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Goddess Swim
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 12th, 2012

The next semester the Goddess was assigned to teach swimming; it was an odd assignment for her but she had ways to make it fun.

She wandered innocently into the boy's locker room early on the first day; a single boy was toweling off. He quickly hid his tiny manhood when he saw her.

"What are you doing here?!" He says with a pathetic whine.

"Oh, I'm sorry; I must have gotten lost, I'm the new swimming teacher."

The boy is quiet for a minute, mustering up the courage; "But this is the boy's room."

"Oh I know that now sweetie; thanks for helping me."

The boy turns away from her with a look of disgust. She tiptoes to him; he is startled as she is merely a foot away when he turns around.

"What do you want?!" He says in a panic.

"Nothing, I just wanted to thank you properly; although, now that you mention it, I could use a toilet."

The boy was a little taken aback by the language from a woman who didn't seem all that crass.

"Mmmhmm, and it's also right here," she says as she flicks the boys nose with her finger.

The boy shudders a little. The Goddess smiles and grabs him. She shoves him into the full length locker and slams the door shut, locking it.

"Hey let me out of here you crazy bitch!"

"Oh, my; that's quite the mouth on you, I can fix that."

The Goddess squats down near the vents at the bottom of the locker. She releases a locker-shattering blast that echos loudly in the small chamber before filling the boy's new prison with her posion gas. The boy yelled and screamed as the fumes entered his nostrils and stung his throat; he banged his head against the locker for some relief or perhaps to try to battering ram his way to freedom; all useless of course.

"Hold on there, that was just the flavoring; here comes the meal."

The Goddess grunts effinminately as her spray eeks its way into the locker quickly filling the tiny space with the semi-solid sludge of her supreme booty.

She laughed as she heard the boy gurgling as the waste made it's way to his head before burying it in a locker full of shit; the boy screamed through dumps, he banged on the locker incessentaly before finally falling silent.

The Goddess chuckled to herself as she exited the boy's locker room; drips of diahrrea leaked out the locker door calmly, sealing the fate of the boy inside.

The Goddess watched her students perform fairly adequately although it was difficult to tell unless someone just had no coordination, in which case that was more sad to watch than anything else.

Intently she watched one student, he was neither great nor terrible, but he was completely pathetic in all other sense; see him upset her stomach and now she had to unload.

The Goddess crept up to his lane and fired an oil-spill of diahreea right in his lane; he was swimming up fast so the Goddess squatted in position and waited for his face.

The unexpecting toilet swims into the shit water and quickly emerges with spitting disgust only to plunge his his head into the Goddess' might booty crack. Her face is euprhoric as he enters and she fires a wet blast that tried to push the swimmer back under it's force but her booty held him tight in place so the sludge dripped disgustingly off his convulsing body. The Goddess laughs, shaking the toilet hanging in her butt with her before finally squeezing him out with a large log he'd corked up inside her.

The weak toilet lay on his back, dumbfounded and paralizingly disgusted; the Goddess squatted as near to his body as she could and dropped brick and brick, dumping on the poor toilet and forcing him to the bottom with her relentless release. The Goddess handn't unloaded like this in a while and it felt so good.

As the shit disappated in the water, the boy's body would float to the top again but for now it remained pinned under shit as his last breaths begin to leave him.

The pool is a dark brown now despite its size; the other swimmers near the other end of the pool look at the Goddess with horrified gazes and stunned expressions as they shiver outside the pool now, dripping wet, with water or shit.

The Goddess smiles and yells, "That's it for today; anyone want to provide a little assistance to me for the ride home?"

The students' eyes went wide and they sprinted away as quickly as they could; the Goddess' laugh echos through the now empty pool area.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.