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Followed Her Home (Roleplay)
Author: Closet Fetishist
& Anonymous

Written: December 9th, 2015

I stand it line at Starbucks, I don't even like the stuff but I'm addicted all the same. My tie flutters as the door opens, I notice a girl walk in; gorgeous but young, high school probably...I could only hope the way I stare at her.

I turn my head quickly away as she looks over; now I'll just stare at the back of this guy's head...

Maybe if I peer over; she takes a seat at the back of the room.


I would walk into the relatively busy Starbucks, being a Friday and having just finished my last lecture for the week, I was looking forward to primarily sitting down somewhere above anything else. I would of course attract a few head tilts from guys where ever I went, I knew I was pretty enough - thought the company of men didn't interest me - not that most guys ever got so much as to speak to me to find this out. I would take a seat in the corner of the room, idly playing with my phone - happening to notice one individual in particular in the queue stare for longer than usual, but I just disregard it, I was used to it.*


I peer over the guys head again, he's ordering now. Her face is mostly buried in her phone, breaking hearts left and right no doubt. Hrmh...

I'm startled out of a trace by the woman behind the counter, she's been waiting a few seconds for me to order.

I do so quickly and hurriedly stumble back to a seat near the door, I peer over at the girl's as if the world didn't exist to her, like a devil may care attitude. Maybe that's why she's so appealing.


I would yawn to myself, reaching into my pocket to take out a stick of gum, which I casually begin chewing on - sticking one of my legs out beside me, just to make it that more difficult for people to walk by, it wasn't that I hadn't noticed the same man who had been staring at me for a while sit down just a short distance from me, still trying to secretly look at me. It didn't really bother m much, but I certainly wasn't going to give him any sort of eye contact in response.


They call my name at the counter, I walk up, still looking at the girl. Fuck...why can't I stop staring....

I put a hand on my coffee...I try to stop myself but I walk up to the girl's table...

And I just freeze there... fuck...just leave, I tell myself, walk away.


Luckily, you didn't have to make the decision to leave, I would get up of my own accord and make for the exit, figuring I'd spent enough time as I needed to in a coffee shop, and clearly had enough of some creep staring at me - which was becoming more obvious even to random bistanders in the Starbucks, though it wouldn't seem to matter. I'd leave without looking back, flicking my long brown hair behind me*"wait!" I yell out, going after you...out the door

"I'm not a pervert or anything..." That was a bit too loud for this busy sidewalk. "I just...didn't want you to think I'm a pervert."


Can't help but smirk to myself as you yell out behind me, though I'd still offer no semlence of a response at all - it was sort of funny to think of how much unwanted attention you may be attracting if anything - I decide to ignore you yet another time, more eager on walking home for the evening, which wasn't too far away.


Seriously? Eh...what am I thinking, she's not worth the trouble...

I look at her, watch her walk away; her perfect ass swaying, taunting...

I can't do this....I can't do this....and yet, I'm already, slowly staking behind her...her walk confident; I duck behind a high bush when she stops, peering as best I could through the leaves.


Continues walking home, all too aware the I'm being followed, not too closely mind you - at least the creep was smart enough to keep his distance and -try- to stay out of sight. Eventually the rows of shops would thin out as I would walk you away from the centre of town, into a more built up residential area - it was surprising that you had followed me this far, though I wasn't worried - I knew full well no harm would come to me. I'd let you hide somewhere before finally coming to my house, turning the key and stepping inside without any further hesitation - leaving the front door wide open behind me, however.


Wait...wait..why...why did she leave the door open? Invitation inside? No. What the fuck are you can't go inside...what if she's not alone in there...what is it about this girl...

Before I know it I'm at the porch...I take that first step inside. What are you doing...what are you doing...another step...


You had barely taken two steps inside the door, when if would slam abruptly shut behind you - before you could even react there'd be a sudden, sharp pain against the back of your head as I viciously punch it, successfully knocking you forward onto the ground, a heavy-ish boot finding its way onto the back of your head before you can get up*
"So. you're the pevert that's been stalking me huh?"
I remark coolly down at you, gyrating my heel against your head
"Credit to you, most don't get this far"


My voice is muffled into the floor by the weight of your boot, "I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking...I don't normally do's about you...I couldn't...stop," I'm almost crying as you grind and twist my hair under your shoe.


"Something about me?"
*Snorts down at you, spitting beside your head*
"Oh, was it because I'm young, weak, and vulnerable looking, and you thought you could just take advantage of me. Is that it?"
*Grinds my boot painfully against your cheek, stepping myself up onto your back with my other foot*


"" I try to speak but you barely let me open my mouth before crushing it under your boot.

"It's not like that," I stammer, my mouth pressed against the bottom of your boot.

God how could I explain...fuck, I can't even explain it to myself...I just gotta get out here...


*Takes my foot off of you, viciously kicking you over onto your back, spitting onto your face*
"Then what the fuck were you looking at me for, stalking me for, following me home for!"


As she stares down at me, a moment of not crushing me as I feel her warm silva drip down my bruised cheek and to my ear; and I realize...I have no answer that she'd be willing to

"I...uh...mis...mistook a friend...yeah, a friend of mine."


"Soooo your best course of action is to then creepily follow that friend home and say nothing?"
"God. This is why I -HATE- guys~"
I sneer
down at you, a clear element of venom in my tone.
"Always looking at me, fantasizing about me in one way or another"
I'd laugh, delivering another harsh kick to your ribs
"Newsflash for you loser, I'm sooo not interested"


I feel my chest collapse as the swift kick to my ribs feels like it's shattered them; I moan out, but I just gotta get out, "Yeah..." I squeak out, "Message...received....I'll just...leave...I won't bother you again."


"You'll just leave will you?"
I retort rhetorically again, this time stepping down on your neck.
"And just why the fuck would I let you do that. You followed me home, walked into my house without an invite."
Sneers at you, applying a bit of pressure to your neck.
"I have half a mind to call the police on your sorry ass."


