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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: February 1st, 2009

"Yeah?! Well at least she gives a shit about me! At least she asks me how I'm doing after a long day!"

"Oh, poor baby...I'm sorry that after spending the day trying to keep our child from hurting himself that I lack the capacity to ask about your day. I'm really, really sorry; what on Earth was I thinking?"

"Fuck you, Helen! This is not a marriage; this...this is just bullshit. You hate me, I hate you; we can't pretend anymore."

Mom was silent for a moment, "You can't mean that...," she whispered.

"I do! I'm leaving you!"

"You can't leave us! He's your son too! He deserves a father! I deserve a husband!"

"No, you don''re just a bitch! Best of luck to the both of you."

"You fucking...arrghhh!"

As my dad's heavy footsteps came towards the door, I sprinted back down the hall and into my bedroom.

From my room, I heard the front door slam shut and with that he was gone, forever. He didn't even say good bye.

I was young but I knew what was happening; my dad was leaving us.

"Jeffery!" My mom called sternly.

"Yeah?" I yelled in reply.

"Come down here, now!"


I headed down the stairs to meet my mom and her angry glare.

"What's up?"

"Is this yours?" She asked as she held up the all too familiar small, square packet.

I remained silent.

"I said, is...this...yours?"


"I guess I'm going to have to assume it is then! What have I told you about sex?!"

I said nothing and looked away from her slightly.

"Answer me damn it!" She scolded as she approached me and grabbed me by the shirt.

I tried to appear strong but the fear I had was probably apparent to her.

"Huh? What have I said about sex?!"

I still didn't say anything.

"Fine! You don't want to talk, we'll find a better use for your mouth."

"Mom, please, no...I'm sorry, you said sex is..."

"No! Shut up! You missed your chance now you gotta accept your punishment."

"Please, no."

"Lay down on the floor!"

"Mom, please, I'm sorry..."

"Do it or your punishment will be worse!"

I did as I was told and laid down on the ground

Mom, proceeded to remove her black track pants and tossed them carelessly aside. There she stood now in her white panties. With no wasted words, she stood over me and then took a seat on my face.

" You're in for some shit now Jeffery!"

With that and a slight lean to the right, Jeffery's mom farted on her son. BRRAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

"Ahhh, Jeffery, be a good boy and sniff all that up for me!"

I began to kick around as the scent was just unbearable.

"Stop struggling and suck it up! Be a man!"

I reduced my struggling to please mother and she seemed pleased. She farted again and sighed contently. BRRAAAAAAAAPPPPMMMPPP!

"Stop, please!" I managed to muffle from under her.

She ignored me.

I trashed around as I was now running out of air but she didn't care. An SBD passed from her cheeks and the air was so putrid I could not take it any longer and I passed out.

"This was a common occurrence all too often. Many times it was for things of little consequence but it was always worse when I actually deserved it."

"Oh, Jeffy, I'm so sorry. I would have never done that to you if I had known."

"Don't worry; it's not your fault. I played it pretty close to the chest, didn't tell anyone; too embarrassing."

"Still, I mean what are the odds that what haunted you for all that time would be the exact thing I needed for my sorority initiation."

"I'll tell you, when you came storming over here, demanding I sniff your farts; I was afraid."

"Hey, I gave you a chance to do it willingly," she said, smiling.

"If you say so," I replied, jokingly.

She looked at me mock angrily.

I snuggled up close to Olivia on my bed and she turned to me and ran her small, gentle fingers through my short hairs, reaching out for my shaft and playing with it lightly; not enough for me to get satisfaction but enough to get me hard.

She quickly whipped her hand from my junk and flipped over onto her stomach, her head now at the foot of the bed.

"Quickly," she said.

I knew what she meant immediately and I plunged my face into her ass, as deep as I could get it.

I didn't have to wait long before Olivia produced an Earth shattering fart.


She sighed contently as she released it and grabbed the back of my head to ensure I wouldn't go anywhere. I wasn't; wild horses couldn't tear me away from her wonderful odor.

A powerful SBD escaped Olivia and I breathed in deeply the pungent aroma that I grew to love so well. Her pledges would be in for quite a trip but me, I loved every minute in her ass.

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