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Guy Sitting
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: July 3rd, 2016

"So you got everything, you know the schedules for watering the plants and all that?"

"Yes, yes, I got it; don't worry, just enjoy your trip."

"Heh, I'll try; and you stay out of trouble."

"Come on, me? Trouble?"

"Yeah, you, trouble..."

"No trouble. I'm missing you already."

She rolls her eyes and heads down the hall. I wave and shut the door as she disappears into the elevator.

Sweet, I got the house to myself. Time to jerk it, I guess; well, maybe in 30 minutes, in case she forgot something.

I start to get myself set up at least, grab the laptop and put it in the living room...oh I could hook it to the big TV, that'd be sweet! So I go for cable and hook it up to mirror the computer screen. Works flawlessly.

Now to search for some porn. Hm...what can we...

Suddenly there's a bit of jiggling at the lock; someone's trying to open the door. But now? She's been gone 45 minutes, it can't be her coming back...can it?

Fuck...the porn, uh,, why the fuck won't this close?! What the fuck!

"It's really hard to believe that he'd..." a voice, a familar one but I didn't know who as I furiously tried to concentrate on closing the browser window, closing the computer, just destroying the whole fucking thing really! Anything to end this moment but it was too late...finally the screen went black but I didn't want to turn to meet the voice that likely saw everything.

"I guess it's good we came over," another voice said...this one was much more recognizable, someone who'd been in the house quite often. My girlfriend's best friend, Rachel.

"It's a...not...." I turn slowly but my eyes are practically closed, too embarrassed and busted to be able to handle this. And there was not two but three of them there, Rachel, Cynthia, and Laxmi, who was usually the quiet one but she had a wide smile on her face as she sipped and bit the tip of the straw in her Starbucks drink.

"Not what it looks like, right?" Rachel asks, "What is it then, huh?" She asks, quite accusingly, "Because to me, I think to all of us, it looks like you were letting your pants down for a little self love and your girl's been gone, what, less than an hour?"

"Okay, yeah, that's...pretty much it," I say, looking away, ashamed.

"Yeah, don't think you're getting out of it that easily," Rachel says as the girls all come closer to me on the couch. Laxmi pushes me down by the sholders onto the couch.

"What's going on?" I ask, scared.

Rachel soon towered over me, her shadow blocked the light above me, "Typically we just keep an eye on things, make sure our guys stay loyal; never had a problem before but apparently you're weak willed, can't wait to take your dick out so I can only imagine what you'd be like if you met another girl while Jess was away. It really worries me."

Then, without warning, Rachel turned her butt to my face and sat right on it, smashing my nose under her jean-covered ass. "I had really high hopes for you but this is not a good start; what is it? Sex with Jess not good enough? Not good enough for your limp dick? When did she fuck you last?" Rachel demands as she sits up slightly.

I'm panicked and out of breath, and angry. "What the fuck?!"

"Wrong fucking answer, butt boy!" She smashed her ass hard down on me again as the other girls chuckled. "Now, you're gonna tell me when and I want an honest answer; she fucked you just before she left, didn't she?" She sits up and pulls me by the hair to press my face up to her ass without sitting on it, "Didn't she?!" She screams.

"Yes!" I yell back, practically crying from the lack of oxygen.

"Pathetic. You're a sick animal, you know that?" She says, throwing my head back down on the couch and sitting again. "I'm gonna make you suffer!"

"Hey, can I sit on him; I think I have to fart," Cynthia says.

Was she fucking serious?! Did I hear that right?

"Good, do it," Rachel says, getting up quickly; she looks back and spits in my face as Cynthia comes into view.

"I hope you don't mind my gas," Cynthia giggles as she shimmies out of her short-shorts.

"No no, no, please," I beg, watching her; pleading with her.

"Awww, it won't be so bad," she says, sitting, crushing my nose under her cheek before fitting it between her ass crack, "Just a little eggy," she chuckles.


"Ahhhhh, there we go, I've been holding that in forever! You smelling it?"

I was and that's why I trashed so fiercely as the toxic gas fumed up my nostrils with gail force and remained there burning and tormenting my senses with putrid odors of past meals and body waste.

She sits up, "I said, are you smelling it," PRRRRRRRrrrrruuuuuuupppp! She grabs my head and presses it against her bare ass.

"Yes!" I scream out, "Please, let me go!" I say, choking through her potent gas as she held my head against her stinky butt.

"No, I don't think so," Rachel responds from the kitchen, I hear the fridge door close.

"My turn," Laxmi interjects, her first word since she arrived.

"You got a good one, Lax?"

She didn't say anything but she must have nodded because Cynthia laughed like it was real funny, "You might die in her ass, bitch boy; you ready for this flavor?" She grabs my head and pulls me by the neck towards Laxmi who holds her cheeks apart.

"Please no..." I beg as my head is shoved in to her crack; she moans pleasurably.

"Oh she's pushing, I don't think he's gonna survive this one!" Cynthia laughs as she presses my head tighter up against Laxmi's asshole that puckers wildly and already burns, stings, like a potent spice.


