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Girlfriend Training
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: June 15, 2011

"What is it baby?" Natalie asks; she puts a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

I gulp stereotypically, "I...I enjoy..." I lower my head so I can say it to the ground, "Sitting."

"What?" She asked, confused.



"And farting."

She just looks at me after the second thing; no expression, she is thinking of how to react and aware that she doesn't want to show the wrong one until she decides.

But she didn't pick one, she spoke first, "So,'m not really sure; what should we do, I do? What is..."

"The solution? I don't know."

They sit in silence.

"I'm willing."


"I'm willing to try it...for you."

"Baby! That's incredible! Thank you! Are you sure though?"

"Yeah, I mean; you'd do it for me right?'"

"Of course," I say.

I wouldn't.

"So what, exactly, do I have to do?"

"I don't...maybe you could..."


"I was gonna say watch some fetish porn but that'd just be awkward for both of us."

"I can't think of a better way for me to learn what turns you on though."

I think for a moment. "I guess, but I can't watch it with you; that'd just be weird."

"So I'll watch it alone."

"You don't have to do this," I say dramatically.

"I know," she approaches me and stands over me. She leans in to kiss me on the forehead, "But I love you."

I watch her walk away, her perfect ass pressing tight against dark blue jeans. I reach for my member to jerk off but I stop myself and wait for the real thing.

About three hours pass before Natalie returns.

"How'd it go?" I ask her, eagerly.

"That was...something."

I fake a smile.

"But I'm still down to try it."


"I need to build up some gas though; how about I make a special dinner for us?"

"That sounds awesome babe, do you want some help?"

"Thanks, but not tonight; it's all my treat."

She darts off into the kitchen; excited to feel useful.

So what am I supposed to do while she cooks?
At dinner, I watch her enjoy an oversize portion of gassy foods like beans, extra cheesy nachos, hard boiled eggs, and broccoli soup. She cooked me a meatloaf; I'm pretty sure it's from a frozen dinner but what do I care, it tastes good.

She burps loudly, "Oh God, excuse me."

She laughs and I laugh with her. The burp wafts it's way over to me; the smell is noxious but I don't react for her sake. A little fear sets in my mind.
We go to the bedroom and she tells me to lay down on my back.

I do and she gets onto the bed on her knees and shuffles herself to me.

She looks down at me, "You ready?"



She shuffles forward more to where her ass is hovering above my face. It's so gorgeous and perfect; blemish free and just fine.


"How's that?"

I flare my nostrils and take a big whiff of the sulfur monster now flowing quickly out of the anus of my girlfriend.

I cough harshly.

"Are you okay?"

What was that? Just a fluke? Don't freak her out.

"Yeah, I'm fine. That was great."


"Okay, I got another."

I hear her grunt and strain. My eyes widen as I watch her asshole pucker in and out.


The smelly air rushes to my senses and I immediately want free from this hellish scent. I wiggle around.

"What's wrong?"

"I...I think I was wrong."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't like this"

She gets off me and looks me in the eye, "What are you talking about? What don't you like?"

She looked pissed.

"I...I don't like farts, I guess; they stink"

"What did you expect?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?"

I remained quiet like a scolded school child.

She twirled back and placed her butt back on my face.

"Let me tell you what I know. I know, you had me learn this shit and I ate all that food for you. Now, you're telling me, after that, you don't want it anymore. Well that's too bad, Jake; you're getting exactly what you asked for."


"Smell it you little bitch! It's my gift to you!"

"Please...stop," I muffle out from under her cheeks.

"I'm just getting started; I can't stop now."


"Ooohhh, do you like that? I really liked it blasting out over your face," she said with a laugh.

She bounces violently on my face.

"I figured out what you can do for me Jake and since I did this for you, I think it's only fair you do this for me."

She rises off for a second and I get my first breath of fresh air in what seems like hours.


She comes down on me, lowering her pussy into my face.

"Eat me."

"But...I told you...."

"I know what you told me, now I'm saying I want you to eat my pussy and stop being a little bitch; you don't have a choice anymore so EAT IT!"

I hesitantly stick out my tongue and lick her clit only to find the same salty, sourness I tasted months ago when I said I'd try it on her.

"You have to get in there!"

I pierce the wall and gag almost immediately.

"Come on bitch!"

I try again but my tongue retreats again.

"So you can't do it?"

I shake my head no.

"Fine." She adjusts her position.

"Lick my ass."


"Do it, lick my ass or I'll fart on you till you suffocate."

I stick my tongue to her anus; surprisingly not as bad but bad in that now I taste shit...yet somehow that's more tolerable.


I felt the air blow past my tongue, molecules sticking to my taste buds and sending them haywire as if poisoned.

"Hey! Keep licking my gassy hole you prick!"

I do and she moans softly as more farts escape her.


"Ahhhhhhhhh, that feels so good."

She grabs my hair and forces my face deeper into her butt.

"Breath deep! I wanna feel you breathe!"

I exhale deeply.


She screams and pants as she shakes my head violently before releasing it.

She breathes heavily; I feel her juices on her forehead as she combs my hair, lovingly, with her fingers. She laughs to herself in ecstasy.

She rolls off and walks to the bathroom; a towel comes flying at me as the door closes.

I hear a torrent of bathroom sounds and over them I hear, "That was fantastic honey." BRRRPPPPPPP! "We should do it again soon."

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.