I feel the pressure of her boot on my neck, practically snapping as the sounds from my mouth are reduced to pained gurgles; my body fighting to free itself from under this girl's boot. My eyes go wide, feeling like they are about to burst.

"," I just keep repeating, she's not understanding; why would she?

She pushes down on my neck more and I feel my breath cut off as the rough sole of her shoe digs and cuts into my skin.

"Please..." I gurgle out, "don't..."


"Or that might be to easy, hmmm"
I step off of you, sitting myself down on the bottom couple of steps on the staircase in front of you, tapping my feet on the ground beside your head, obviously knowing you were much too weak for the time being to retaliate.
"I'll ask again; just what the hell were you doing following me?!"


I take the moment to catch my breath, my throat heaving, sore from the pressure; my neck imprinted with the tread of her boot.

I watch her foot tap the ground, she could kill me if she wanted; I'm still not sure she wont.

"" I struggle with an answer, "I don't're attractive but was a mistake...I made a mistake," my voice hoarse from the assault.


"Oh, so I'm not attractive then? Wow you sure know how to talk to a girl as well don't you."
I scorn angrily at you, slowly untying my laces and kicking off both my boots carelessly in your direction, letting them bounce heavily over your head
"If you want to prove you're sorry then do it right"
Smushes my socked foot down over your nose
"Or is that too difficult for you as well?"


I mouth the words "no" but I can't produce a sound, her eyes pierce through me with hatred as she undoes her shoe laces.

Her boots kick off; I groan as the heavy leather deflects off my face, blood rushing to my head but I'm too afraid to try to touch it.

Her socked foot comes down hard over my nose, mashing it down; the warm sweat smears across my face like a dirty mop. She cups her toes over my nose, squeezing it; the musty smell of worn shoes filling my senses.

"I...I don't..." my words mushed under her foot; "what do I prove it?"


Answering my questions would be a start.
*Rolls my eyes impatiently, forcefully shoving my socked toes into your mouth as you talk, resting my other foot against the back of your head*
Seems like guys these days can't even follow basic instructions~
*Sneers, removing my foot and kicking you away, standing up irratatedly beside you*
Just how fucking old are you anyway? Don't get me wrong, I know I'm pretty, but you're -waaay- out of your league.
*I'd spit down on you again, awaiting a response*


My mouth still dried but coated with a thin layer of sweat, I cough as I try to open my mouth. She stands over me, shadowing me from the light as she stares right down at me; I watch her hang a loogie from her mouth. Before I can react her spit lands squarely in my eye, dropping like acid; it stung likely out of surprise.

"Thir...thirty-five," I stumble over the words. It wasn't that old was it...certainly too old for her, I guess...I wipe the spit away.


Thirty five? And you stalk high school girls regularly do you?
*Snarls at you, giving your face another fierce kick*
Get up then you idiot, onto all fours.
*I would pace behind behind you, between you and the front door, pointing down the hallway*
Crawl I said moron, that way - unless you want me to call the damn police after all.


" don't," I stammer, a bit insistent.

But she kicks me, a rough foot punch on the side of my cheek; a constant sting against my gums...I run my tongue along the inside to try to soothe the pain but it only makes it worse. I find myself whimpering softly, looking up to her through pained tears.

She orders me up and I'm not sure what to she seriously wanting me to stand on all fours like an animal.

I see her eyes are deadly serious; I slowly get up on all fours and then look to her as she paces behind me. What was she going to do with me?

Why am I listening to her, I could just run right? She wouldn't know who I was... still I start to crawl, her eyes fiery. She might catch the cops; I can't risk exit options soon diminished as I entered the hallway, walls on either side of me.


*I walk close behind you, occasionally kicking at the back of your legs, guiding you down the hall, until you come to a door underneath the staircase, reaching over you, I push the door open - presenting you with a pitch black room, obviously a basement - a set of stairs heading downward just about visible in front of you*
You know, you had every opportunity to -not- follow me, every opportunity to fight back and leave, but since you're much more of a pitiful excuse of a man than most... here's how things are gonna' go for you.
*I giggle, placing a foot on the back of your hips, gently easing you forward*


The darkness scares me more than anything...a childhood flaw retained into adulthood.

She was right...I followed her, creepily; I didn't fight back...and doing so now, seems too little too late; we're too far in now...earlier...I should have earlier; before she was putting her warm foot on my hip, nudging me further.

I look at her, fear in my eyes; then back to the stairs...I take the first step, still crawling like a dog; carefully down.


Yehhh. You're taking too long. I have a life to get back to, fortunately for me, you don't now.
*With that, I narrow my eyes suddenly giving your behind a violent kick, sending you tumbling painfully down the flight of stairs, a few distant bumps and cracks echoing from the darkness below - whether they were broken bones or just minor injuries of no relevance to me, though there was no real sign of noise or movement after that. It'd appear at least that you were unconscious*
Hah. Good~
*I smirk to myself, casually flicking on the dim light to the basement*
This should make things easier~


Predictably, unavoidable, I tumble down the stairs under the weight of her push; my eyes widen as I feel my weight give out and tumble over. Silence for what seems like forever, as I fall, until my forehead smacks painfully off the hard steps; my back cracking over a set of stairs as I roll finally to the cold, hard ground; my head leans painfully on the bottom step. The throbbing pain in my head distracts me from the total darkness, I see the subtle waves as my vision starts to blur with a piercing pain right under my eyebrow.

I pass out.


*I would quickly get to work as you were unconscious, with some effort I'd drag your body across the room, eventually managing to heft your body up onto what would appear to be a raised surface at one side of the room - then proceeding to attach sturdy iron shackles around your wrists and ankles, holding you in place on your back with your arms at you sides. It was clear that I would have had other intentions with you anyway, and this basement was used for much more than just a basement*
God you're so stupid~
*I'd sneer, spitting down onto your unconscious form, heading up the stairs and flicking off the light - going about my business as I wait for you to wake up*


I don't know how long it was before I woke up, I was startled; as if from a nightmare. Pitch black all around me, my eyes playing tricks, seeing terrifying nothings in the dark. For a moment I wondered if I was blind; I try to lift my hand but find it scraped, bound against metal. I peer down towards my wrists but it's too dark to see anything. I rattle around, trying to free myself but my binds seem tight.