Laxmi sighs and laughs without breath, the other girls laugh as well as Cynthia still manages to hold my head tight, "Oh no, you're not gonna miss any of that, that was a beauty and you're gonna take it all in! Sniff it, bitch! Big inhales!" She demands. Laxmi lets out a few little bubbly farts as she giggles, practically falling over onto the floor; over amused by her output into my unwilling face.

Finally, I felt her cheeks slide off around my face and I could breathe some semblance of air again but Laxmi grabbed me, squeezing my cheeks harshly as she smiled right in my face; she inhaled deeply and smiled, seeming to enjoy her aroma left clinging to my face. "You enjoy that, fart face." She said, softly but with power; a beaming smile on her face, she destroyed me.

"Now..." Rachel starts, "my little, ass slave; I guess it's my turn."

My eyes soften, pleading again, "No, I've had enough, I promise; I learned my lesson, I won't make that mistake or any mistake, I won't do anything anymore. I promise, just please...don't..."

Rachel smiles wide, "Oh, what a silly little slave you are. Of course you'll behave from now on but, if I don't use you, then the lesson really won't sink in like it's supposed to, you know what I mean?"

I shake my head as she gets closer and closer, begging.

"Trust me on this treatment, it's been very effective if done the right way. Though, I'll admit, usually we're killing the guy," she laughs. "But I like you, I want to give you another shot with Jess."

Then she sits, stuffing my face deep between her buttcrack. "I believe you did just make a mistake; an innocent little mistake. Got a little excited, pulled you dick out and here we are. You do realize your mistake by now, don't you?"

Her stomach gurgles which, in turn, rumbles inside her bowels just above me.

"Yes!" I say, muffled between her butt cheeks, fearful of what was going to come; somehow holding onto hope that I'd be released if I cooperated fully.

"That's good; you know, I was picking through the fridge and found some milk and cheese. Very good stuff but, well I'm lactose intolerant so I..."

Before she said more, her ass opened wide and she splattered my face with a big, blasting wet fart all over me like a sprinkler spread of spray all over my face. I screamed and bucked to no avail, I was stuck under her ass.

"Ooops, didn't mean to do that; could you do me a favor though and lick that up for me? From my ass?"

"What the fuck?!" I sputter under a layer of liquid waste.

"I said stick your fucking tongue out and lick my asshole! I guess asking nicely doesn't work with you, does it, you little shit?!"

I stick my tongue out and lick her shit stained crack and immediately recoil in horrid digust.

"Hey, I fucking said do it; now!" She, says, spreading her cheeks so my mouth is practically plastered against her pulsing anus. "Get in there deep! French my fucking asshole!"

I wince and plunge into her butthole just as she blasts.


It sprays a nice big load of shit over the crusty shit already resting on my face; Rachel laughs. "That's probably the last fart, now you can focus on cleaning, shit face."

I lick her shitty skin, lapping up chunks of her shit, my tongue desperately trying to recoil but I forced it to stay and finish, forced it to remain licking up Rachel's putrid shit as she chuckled and her friends watched.

Finally, after an agonizing half hour, she was finally clean to her satisfaction.

"Very good," she says, sitting up. BRRRRRRrrrrrrpppppp!

She farts a long dry one in my face, she smiles, "What a competent little bitch you are."

I rest my head on the couch but Rachel grabs my collar as I heave and sputter but I hear her words loud and clear, "But if I see you like this again, I'm going to fill your mouth so full of shit that it's going to be coming out your own ass! You understand me?!"

I nod, weakly. And she drops me to hit the hard floor as they leave me, coughing and choking on the floor, recovering from their brutal assault.

My cell phone rings, I struggle to get up but reach it; it's Jess. I clear my throat and answer it immediately.

"Hey honey," I say, hiding the physical pain. "Oh everything's great, nothing eventful at all, just enjoying...erm...some TV." I cringe, "Yeah, they came by for a second, just to say Hi. Absolutely, I'll tell them, we'll definately have to have dinner with all of them as soon as you get back. Uh-huh, yes, I...sure...we'll be...very..."

The phone buzzes, a text from Rachel; it's a picture of her puckered asshole...with the words, "Breathe a word of this to her and you'll wish you were dead."

"...uh...very good friends, yes, I'm sure. Yes, yes I love you too sweetheart, so much; I can't wait for you to come back. Okay, bye love."

I hung up the phone. I wasn't going to be safe without Jess but I had to stay on the good side of these girls too, they could ruin me, kill me, anything they wanted and Jess would likely take their side against me; she knew them much longer.

Another buzz, another text. I look down at the phone, it's Rachel's face, "You're gonna be a good little bitch, aren't you? You wont forget you're my bitch, will you?"

Buzz again. "Nah, you won't forget ;)"

Buzz: "Because if you do..."

Buzz. I look down at the picture message and immediately look away. A massive, toilet bursting shit at what seems like a public bathroom; her shit practically peaks above the toilet bowl in such a disgusting mass. I gag as the image remains burned in my head.

I curl up on the floor and start to cry.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.