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Happy Birthday (Abandoned)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: 2006(?)

            "Happy birthday, Julia!"
            Julia gasped as she took her hands away from her eyes and was starting at a black limo. "Oh, my! You did this?"
            "Of course, who else?"
           " But you didn't need to do all this..."
           " All what? Mark owns a limo company, he did all this.”
            "Wow, that was nice of him. How's it working out with him?”
            "He's just fantastic but forget about him, this day should be all about you. Hop in."
            Tess enters the car first, followed closely by a still awestruck Julia.
           " So where do you wanna go?"
            "Oh I don't know."
            "Come on, you gotta have something in mind."
            "Well what?"
            "I always did want to do one thing."

            "You want a ride?"
            "Nah, thanks though."
            "Alright, see ya tomorrow man."
            "Yeah, see ya."
            I had never been one to take rides. I hated walking but, when I didn't have my car that is usually what I did. My house was about 15 blocks down the road so I was in for a long walk.
Somewhere around the 8th block, I spotted a black limo driving up the street. It was rare to see such a sight in this small suburb so I just had to gawk for a few seconds and then I kept on walking. A few seconds later, the same limo pulled up next to me a slowed to my pace, as if it was following me. The windows were tinted dark and I could not see anything inside, that is until the back window rolled down.

            "Hey there, what's your name?"
            "Me? Jon."
            "Hey Jon, you wanna ride with two lovely ladies?"
            I had to think about was definitely a weird situation. On the one hand, these girls could be some crazy serial killers or some shit and they wanted me to be their next victim. Or maybe I just watch too much Law and Order. After a few seconds of arguing with myself, I decided to join the beautiful girls and boy were they ever beautiful. Hot in fact. Two gorgeous girls who looked like they were not a day older than 25 and they wanted a 21 year old like me. Jon, I said to myself, you lucked out.
            "Hey ladies, so what's your names?"
            "Well, I'm Julia and this is my friend Tess."
            "Nice to meet you both. So...were we going?"
            "Just touring the city."
            "Cool, sounds like fun."
            "Oh it will be, especially now that you're here."
            "Oh yeah? Sweet. Let's get this party started."
            "We were hoping you would say that. Why don't you lay out on the floor in the middle there and relax, we'll give you a good time."
            "Man you girls get started quickly don't you."
            "Yeah," Julia answered, giggling slightly.
            "Alright, here I go." I laid down on the floor and looked behind me to see Tess closing the privacy window between the driver and us and I watched as Julia got up from her seat and carefully walked towards me. She stopped right above my head and before I could ask her what she was doing she sat down, her ass in my face.
            "Hey what's going on!?" I yelled, my voice mumbled.
            "This!" Julia exclaimed as she rose her ass cheek slightly and farted. PRRRRRBBBBBBT! The damn thing must have lasted 5 full seconds. She sat back down. I coughed and gagged for fresh air but in this position I could get none. "How's that smell?"
            I could not reply, I just continued to cough as I took in the wretch scent that just would not go away.
            "That good, huh? Well how about another my little fart sniffer?" She asked, evilly.
            Upon hearing this I trashed and kicked around, trying to get free. I got a bit of an edge and was going to slide out when Tess came around and sat on my stomach. Escape would be all but impossible now. Breathing would be more difficult now too.
            "Where did you think you were gonna go?"
            To be honest, I hadn't thought about it, nor did I really care, I just wanted out and away from these chicks. I continued to kick around but it was a pointless waste of energy as the two girls sat atop me. Eventually, I just stopped and gave into the inevitable.
            "There, maybe now that you're calm you can sniff my lovely farts properly."
            And with that she let go of another bomb. BBBBBBBBBBBTTTTTTT! The horrible stench burned as it entered my nasal passages and made my eyes water but I had no choice but to endure. Soon, however, between the awful butt blasts and having Tess sit on my stomach I was running out of oxygen. I began to feel light headed and my breathing became heavy but this had no effect on Julia, she remained seated. In a few more seconds I would pass out but not without having to take in an earth shattering fart from my tormentor. PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPP!! A few desperate sniffs for air would send the monster up into my nostrils and I slowly faded into unconsciousness.

            "Come on, Tess, have a go at him."
            "I really shouldn't I don't want to get into the habit of it, Mark isn't too fond of it."
            "Just once, you have to do it, please." Julia pleaded.
            "Well...," Tess sat and thought, "...alright, I'll do it but just once. Plus I feel a nice big one coming and it shouldn't go to waste."
           " Excellent!"
            "Okay here, help me out with this. I am gonna lay on his chest, with my ass near his face. Once I get set up, quickly pour the water on him and grab his head and shove it up my ass and hold it there till I say otherwise, alright?"
            "Haha! Sounds great."
            Tess quickly got set up on Jon's chest and lowered her pants and panties so she would deliver her attack bare assed. She signaled Julia to wake him up.
            I awoke suddenly to a splash of very cold water on my face. Before I could make sense of anything my head was lifted and shoved into what appeared to be a naked ass ass. I fought for freedom but it was a pointless fight. Less than 2 seconds later, I was hit with a loud, roaring fart blast. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! My head and face was held tight, forced farther up the ass and into the rancid smell. It took no time at all before I passed out again.

            I woke up, this time, in total darkness. Before I could respond a loud, hot fart erupted from above me. The girls laughed as I realized they had been gas attacking me even while I was incapacitated.

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