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Goddess II
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: December 16th, 2011

This is a story inspired by a Goddess; she's a six foot, young beauty with a massive booty with many special talents. The Goddess has irritable bowel syndrome, an oversized colon, and other conditions that cause her to produce about five pounds of massive logs an hour and explosive diarrhea that is made worse by the removal of her gall bladder. Beginning at a young age, the Goddess has utilized unwilling toilets for her inhuman releases.

The Goddess was pleased to have her loyal toilet relocated to her home; it made his servitude far more pleasurable for the Goddess to see his suffering face at the behest of her massive booty. She sits in her bedroom; blue jeans pressed tight against her thighs and booty, leading down to her knee-high, black boots with a thick five inch heel. She wears a solid purple halter top that hugs her assets proudly.

Her stomach growls loudly with a profound knocking of massive logs on her backdoor. She moans softly, sexually, and smiles; it had been at least a day since she last unloaded.

A door shut softly down below; the Goddess, angered, heads into the cube. There is water running, a shower; the Goddess opens the bathroom door and charges at the shower. She opens it, catching glimpse of the toilet's tiny manhood; a smile forming in the corners of her mouth.

"Toilet! Who said you could shower?!"

"Goddess, I'm sorry! I didn't...I should have asked permiss...I..."

"Yes, toilet; you should have asked," the Goddess says, tauntingly, bearing down over the toilet. "I need to unload NOW toilet; you will take it for disobeying me."

Meekly, the toilet said, "Yes Goddess," dropping to his knees before his face was encased in massive booty; her ass already reeking of potent, deadly releases. She slowly slipped her mighty black boot over his puny toilet balls and crushes them; the toilet inhales sharply.


The fart echoes comically in the shower as the toilet inhales noxious fumes that swirl around his head, waiting for be sucked in by the mouth or nose, both paths providing their own special hell as the fart oozes into the toilet's brain. He moans loudly.

"Quiet toilet! This is what you get! wide!" The Goddess scolds as she bunches up and fires another wicked fart that is accompanied by at least a gallon of diarrhea. What is not taken by the toilet's pathetic mouth leaks carelessly around his toilet face sides like a shit fountain, spraying from his mouth.

The Goddess laughs as she looks back upon the sight and the convulsing toilet wedged inside her massive booty. The Goddess scrunches up to push out a bottle-wide log into the toilet's unwitting mouth, it's five foot length winding its way as far as it would go; the shit burning his taste buds and bring tears to his eyes.

The Goddess bites her lip lustfully, massaging herself softly, her mouth turning to an orgasmic smile as the toilet shook violently and gargled on her thick log that remained lodged in his throat and hanging from his mouth.

The Goddess pulled herself from the toilet with a most disgusting slop, the toilet's face still buried under four pounds of heavy shit.

"Toilet! Clean this up, then you may clean yourself."

The toilet, still gagged by a massive log replied, "...yeerrrss...Gadsss..."

It was about an hour when the Goddess returned to the cube washroom; the toilet was nearly done cleaning the shower, his body still filthy with sludge; a prominent log still hanging in his mouth.

"You've done well toilet."

The toilet nods humbly.

"Toilet, I must unload again," the Goddess says as she quickly turns; she presents her ample booty to the toilet. She splits her cheeks and sprays several liters of her explosive diarrhea around the shower, eventually blasting, again, the poor toilet as she laughed to herself and then out loud. "Ooh..." the Goddess moans as the toilet watches in horror as a the eight inch log dangles precariously over his toilet face before dropping with the force of a brick.

The Goddess pulls up her tight jeans with a satisfied smirk and looks at her sludge painting the walls of the shower liberally; the brown liquid dripping down the walls and the toilet's pathetic face. The Goddess smiles and heads towards the door. She laughs evilly as she switches off the bathroom light while the toilet, remains idle, sobbing audibly.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.