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Guess She's Down
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 16th, 2010

We make out in the darkroom; it's a Friday, no one takes classes on Friday. Well, I guess, except us; makes getting in her pants real easy but she was more than that to me.

The glow of the amber lights is alluring; I look into her red colored eyes and see such a devilish little temptress standing before me; her smile sly and slight.

Her name is Ava; she's a cute but husky twenty-one year old from Texas and I fell in love with her the moment I talked to her. We like the same music, we enjoy the same movies, we both smoke weed.

Truly, Ava is my dream girl.

"Come with me."

She pulls me with her to a backroom; there's a door there marked 'Faculty Restroom.'

She pulls out a key and opens the door. We walk in and she flicks on the light to reveal and very normal but large bathroom.

"How do you have the keys for this?"

"Nick gave 'em to me; I put in a lot of extra hours in the lab."

She bows her head; she appears ashamed. I had suspicions of what that was about but I kept it to myself.


Then she smiles and puts me against the wall.

She kisses me again and then slowly shrinks down.

I feel my pants loosen; I shutter and shiver with excitement.

She giggles as my cock flips out from the gap in my boxers; she bites her lip sensually.

I close me eyes and lie my head back against the wall as I feel her mouth close around my balls. She licks them slowly and I am immediately in Heaven.

I feel her lick the tip and then, slowly, work all of my penis into her mouth. I bite my lip.

Five minutes later, she falls into a sitting position on the floor; she's exhausted.

"What's wrong?"

"What do you mean?"

"Aren't you gonna cum?"

"Oh...I didn't?"



"Are you okay, Derek?"

"Yeah, fine..."

"Something's wrong; tell me."

Was this it? Was it truly time to come clean and watch her run?

"The truth farts."


" Yes."

"Like, people farts?"

"Women specifically...but yeah."

She sits and thinks; her expression is serious and calm.

"Are you going anywhere?"

"Not that I know of; why?"

"Wait here; I'll be back in twenty minutes."

"Uh...what? Where are you going?"

"Trust me; it'll be worth it."

"If you say so."

She, with a little struggle, rises from the floor and walks out the bathroom door. I fix my pants and then I pull out my iPhone; I play the open-and-close-useless-apps-because-you're-bored game.


Outside, I hear keys jingling. I panic; swearing it must be Nick. I stash my phone into my pocket and look onto the face of...Ava.

"God, you scared me."

She laughs, "My bad."

"So where did you go?"


"But it's just down the hall..."

"I also stopped off at the library."

"What for?"

"Use the computers."



"Right now; on what?"

She smiles, "On you."

Derek pauses, "How do you mean?"

"I really don't have time to..." her stomach gurgles loudly, "...we should get started."

"What was that?"

She smiles again, "That's all you."


Her devilish eyes force me to the wall near the toilet. She puts her hands on my shoulders and drops me to my ass.

"I'm not gonna hurt you."

" I know."

She smiles as she maneuvers my body to place my head, face up, in the toilet bowl; my longish hair touching the clear toilet water. I rise out of it and continue watching her.

She looks at me as she drops her trousers and reveals her tight thong underwear, strained heavily as it fails to hold back her girth. Then, she goes for them too and tosses them carelessly aside. I stare at her somewhat hairy pussy; it excites me, I want to be around it, in it, consuming it.

She notices.

"You like my pussy, Derek?" she asks, rhetorically.

She quickly spins around on one foot.

"Then you're gonna love my ass!"

With that, I watch her massive butt descend, nearer and nearer, to my face. Her creamy, white orbs are dotted with a few pimples but not much.

My neck is uncomfortably squished under her but I don't complain. Her butt hovers a bit above the bowl;   she's bent forward a bit.

Always being something I wanted to do, I lift my head to Ava's crack and shove my face inside.


As the fart blows against me, I rush my head out from her ass but, of course, she's sitting on me so I truly have nowhere to go. I watch the fumes dance around the bowl before being sucked into my nostrils.

"Ahhhhh; man talk about your bad timing," she says, laughing. "Did you like that?"

The smell hit next; something truly wretched but also alluring and sexy. Mostly though, it just stank; some toxic mix of beans, rotten eggs, and cauliflower I believe.

"Oh my God; that's so..."


"Hey Derek, I'm sorry; I can't hear you over all my farting," Ava says, pretending to yell. She laughs.

I cough roughly at the horrid gas tainting the air around me.

She moves slightly to sit on my upper chest; she angles her butt back at me.


"Oops! That one felt a little wet."

It was; I felt the bits of hot diarrhea on my shirt and in my face but it wasn't a turn off. Wasn't a turn on either though.

She looks back at me; my head poking just slightly above the bowl. I look like a prairie dog.

Her eyes are glowing but her face is concerned, "Are you sure this is what you want?"

I nod.

She smiles as she seals the toilet bowl with her prodigious ass. Completely sealed off from light and other means of attaining oxygen, I lie my head back in the tranquil water of the toilet bowl. Relaxing, I exhale deeply.


"Ahhhhhhhh; you'd have to love it to endure that one!"

I watch the nearly green gas ooze from her asshole and quickly fill the bowl. Then, looking to fill every thing, the gas goes after my mouth and nostrils. God what a smell, what a potent and wonderfully disgusting emission from this big, beautiful woman. This big, beautiful woman I loved. God I wanted her so bad.

"You can thank twelve years of gymnastics for this."

I wonder what she's talking about. The bowl remains sealed but I feel her lean forward. My pants loosen again; I feel soft, moist lips wrap around my cock.

She sucks for several minutes but, again, to no avail; I moan and pant but I don't squirt.

"Oh, I know!" She exclaims.

She braces herself, with her hand, against the wall. I hear her pushing, intestinally.


Then, quickly, she sucks on my member hard and fast as the fumes fill my senses. My mouth opens as I feel my own release at last; she takes it all in her mouth and keeps sucking for another few moments.

We clean ourselves up with all the paper towels and toilet paper the bathroom has in it.

We walk to the door together; she dives her arm between mine and lies her head on my shoulder as we walk out of the bathroom.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.