When I stop, realizing the efforts worthless, I feel the cold spot on my skin. A water droplet? It tormentingly tickles my skin in a way I wish I could reach but it's no use as it sneaks it's way down further; I try to take my mind off it.


*The door would open and the light would flicker on above you, flickering painfully in your vision - your eyes not yet fully adjusted*
Oh good, you're awake~
*I remark with a giggle, walking lightly down the stairs - I had been periodically checking on you for a few hours, the basement was pretty soundproof, so even if you did wake up and scream for help, no one would really hear you anyway*
So then loser~
*I'd say, walking over your restrained form, standing up behind your head, you can't help but notice that most of my clothing is now gone, just a plain black bra and panties covering myself*
Is the what you wanted to see huh? You old fuck?


The light burns at first, shining directly above me; even dim, it stung and blinded as I heard your soft footsteps down the stairs. Squinting, I lean up to see you approach, standing right next to me in just a pair of black panties and a matching member spontaneously rises just a bit, hopefully unnoticeably.

" mean...." I shudder, trying to speak, "You're....beautiful...but...I....I wasn't..."


You didn't what?
*Glares down at you, tutting impatiently as the discernible bulge appears nuder your trousers*
Didn't find me attractive? Oh I don't blame you for that. I know I'm pretty. But yeh. Good luck me paying -that-
*I'd glance down at your trousers, eyes gesturing at your cock*
Any more attention than I pay dirt on my shoes, I'm -soooo- not interested in guys. You're good for a couple of things, but sex isn't one of them. For example~
*I'd turn around, hovering my pantied butt over your head*


"No, no..." I try to plead but it's no use as you continue; I realize you're not going to listen to what I have to say, I just have to play your game and maybe you'll release me. So far it was painful as fuck, my eyes twitch from the falling pain.

I shrink down at the insult to my manhood, I mean what did I expect...but still; it could have been like a Penthouse fantasy, right?

As she turns, hovering her pantied butt over my head...I...I..."What are you doing?" I ask.


*Without saying another word, I promplty sit myself down over your face, crossing my arms in front of me, not directly answering your question at all*
You want to know what I think of you, men. In general? Well here's your answer, cunt.
*Laughs to myself, shuffling my backside around over your face, farting loudly over it*


The weight of you sitting on my face freshens up the wounds on my face, my nose crushed between your cheeks; I moan out in pain as you shuffle your butt over my face and blow, several hot farts, my face attempting to recoil from the foul wind that continued to assault my senses.

"Please...stop!" I yell, pleading as the hot gas dries out my mouth with a burning sensation.


Please stop what. Oh this?
*I'd laugh, farting on you again - wiggling my ass around to get comfortable*
I don't see what the problem is. What, were you expecting an easy fuck from me or something?


Desperately I try to shake my head, to fan the gas away but her butt holds me tight underneath as she wiggles to further my humiliation of inhaling her blast, burning like a hot breeze up my nostrils.

I whimper and moan, "No..but not this...I didn't expect this!" Yell out, my words muffled between the odoriferous cheeks of this girl.


Oh I'm sorry. What did you expect then?
*I'd finally stand up from you, turning around to lean over your bound form*
Expected me to be nice?
*I'd spit again onto your face, seeming to become very fond of doing this*
Wanted me to invite you in and offer you easy sex?
*Spits down on you again, delicately brushing my hair out the way as I do with a hand*
And what makes you think that things are going to get better for you, now that you're here?
*Again, I'd spit onto you between questions, your face dripping with saliva at this point*


"I...I..." I don't have an answer, I didn't think far enough ahead to expectations...I guess I expected some impossible fantasy; now I was getting the rude awakening of reality in the form of a slimy loogie from this angry girl.

"I..." I start as she spits again, close to my open my mouth but instead lying disgustingly on my nose and cheek. I want to wipe it off so bad but I can't...fuck...

"No...I wasn't..." I plead. But it was a lie; I couldn't say the stupid, perverted truth but I knew I was lying too.

She spat again, I turn my cheek to try to shield my face but the backsplash is wide, splattering over me as I shudder back. She pushes the hair from forehead, it catches the light in a way that exemplifies her beauty; reminded me of exactly how I wound up here...god how am I going to get out of here?!

" wasn't...I mean...can't you just let me go...please; I know what I was wrong, it was a mistake," I feel her pool of spit cooling quickly on my face as it seems like she swishes another load in her mouth; only waiting for me to finish speaking out of a cruel enjoyment of watching me squirm. "I learned my lesson," I beg.


Learned your lesson? Hmm... A 35 year old man intentionally stalking a young girl doesn't strike me as particularly forgivable really. I bet I'm not the first you've followed around huh, sicko?
*I'd casually sit myself up on your chest, lifting a foot and resting my bare toes over your mouth*
Luckily there's ways of dealing with imbeciles like you. Ways which ensure no woman is ever in danger from you, even if that danger is just having to subject their eyes to your hideous face.
*I'd peer down at you in the dim lite and snort*
Because you're not pretty to look, at all.
*Grins, rubbing dainty, sweaty toes into your face*
Waste of a life really, aren't you?


", I haven't..."

But she wouldn't listen, taking a perch on my chest and sticking her bare foot over my chin, dangling her toes over my mouth as if unwillingly making me kiss them. I'd try to turn my head but she'd quickly turn it back with her feet to face her and her toes again.


She gives a loud snort as she peers down at me, light shadowing most her face but her eyes glowed in the dark; showing her seething anger, her eyes practically shooting like lasers through me, it was almost the worst humiliation of all until again she rubbed her sweaty feet over my face, running two toes between my nose; gently, then not so gently patting it as if my face was lumps to beat out of a rug.

