farting again, louder this time as if to assert her dominance over me. PRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUPPPPPPPPPP!

My body starts shaking wildly but I soon find a little relief once the panic dies down and only the rancid odor remains, tormenting me.

Then, in a flash, Goddess gets up. Through blurry, watery eyes I see Goddess admiring the pricy shoes in the mirror; she seems pleased.

"Very good, I'll take them, my slave will pay, isn't that right, slave?" She kneels down to my face and pinches my cheeks like a child; smacks it once playfully and then walks away.

Weakly, groaning, I reach into my pocket and pull out my wallet. I hand a card to the employee before just lying there to rest a moment, a brief moment.

At the clothing store, Goddess allowed me to sit in one of the man chairs and wait patiently for her; it was a nice break though I do love serving Goddess all the same, it just gets a bit...much at times. But she is my Goddess and I will obey her every whim.

"Oh, slave?" I hear her call from the other side of the store. There aren't many people in here but still, a little embarrassing; but I don't hesitate, I get up and race over to my Goddess.

She smiles as she sees me, "Slave, into the dressing room with me."

"Uh...are you sure Goddess?"

"Are you questioning me?"

"No, never Goddess, right away Goddess," I say as I race in; she chuckles at my pathetic subservience and closes the door behind her when she enters.

"So why are you shy, slave? You've already seen my asshole on your face so, what's the difference."

"I guess nothing Goddess."

"Good, then don't question me again."

"Yes, I'm sorry Goddess."

"I like to lean in these rooms and you'll be helping me,"

"Yes, of course, Godd..."

Before I can finish, you press your nude butt over my face, leaning your body weight against it to pin me to the wall. BRRRRRRrrrrrruuuuuppppppppp!

You sigh pleasurably as my body shakes wildly, trying desperately to inhale Goddess' fart to her satisfaction. I feel Goddess' fingers running softly through my hair, "You're a very good boy, you know that, very good. With a submissive like you, I feel like I can do anything and you'll let me, won't you?"

"Yuh-yes, Goddess." I say, weakly, choking and somewhat distraught that she was right; I'd do anything she asked, even at my own peril. But still, it felt good to be loved by her and for that I'd trade anything; and I guess in many ways I did.


My body involuntarily whimpers out as the thick gas blows through my senses, practically shorting out my nerves, paralyzing all senses except the sense of smell which left a horrific odor around my face.

After holding me there for a minute or so, Goddess finally gets up with a snickering laugh and opens the door. There's another woman waiting there to use the dressing room but I see Goddess fan the air around her face, "I wouldn't use that one yet, my slave did a really shitty job of sniffing in there, sorry; but he's going to get it later, don't worry."

Goddess laughs and, worse, so does the woman while she looks right at me; ensuring I can actively see while feel me being humiliated.

I crawl to Goddess with my head hanging low to avoid any eyes. Luckily Goddess didn't see anything she liked there so we didn't need to linger around.

Finally, we were back in the parking lot; Goddess smiles wide, she had a great day clearly. At the car, I go for the backseat but Goddess stops me, "Slave, that's not where you sit."

I softly gulp and take my hand off the door handle, "Yuh-yes Goddess," I say, resigned to the fate.

Goddess opens the driver side door and waits for me to get in; I do, with my knees under her custom raised seat and my head on the top of the seat for Goddess to sit on; I see her smirk out of the corner of my eye. I know she loves this but she's also proud of me, I'm sure.

She lifts her dress to press my face in her sweaty panties, then drapes the dress back down to create a bit of a dutch oven for me; as if her farts weren't enough.

"I know you don't love this position slave but I do. And it's only thirty minutes to home."


My body shakes a bit as the gas hits me, I gurgle out softly, my body trying to find relief somewhere but there's none to be had.

"Mmm, of course, I might want to watch TV so I'll need you between the couch cushions as well for maybe, two hours, that's fine, right slave?"


Weakly, I sputter, "Yuh-yes, Goddess."

"That's a very good, bitch; that's why you're my favorite bitch."

Through the pain and horrible smell, I still smirk a little, as Goddess sweaty butt bounces off my face as she drives along the road to home. Because despite how hard it is, I'm Goddess' favorite and I must please her really well for her to say that. And that's something to be proud of.


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