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Lady Death
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 24th, 2010

"Gentlemen and ladies," Tony Stark begins, "I believe you all know why we are here."

"We have reason to believe a massive invasion force is headed straight for Stark Tower," Steve Rogers continues.

"What can be done?"

"We sent a scout to get a look at the group but he's not been heard from since."

The group looks around shocked, wondering who among them was missing.

"Relax, it was just some DC intern."

A sigh of relief falls over the room.

"What we can do right..."

An alarm blares loudly as the doors to the conference room seal closed.


"What's going on Stark?"

"I don't know Nick!" Tony pulls a device from his pocket and places what looks like a holographic phone call.

"Stark Industries," the receptionist answers; you can see her from the device in Stark's hand.

"Eve, what's going on?!"

"Oh hi, Mr. Stark!"


"Jeez, alright, sorry. There's been a security breach; probably a malfunction. The guys are already checking it out. Just hang tight, Mr. St..."

He cuts her off by closing the mirror case looking device and stuffs it back into his pocket.

"Alright. That's that then. So...who's up for a vodka twister?" Tony asks as he walks to the bar; mandatory in every room for Mr. Stark.

"Steve! How bout you; drink old pal?"

A rumbling is heard; shaking.

Then, it appears. The pale colored head of Lady Death comes into view by the window. She smiles at the occupants inside and then continues her climb until her privates are against the window. She thrusts forward once, crushing the wall and breaking the windows.

She turns to present her butt to the open hole she's created; screaming is heard outside as well as the squish of human against giant foot.

Her black thong rode up her crack so high you could barely tell she was wearing underwear; she just had to perfect, pure white orbs of ass perfection.

Now, they grow; in horror the heroes watch, helplessly, as the ass covering the only workable exit outside is covered by mounds of ass flesh as it grows to seal the hole entirely.

"There now. I hope you zeroes don't mind; I had a little, gassy food earlier and I think I might..."


"Ahhhhhhhhh! Yeah, might fart"

The heroes were, comically, pasted up against the wall; the blow so powerful and so thick as to decently glue them to the wall.

The smell was otherworldly; truly, something had died inside Lady Death...perhaps many something's. The men yell as the claw at the walls and sealed doors; anything to try to escape the ungodly stench.


Lady Death smiles as the airy fart leaves her asshole; sweet relief her clear thought. She bits her lip in sensual passion. Her hand goes down to her privates; two fingers inside.

She stomps on the ground, squishing a few more; their screams make her even more excited.


Tony peels himself from the wall and charges the butt; begins punching it to no real avail.


Stark yells as he flies back towards his friends against the wall.

Lady Death can't contain herself; she feels her juices about ready to blow.

She moans and grunts, "Uhhhh, ohhhhh, errrrrrrrrrhhhhhh!"


She parts her thong front just in time to rain a little of her juices on the panicked people below; at the same time she blasts a sizeable fart into Stark's conference room.

Most heroes lie unconscious, pasted against the wall.

Tony, freeing himself again, walks towards the butt as it shrinks and departs.

"You bitch! What the fuck did you think..."

Before he can say more, Stark is nabbed by the girl and stuffed into her panties on the backside.

Tony sees the lifeless body of Robin pressed between the tight black fabric and Lady Death's rotten hole.

"Godspeed little guy; I hope I fare better."


Laughter but little other acknowledgement as the dead skunk smell wafts up Tony's helpless nose and stings his mouth.

He passes out a few torturous moments later.


Stark awakens to the sight of a hard concrete ceiling.

Lady Death quickly appears above him, smiling evilly.

"Mr. Stark, what a great pleasure to have brought you here."

"You're not going to get away with this."

"Tony, please. That line's for people with plans; there's no plan here...just simple sadism."

"What about the invasion army?"

"I think I heard Ernie mention something about that..."

" So you do know?"

"I stopped working for that sleaze ball last...hey! Stop this bullshit Stark!"

"You can't win."

"That's what you think," she says with a smile.

She puts herself above Stark; her butt precariously hovering above. She bends down, lowering her ass to make contact with his face.



The fart exploded in a spray of neon green gas from her asshole. Tony tried to avoid it at first but, at first sniff, it was quite pleasant; the most pleasant odor Tony had ever a Peppermint on Pepper Pots clit just waiting for his tongue. He inhaled deep.

Then, it hit; suddenly, Tony feels the life being sucked from him from within. And now, somehow, Lady Death's asshole has gone from blow to suck and is now inhaling Tony's fleeting life force.

Seconds later, Tony's body lay a lifeless shell on the ground.

She lifts him and stuffs him unceremoniously up her ass; it grows as if a human was stuff inside it.

She grunts.


The fart equalizes her ass back to normal size; a fart cloud shaped like Tony Stark blasts out like a perfect fart sculpture of the man.

"Ahhhhhhhh; that's good."

She sniffs the fart-tainted air.

She gags, then smiles.

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