A stray toe, or maybe it was purposeful, prods my eye to stinging but there's no relief to be had without my hands to rub it away; I sit with the stinging sensation as she lays the soles of her feet over my face, as if to try to suffocate me with the, pinching my nose between like a game of got your nose.

"No...I mean...I don't think so," I try to say defiantly through the soles of her feet, my words muffled by the soft skin on the bottoms of her feet.


You don't think so huh. Okay let's try this~
*I'd trail off in thought, continuing to tap my toes against your lips*
Does anyone know you're here? Did you have a place to get back to? Don't tell me someone like you has a girlfriend, hah!
*I break out in laughter, stomping my heel repeatedly over your nose, which somehow doesn't break*
I could check for that too I suppose couldn't I.
*Hums casually, turning myself to face your feet, sliding my butt back over your head to take a seat on it, legs hanging either side of the table under you as I lean forward, reaching into your pockets - quickly finding your phone and wallet*


I felt the constant patter of her toes on my lips, softly rubbing her soft skin against my rough, dry lips; an almost loving gesture were it not for the circumstances surrounding it.

I stare at her in shock as she speaks...she was right. There was no way she knew she was right, she just knew a loser like me couldn't possibly have someone, let alone anyone intimately involved. But what was she going to do with me...someone would come, they'd find me...somehow...I'd find a way.


She can't hold it together, all it took was the first word; she didn't need the rest of the sentence before bursting into laughter. Purposefully, she stomped her heel over my nose as if it was impossible to hold back her uproarious laughter. I think she just did it to hurt me, my nose practically bent several degrees off center under the sounds of cracking. I whimper, crying out in stifled pain; trying not to let her get the best of me...I could only expect this to get worse...

Then she spins around, her back to me now; she slides back, I try to cry out but she quickly stuffs my face into the crack of her butt and takes a heavy seat as I feel her hands digging around into my pockets. They expand under her fingers and I feel the solid objects of my phone and wallet leave my pocket, my keys made a slight jingle as she pulled out my wallet...I hope she ignores it...


Someone will what?
*I coo rhetorically again, casually disregarding your suffering as I continue to rummage through your pockets, the unmistakable jingle of keys obviously not going unheard, I would soon remove those as well, waving them semi-victoriously in front of me, tilting my head to look down at you, though not really able to make much eye contact at all as I sit comfortably, immovably over your face*

And these are suppose to be?...

*Blinks impatiently, waiting for a response which evidently was not going to happen, there was absolutely no way you could utter anything coherent at this point*

House, car, both? Mine though now anyway. Along with these~

*I'd hum to myself once more, idly skimming through your phone, quickly going about deleting what few contacts you may have, most of them appeared to just be co-workers anyway, predictably. I'd then turn my attention to your wallet, decisively emptying out the contents of it into my hand*

Oh yeh. I'll also need to know your pin for this~

*Finally shuffles myself forward, sitting heavily upon your neck as I turn back around to face you, a bank card held in between two fingers over my shoulder for you to see*

I imagine you -do- want to live. Right?


She wiggles her butt a bit more in my face as she digs through my pockets, my nose dug in deep between her ass cheeks; I hear the jingle of my keys, feeling them leave my pocket...god no...

She jingles them, I barely catch a glimpse of her, her cheeks pressed down hard over my face but clearly she turned to share her find with me, smiling wide.

I hear the distinct double beeping on my phone, she's deleting contacts! I mumble and shake a bit but it's to no avail as her ass remains firmly planted on my face.

I refuse to respond, not that I could with my lips smashed against her butt, but it doesn't seem to deter her anyways as she flips and grasps the keys firmly. I hear her pull what little cash I have from my wallet...god damn it!

Finally, she scoots forward, putting all her weight on my neck causing me to gurgle and choke, my throat constricted and strained under her butt. I try to catch my breath but it's labored, I can barely swallow enough oxygen to stay conscious. I see her hold my bankcard over her shoulder, she looks at me out of the corner of her eye.

No fucking way I'm giving her the fucking way!

"I...I want to live..."


Oh want to live do you?
*I'd look coolly over my shoulder at you as you begin to cough and choke, my ass becoming more heavy by the second over your neck as I apply more weight to it*
Sure doesn't seem that way to me... Okay, how about we try this.
*I'd groan happily, bringing my hand back around in front of me to rest it on your chest, along with my other hand, deliberately exerting as much possible weight over your neck*
You tell me your pin, oh and do let's see... everything else I fucking say. Or. I kill you. Simple as that really~

*I'd giggle at the thought, sliding my ass back over your face, palms now cemented against our neck, giving you no time to catch your breath*
Don't worry, you'll have an hour or so to think it over while you're unconscious, twat.
*I'd mumble contently to myself again, wiggling my behind over your face, successfully starving you of all oxygen*
I'm done listening to your irritating whining for now.


"I...I do..." could she really be this cruel; would she really...kill me over thoughts run wild as more weight is applied to my neck, her ass sitting now fully on it, practically squashing my esophagus flat and unable to take in air.

I gurgle out a plea, "Please....don't...."

Her hand comes around, I feel it on chest as she presses down, pushing all the air from my lungs while still sitting heavily on my neck. Her other hand slides along my neck and squeezes, I feel the air rush out from me but it can't find it's way back in as I start to choke, my eyes watery and wide in panic.

"I....I...." I couldn't do that...she'd surely ruin me...but was it worth dying for? At least I'd have time to think about it...

Her ass lifts, allowing for a microsecond of air, before it comes down heavy over my face; my breath stifled between her cheeks.

I beg, muffled, "Don't..."

She wiggles her butt proudly over my face as she nuzzles my nose in deeper, closing off any hope for air.

I wheeze like a fish flopping on the ground for oxygen but all I get is the slightly pungent aroma of her ass, I feel my senses go weak, my eyes head feels light until I finally pass out under her ass.


God. Why must -all- guys make things so much more difficult than they need to be.

*I'd roll my eyes, nimbly hopping myself off of you and beginning to undo the restraints securing your arms and legs to the table*

Waste of time, space, and life.

