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Late Night at Study Lab
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: September 9th, 2011

I had done it again; waited until the last minute and now I was stuck with having to commit ten chapters to memory by 8:15 a.m. I planted myself in the study lab on campus and would stay there the entire night. I hid out in the bathroom and emerged when the lab was empty.

As I stare at what begins to blur into meaningless phrases I hear people come in; no one else should be here. I peer between the book stacks and see a girl and a guy enter the lab; they head for the large tables and begin to make out heavily. I try to return to my studying but soon moaning starts; then screams of delight from the girl. I stand to get a better look; the girl stands fucking the man who lies on the long desk. The guy may as well been a statue with a dick; he didn't seem to mind though and she seemed into aggressively pumping him.

Judging by her small smile, she came but, his expression, wasn't nearly as euphoric. More tired, and perhaps irritated. Pent-up.

She smiles at his expression and pulls him out of her. He tries to sit up but she pushes him back down and stands up on the table. He seems excited; she walks over to his head and pulls down her sweatpants; her naked butt plops down over the man's face. He immediately begins to struggle as I grip the books in front of me tighter; what the fuck was going on here?

She flicks back her hair and leans forward; she lifts her pink shirt a little. I can see his face planted inside her backside a little better now.


She says something but I can't hear over the sounds of the guy breathing on the table; trying to get free from the loudest fart I had ever heard in my life. She pats his stomach lovingly.

She leans back and sticks her hands near her privates and the man's face; her head falls all the way backward and I see her joyous expression; like a second orgasm but I have a feeling this one came from her ass.

The man trashes harder under his girl's weight and gas; the table is about to tip under his fight.

I grip the books even tighter as I lean forward but one slips and falls to the ground with a loud smack.

The woman spins her head in my direction and surely sees me dart back to the table; I start to collect my stuff.


A huge fart echoes across the lab but I'm too focused on getting out; I dart in between the stacks, looking back to the scene of the gassing but she was gone and only a lifeless body lie there on the table.

I run and crash right into her; knocking us both over.

I see her see the opportunity in her mind and she spins around on the floor and grabs me; I slip away first but then she grabs my arm. She's strong! She pulls me towards her devilish smile and grabs my head, pressing it against her naked butt.

The smell is rancid; ripe with fresh rips and old gas from who knows when. The shit smell is strong but I cannot break away from her grip.

"You've seen too much friend; tim e for you to die."


"No, please!" I scream, "I won't tell anyone!"

The noxious gas enters my nose and lungs; it burns my insides.

She laughs, "Tell anyone what?"

I start to feel dizzy, nauseous;as I pump in her fart to my body; I pass out.


My eyes adjust to the bright library; it's only the lights though, it's still nighttime.

Suddenly, it gets dark, "Good morning!" A shadow figure blocks the light but it's voice is familiar.

The girl's ass decent upon me and I felt all her weight sitting on my face.


"Ahhhhh, smells good; doesn't it?"

I didn't but I'm guessing that wasn't a real question.

"Well?! Was it good?!" She demanded.

"No, it was awful."

"I think you just need another one; a good and thick one, what do you say?"

"Please, stop this."

"Stop talking? Sure; I'll let my ass do the talking!"


"Oh...just a little...PRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPP!...ahhhhhh! My little fart face, you're a good boy."

She massages my hair as I feel an airy fart squeeze up my noise; it's worse than anything before it but that's not saying much.

I feel my breathing become heavier, more labored; soon I realize I'm running out of air, life giving oxygen is being replaced by putrid and life-sucking methane.

"You feeling it yet?"


"Now, I bet you are."

My eyes start to water and fog; things turn bright in this dark, smelly hell hole.

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