*I'd retort, scowling down over your unconscious form, spitting savagely again on your face as I finish undoing the binds, dragging you unelegantly onto the floor, collapsing in an untidy heap at my feet*

Is it so hard to give a girl what she wants, for a fucking pervert like you?
Doesn't matter...

*I'd hiss slightly, kicking at your ribs in hatred before leaning down to grab at your collar, slowly - and with some effort dragging you across the floor by it*

Where you're going you won't waste any girl's time again, ever.

*Continues to scold you in your unconsciousness, eventually dragging you into the corner of the room, resting you for a second beside a large, sturdy metal cylindrical container - roughly a little larger than you, immovably bolted in place to the ground with what would appear to be a heavy, airtight door on the front of it and a hole, no larger than plate size at the top of it. I'd quickly go about opening the door, standing myself up on you to aid me - deliberately smushing a foot all over your face while the other rests firmly on your chest, eventually managing to unlock it, swinging it open in front of me*

Ugh.. doing the damn world a favour...

*I'd sigh to myself as I step off of you, the only down side was I that I were having to do this myself, but it's unlike I could have ever just got you to walk in. With considerable exertion, I lift you up onto your knees, a few more moments would pass and I'd have you on your feet, propping you against the undetermined contraption for support, taking a second to stop for breath*

Good... now get out of my sight.

*I'd state coldly as I lift you, leg by leg into the container behind you, standing you in an upright positions, arms wedged at your side, with really only enough moving to tilt your head inside it. And without another word, I'd slam the door infront of you, locking it tight shut. Inescapable from the inside*


U...urh....I start to stir but quickly find myself quite confined. And dark, are my eyes open; is this just total darkness around me? Am I still tied? I wiggle my fingers but they only have enough room to tap against something hard, cold; a hallow metallic tap against the back of my fingernails. What is this?

My cheek starts to itch, annoyingly; a cool dampness sits over my face...oh god, did she piss on me?!, probably not; it doesn't smell like piss; who would do that anyway? Does smell a bit like sweaty feet though...from earlier maybe? My face is also sore as hell, inexplicably; who knows what fucked up things she did while I was out...

Maybe there's a latch or hands don't seem to run across anything in their tightly bound position; I try leaning my head forward a bit and instantly bang my head, loudly, against solid, cold metal. Gah, fuck! How tiny is this thing? I lean my head back and almost immediately hit metal again, same on both sides of me...what the fuck...I start to feel a little panic, part being in total darkness and another part being in total darkness in what could be a fucking coffin for all I know! Oh, god, is she burying me alive?!

"HEY! HEY I'M IN HERE!" I shout out loudly, my voice weak. No...she can't be burying me, I don't hear any shoveling or anything.
Unless she already buried me! Fuck! "HEY! HELP!" I try to scream out again! It echoes painfully against my tiny metal chamber.

This is it...this is how I'm gonna die...fucking buried alive...real fucking smart; you follow a girl home and she fucking buries you alive.

Okay...okay, just relax. That's worst case scenario...but what else could it be? Stuffed away somewhere? In what, though? What the fuck is this thing?


Still alive down there, loser?

*You'd hear a voice from above you, the light would flicker on simultaneously, my face beaming down smugly from over the hole in the containment above you, stood upon a make-shift scaffold above the yet undetermined metal enclosure*

Not telling you where you are. You should figure that out soon enough, even an idiot like you could.

*I casually slip off my bra and panties, stepping my naked form over you - giving you, for the first time a perfect view of my ass and pussy, and even partially my breasts*

Bet this is what you wanted huh pervert?

*I'd taunt seductively, running a hand slowly down my body - eventually grinding two fingers between my legs*

Guess what. Too fucking bad. Hah!

*I'd giggle and begin to sit myself down over the hole, not enough to blot out all light however, I still wanted you to see what I was doing*

You made things difficult for me. So I'll give you an ultimatum here.

*Clears my throat, sighing happily and wiggling my bare ass above you, tilting my head up to make absolutely no eye contact, I was keeping this as impersonal as possible*

While you were out I've cleaned up your phone. No one knows you're here, no one will be able to track you. I also took the liberty of spending what was left in your wallet, made for quite a nice lunch actually. Oh, and on the way back I collected my new car~ was easy enough to find really, and from the looks of it what ever job you had earned you a fairly decent amount. Not that I'm interested in that. So shut up before you try and bore me with details of your life again, this isn't -your- life anymore.

*Smiles and taps my fingers against the side of my legs, obviously now in a comfortable sitting position above you and beginning to grunt slightly*

I just need your pin. Simple. Give it to me, or die. Hah!


"Yes!" I shout out, startled, not yet processing who it was...the voice coming from above me, I strain to look up as a light shines above me, illuminating my container a little; just as small as I thought...

I see her face again, hanging above me, my heart sinks...almost wish she did bury me, at least then it'd be over.

She insults me for the 80th time but I quickly get distracted as she appears to be taking off her clothes. I get the best possible view of her perfect ass, and her pussy was perfect too; it was unscathed, pristine...a treasure. I feel myself drooling as she runs her hand along her body, partially hiding her breasts, mocking an innocent look to taunt me.

She closes her hand except for two fingers which she runs so slowly, so delicately along her legs up to her pussy. God I can feel my cock getting hard for this fucking sadistic bitch...GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! She pushes in just a little, I see her expression of joy as it seems like she slides the fingers inside, closing her eyes for a second before looking back at me; her eyes practically sparkling now.

She leans over, showing her butt prominently as she lowers it closer and closer until her naked ass sat down over the hole above me, it couldn't be bigger than the size of a plate; a little light shines in through her legs...her creamy, this cunt is gonna kill you!

She wiggles her ass above me, clearly enjoying her seat as she speaks; god it's so perfect...every bounce and shuffle seems like slo-motion, showing me every inch of curve like I was looking at a 3D model...but this was better than any digital model...

I try to catch her eyes but she looks up, I just see the top of her chin; she adjusts and pushes back her hair, clearly settling in for a long stay.

Panic sets in as the horniness wanes, she talks about my phone, my wallet...jesus, she really made sure no one came looking. I mean, fuck it, who was coming anyways...coworkers? Not likely. Who would even know where to look? Maybe someone at the coffee shop, if any of them gave of shit...I doubt any of them gave of shit...what does she mean this isn't my life anymore?

I see her tapping against her legs as she settles into a position, her legs a bit more closed now; sealing out most but still not all the light. I hear her soft grunting.

" I give you the pin...can I leave then?"


Answering me with a question isn't an answer. Four numbers is what I should have heard, or perhaps you can't process that in you retard brain either. Whatever.

*I'd snap down at you, swishing my hair dismissively over my neck as I reach for my own phone, casually beginning to browse/ text/ perform some other unclear action on it*

Wanna try that again? Cunt?

*I'd say no more, instead - giving a long, blissful sounding groan as I adjust myself slightly. Much to your horror, my ass would begin to spread above you as you as you try to utter out some more incoherent protests, a good portion of the sounds beneath me quite muffled anyway by your confined surroundings*


*Is the only other form of response I give to you for the time being. A huge, dense log pushing its way from my behind - I'd contract my ass muscles a little, letting it fall a foot or so - landing with a definite "thud" against your shoulder, rolling haphazardly off of you to lie out of view at your feet somewhere. My ass would spread open again, another substantial log forming from my ass - dropping once more onto the same spot. Much to you amazement, I wasn't done, and showed no signs of being either. I'd repeat the process again, and again. And again. Each time seeming to push heavier, thicker loads out, gyrating my ass gleefully above you, covering as much surface area of your upper body as I could with shit, most of which being your head. Infact, it would now start to form a tidy pile on it before sliding down towards your feet*

Mnhhhh.. Ahahaha!

*Bursts into laughter, just about drowning out the sounds of farting and wet splats going on inside the prison beneath me. Log after log would drop down onto your head, with only a few seconds between each*


I shudder under her verbal assault, clearly she melted away away any confidence I gained when I thought my life was six feet under.

What's she doing up there, texting? Is that my phone? No, I don't think that's my case...

"I...I just need to know you'll let me out first...please..."

She starts to groan, a pleasant groan as she shuffles a bit above. I keep watching her, my eyes widen as her ass begins to spread...

"Uh...please don't fart..." I plead, "I'll tell you!"

She says nothing except a long, satisfying sigh; the light closes out a bit but I see something dark from her it....could it...

She adjusts, contracting her muscles a bit; the dark object falls with a solid, wet thud against my shoulder. I look at it; immediately getting a whiff of it's nastiness! Oh my god, she's shitting on me!!!

"OH MY GOD! STOP! I'll give you the numbers! PLEASE!!"

The turd rolls odd my shoulder and onto the floor, somewhere near my feet.

I look up again, her ass spreading wide; another log forming. "Oh god no!!! NO NO NO!!!" I yell.

Again the log splatters against my shoulder, I try not to look at it but I can't help but feel it; it's odor filling my nose. I shake my head, trying to loosen the log to fall to the floor. It finally does after sliding slowly, putridly to the floor from my collarbone. "PLEASE STOP!"

Again, another log forms at her butthole, how much did this bitch eat?! She pinches another load off that horribly splats over my face. "OH GOD! THAT'S DISGUSTING" I say, trying to keep my mouth free from shit; it wasn't successful. I shake my face, trying to get it off. I feel another log splatter against the top of my head. "STOP!" I yell out again, hoping this time it will work.

It doesn't. She continues to gyrate and shake her booty at me, taunting me as another log started to crown at her asshole; bigger and bigger it got!

BRRRRRRrrraaaaauuuuppp! She farts, blasting the log against my forehead; carrying an extra special stink with it.

I hear her laugh cruelly above me. And farts again, and again.

"I'll just give you the code!" I scream "4278! 4278!!!!"

She either doesn't hear it over the laughter or is pretending not to hear because I see her still wiggling as she pushes another long, snaking log before pinching it off before splattering over my mouth. I shake aggressively, angrily; trying to get this bitch's shit off my face! "I GAVE YOU THE CODE!!! PLEASE LET ME GO!"

She farts again, loudly; almost as if that was her response.

Another log crowns, she wiggles and drops it, falling against my chest with a disgusting squish, I look down at it and want to barf; I manage to hold it down as I watch the log slowly fall to the ground.


Mnnnnn.. Ahhhh...

*Sighs blissfully to myself, reaching a hand around and down in front of me, gently beginning to caress my pussy. Obviously becoming incredibly turned on by your suffering - as if your frantic screaming were music to your ears*

What's that? Speak louder you twat, -still- can't hear you.

*Laughs again, inching myself forward as you talk - intentionally diverting my aim to your mouth, or where I can best guess that general area would be*

You best get used to the taste you cunt. Soon enough, you eat, or die. Ahahaha!

*I'd just keep shitting more and more down over you, long, thick consistent logs piling up over your body, head and face before sliding down to where your feet would be. Except it'd be no longer your feet. Much to your alarm, the septic sludge was rising fast, it'd soon cover your feet, then your knees, and very soon, it was already up at your waist, submerging the lower half of your body by the time you decide to blurt out the numbers to me, and I'd simply continue for another few minutes anyway, before finally, mercifully stopping - the level now just short of your chest*

Mnn.. hah.

*I'd lift myself up off of you and stretch in relief. It was unclear how much I'd eaten, and even if I did - how I'd ever managed to shit out so much. But this information wasn't exactly the most pressing concern on your mind right now as I stand over you, grinning down smugly onto your shit covered head*

Well, that's all I need. So let's see....

*I'd hum to myself, managing to find a few photos of you in your wallet to wipe myself with before tossing them aside*

Will need to check obviously, so let's hope for your sake you're not a liar as much as you are a waste of life. Speak to you whenever pervert, try not to go anyway while I'm gone.

*Remarks facetiously, not making any more eye contact as I reach for a heavy metal hatch door, obviously hinged to the top of the tank - which I'd close loudly above you, blocking out most if not all noise entirely from the inside, as if people could have heard you from in there, underground, through several walls anyway. I'd climb myself down, leaving you for a good while as I go about the rest of my day*


I peer as best as I can through the smears of shit over my face; is she touching herself?! She's getting some sick pleasure out of this! I scream out again, almost angry now!

She adjusts her position above, shifting slightly as she claims to not hear me!

I wouldn't notice, until it was too late, the massive log she was crowning until it splattered in my open mouth as I said the last 8. Oh god, it's disgusting....I spit it out, desperately trying to keep myself from puking from the spicy, shitty taste. My eyes start to water, both from humiliation and defeat, as well as from the putrid shit lining now coating my mouth as I try to collect spit and wash all the shit I can out.

Another log splatters against the top of my head, god this is plops off but instead of splattering against metal I notice it makes a water sound. I peer down as best I can but I can't see much. I lift my foot a bit, only to find it's buried in a pile of shit; her logs already collecting into a building pool underneath me.


Another log sprays against my face, I shake it off desperately, trying to avoid the smell and taste but already the small container was filling with the scent of her expelled turds, wafting up to my nose and stinging there.

Eat her shit?! Was she fucking serious?! Was she going to bury me in shit?! Oh god no....

A log again, with a forceful fart, blasts down against my chest and sticks there, disgustingly. "Please stop..." I beg softly; staring down at the log. After a few seconds, a few desperate seconds I scream, "HEEEELPPP!!"

The shit already started to collect around my knees.

Another log flies out like a missile and lands like a horn sticking out of my forehead before slowly dropping to join the pile below!

I just sit and sob as more shit rains down in regular intervals. Defeated I say the numbers again, "4278. Please...please just stop. The pin is 4278."

She'd chuckle and fire off another log over my face, sealing my humiliation. Then another. The logs quickly grew up to just before my chest before she finally sighed, loudly, and stood.

How could someone possibly shit this much; much less a petite girl, it didn't seem possible...

I look up at her, covered in her waste. She has a grin like the cat who ate the canary.

She'd dig through my wallet and pull out some small paper before, quite visibly, wiping her ass with them and throwing them down into the shit pile with me. I could see there were some photos I had in my wallet. She already had everything I owned, why not wipe my face off of her ass with shit ass well; I was already her toilet paper, why not my pictures too.

I hope the pin works, I fear she has no hesitance in killing me and in the most disgusting way possible.

I panic as she closes the lid above and locks it with a loud clang. I hear her steps walk off the tube as I'm sitting, in the dark, in a pool of her shit; it softly sloshes around under any of my movement so I try not to move at all but the putrid stink collecting, unhealthily inside, makes me sick. I can't help but vomit, it quickly joins the pile of shit all around me as I lay my head back against the cold metal container.

I wonder when she'd be back...


*The lid would clang loudly open above you, it was unclear how much time had passed exactly - or if you were awake or not, that being, you couldn't have had much of a chance to see any light at all as I'd quickly reseat myself above you, wasting absolutely no time - getting straight to what I was intending*

Ahh... Ahhh!

*Would be the first thing you'd hear from me, another series of heavy, thick logs dropping down onto you within seconds - piling up neatly over your head before continuing the trend, dropping from you into the shit below - heavy splats and plops echoing around you as the level rises another few inches, up to your chest now as I'd finally decide to speak*

So, turns out you're not a liar.

*I'd remark, the already enormous grin on my face spreading as I hear the definite splop of shit onto your face from beneath me*

I guess you did surprise me! Not that it'll change much.. Mnnnn ahhhh!

*Several more massive logs would coil up loudly on your head, almost enough to drown out the uproarious laughter now starting from above you*

Thanks for you bank, loser!

*Swishes my hair back majestically over head, giving a series of long, content moans*

Thousands extra, all for me. Your car - mine, the remainder of your miserable life.. guess what. that's mine too! Which oh, by the way.. won't be long.

*I'd spread my legs to peer down at your terrified face, obviously having not stopped as I was talking, waste now just below your neck*

You're fucked, pervert hear me? Absolutely fucked.

*I'd throw my head back in ecstasy, fervently redirecting my fingers to my pussy once again, though I'd be saving my orgasm. I didn't want that on you, or even piss for that matter. I wanted you buried that was clear, in nothing but shit*

Fuck this feels amazing....

*Dreamily mumbles to myself, petite ass spreading and clenching above you*

I'm just gonna keep shitting... *Plop* And shitting. *PLOP* Mnnn ahhh,,, and shitting until you're fucking dead! How's that feel you cunt? Suffocated in shit. MY shit. Ahahaha! *PLOPPPPPP*


I hear the loud clang, somehow fallen asleep in my surroundings of quickly drying, still putrid shit. I look up into the light but squint, it's too bright but quickly it's shutout again as I see her creamy, perfect ass back over the top...

"Ple..." I try to squeak out but it's barely audible, my voice weak, throat sore from lack of water.

Above, she sighs, peacefully, before my body startles awake as the logs drop on me like a heavy rainstorm of huge logs that start to collect over my head, weighing it down before finally rolling off and joining the pile again, freshening it up, as it were.

She splat another log direct to my face as I looked up, I don't know why I'd bother. Maybe to make the end come sooner but it only made the torture worse before sliding slowly over my nose and lips, down to the pile around me that's already grown to chest height, starting to close in around my neck.

Thank god she believed me...or she must have tested it, like she said...I wonder if she left anything or just raped the account clean. I wouldn't know...but I could guess the latter.

She fire off another log that splatters hard against my face, sitting there like a stone, dripping and oozing liquid shit from inside itself before dropping off to the pile.

I'd hope she'd allow some leniency after I gave her what she wanted but she quelled all hope of that and groaned out as she coiled several logs on my head, each crackled loudly and through grotesque, nasty sounding farts that her laughter was drowned out by the piles and piles of shit she was raining down on me.

And there was my answer...she too it all. She swipes her hair in arrogance, she'd gotten everything...she moans loudly, still pouring shit over my head as she told me all she was taking, or all she already took...not least of all, my freedom. But I doubt she'd keep me around long, I'm sure she'll kill me now; she's practically said as much.

I see her above me, grinning widely, smiling over me in total victory as I stood in a pool of her waste that was not up to my chin as I desperately try to keep my head above the shit; only making my face a great target for more of her logs.

I am fucked. She's right. I'd thought I'd been fucked in other times of life but this one wasn't the ultimate of being fucked. I am fatally fucked.

She starts finger herself again, not even to finish the job; just enough to tease herself, she wouldn't spare one drop of cum for me, not one moment of pleasure would I be allowed. But she was enjoying herself, her ass clenching tightly above.

Then she'd drop a huge log out, splattering over my face as she taunted me. "No!" I'd beg, voice scratchy; almost non-existent at this point.

Then another log, then another.

She' fires off more and more as I desperately try to float above the shit but it holds me down like quicksand, my lips getting closer and closer to being immersed in shit; my face almost fully 90 degrees looking up now, only to aid her in splattering log after log over my nose and mouth.

"Please, I don't want to drown in your shit!" I hoarsely yell.

But she doesn't listen, another big log drops disgustingly on my face and she laughs.

I start to sob, what else can I do; helpless entirely to do anything but cry.


Fuck yes... fuck YES!

*I'd grip at the tank beneath me, arching my back and giggling with glee. My orgasm could wait until later, when I knew the poor fucker was dead, which actually would be pretty soon. I'd look down upon your petrified face, my asshole seductively clenching over you, it was true - you'd now tilted your head directly up at me in order to breath, not a iota of detail of the rest of your body visible, even your ears were almost entirely submersed - and soon you wouldn't be able to hear anything, let alone breath*

Well. I'm gonna be blunt with you. Let's save us both the time and effort....

*I'd sigh blissfully, a thick, neat mass pushing its way steadily form my ass, landing directly in your mouth - forcing its way to the back of your throat before it begins to pile up atop what remains of your face, coiling up neatly over your mouth, nose, and soon eyes as I speak*

You were dead the moment you looked at me, let's face it - and now, I have -everything- from you. No one's going to look for you, no one's gonna' miss you, and even if they did... Good luck ever thinking of searching for you in a sexy girl's septic tank.

*I'd smile smugly, flicking my hair back over my neck in another proud gesture, the slow, heavy mass piling up over what's left over your face, until it was engulfed, gone - you were out of site under shit -my- shit*

Mnnnhh oh yes. Die loser!

*I'd howl in a sadistic fit of glee, proceeding to push out log after log into the tank, before finally coming to a stop - your head, however a good foot or so under the level of shit*

Die die DIE!

*I'd continue to laugh, quickly standing myself up , looking down at the tank full of sludge in satisfaction, it was likely you couldn't hear me at this point, you were buried, totally and utterly - though it was likely you'd hear the heavy metal lid swing shut over you, thudding with a definite, sturdy "boom" above your body, that alone sentencing you. I'd calm myself down a little, before sitting atop the lid, leaning down to do up numerous screws and bolts to seal it in place - as if this was even needed*

Mnnn... ahhh....

*I'd sigh a final time, tapping my foot against the edge of the containing, beginning to casually look over my hands, obviously planning on sitting there over your desperate, drowning body for another good few minutes - and likel a good few after you were dead as well*


Fuck! I'd scream in my head, there was no point in screaming for help anymore.

My face upturned towards her as she looked at me between her legs; her smile so wide, so viciously evil that it seemed almost cartoonish. My eyes would dart, fearfully between her smiling face and her wildly puckering asshole. All that was visible was my face, I could feel the shit collecting around and entering my ear canals, blocking them so I could barely hear anything. But I knew her intention, I knew what she intended to do.

I watch her eyes close, her mouth relax into a sigh before a tight, thick log drops directly into my mouth, falling roughly against the back of my throat as more of her shit starts to follow and eventually pile up and over my mouth, flooding my face in shit coiling over my face. Desperately I try to push my body higher but there's no budging, the shit around me holds me like quicksand. Putrid, disgusting quicksand made of a vindictive bitch's body waste.

Within a minute my entire face was covered, my eyes last as if to ensure I would see every possible moment of her torment before the end. I somewhat welcomed the dark, dank shit over my face were it not for the noxious stench and overall humiliation. But that was the least of my worries now as I felt my throat constricting, desperately trying to pass the massive shit log that remained clogged deep in my esophagus.

I barely could see her now. I could hear the muffled sounds of her insults down to me, her taunts; she'd won. She won and now she's killing me and she'll get away with it. Who would think to look for me here? Who would bother looking for me anyways?

Another long load of shit and I was fully buried; no part of my body wasn't touching shit but then again my body had probably been saturated by shit and splatters hours ago. Maybe days ago...I don't know anymore.

I felt more logs join the pile for several minutes, endlessly; ensuring I wouldn't survive as I started to feel lightheaded, a splitting pain at my forehead as my body begged for oxygen but could get none; choking and gurgling, spurting in a pool of shit only to have more shit rush in. I felt my eyes widen to the point of popping, my nostrils flaring desperately for anything but only filling themselves with her waste until it seemed like every orifice of my body was filled with her shit.

I remember hearing the loud clunk of the lid but no footsteps; maybe just too quiet to hear.

Gurgling and sputtering, my mouth foaming brown with shit as I clench through the pain of suffocation, my body stiffening, but still immobilized in her shit. Only my head had enough strength to shake but there was little point, every turn, every movement was deeply immersed in shit; there was no respite. Death would be the only relief.

I gurgle, screaming involuntarily one last time as my body takes in a deep, deep breath of solid human waste; I feel it poisoned and spreading to the rest of my body. Through my veins, stopping the flow of blood and oxygen.

I felt my heart slow...and slow.......and......slow......and................stop.

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