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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: April 12th, 2017

In Adam's apartment, he and his girlfriend, Elizabeth, are enjoying a show on the couch together. He puts an arm over her and pulls her in gently, snuggling up with her as she leans and lays on his shoulder blade cutely. They bundle together even though it's not all that cold, just a loving gesture between two very in love people.


Adam and Elizabeth jump, startled, as the front door to their apartment goes down; the hallway outside is filled with smoke that comes fuming into the apartment and a bright light shines directly on the couple who try to shield their eyes to no avail.

"What the fuck?" Adam yells, angry and scared; he leans forward, as if to try to protect his girl but he knew he, most likely, wouldn't be able to do a thing against manpower that can take down a door.

A figure in all black tactical gear appears against the light, silhouetted against it. The figure signals downward and the light behind goes off as another soldier rushes in from the hallway and stands next to the figure as she pulls off her face mask. It's Laura, she has a wide smile on her face, "Now is that any way to talk to me?" She asks; Laura signals to the soldier, Lamar, and he marches forward; he makes a grab for Elizabeth.

"You're not taking her anywhere!" Adam tries to block him with an arm but Lamar easily pushes him back down onto the couch; then he grabs Elizabeth by the hair, close to the root, and drags her off the couch. She falls to the floor onto her butt with a thud as she tries to wrap her tiny fingers around Lamar's thick hand, she kicks and screams as he pulls her into the bedroom.

Adam pops over to the armrest of the couch, looking to the bedroom, panicked, "What are you going to do to her? I thought we had an arrangement!" Adam body shakes as he speaks, barely able to look Laura straight in the eye; she smirks.

Laura leans in to Adam, as if stretching her quad on his couch edge; his body instinctively moves back until he hits the back of the couch with nowhere else to go. Laura puts a finger to his mouth and in her most soothing tone says, "Shhhh."

And she holds it there for a moment, watching the sweat form on Adam's brow and then slowly drip down, from the top of his head, down past his taped up glasses, and down dripping to the edge of his nose before falling somewhere onto his lap.

Laura grins before her face turns stern and she swiftly kicks hard into Adam's neck; she pins him against the wall with her heavy black boot with just enough force to keep him there without choking the life out of him.

Adam squirms, gurgling and sputtering against the wall as Laura holds him there with ease and casually begins to remove her gear; first the helmet which she sets down carefully on Adam's coffee table. She looks over to him to check in, ensuring he's still not dying. She smiles, undoing the Velcro straps on her vest and then setting it down on the table.

She bends over to unlace part of her boot, letting Adam see the profile of her tremendous and toned booty though he's far too strained to enjoy it. Laura slips her foot out of the boot and wiggles it slightly, enjoying the feeling of having it off after the two hour or so of prep that went into this operation.

Laura looks over to Adam again, she chuckles silently to herself, thinking about what's to come but also just to fuck with Adam some more; though he's already scared shitless, she could see it in his eyes which looked ready to pop out of his head.

She slowly removes her boot from Adam's neck, admiring the clear imprint of the shoe tread embedded into his skin. He grasps his neck, massaging it as best he can but he can barely touch it with the skin feeling far too tender. Laura smirks, lifting her other foot up, enjoying the momentary expression of relief on Adam's face before her socked foot slams down hard on his balls.

Adam yelps out breathlessly as Laura's foot pins him down, she snickers as she starts to undo the boot and set it aside near the other. She removes her foot from Adam's crotch and kicks up, pressing her sweaty sole into Adam's face, watching him cringe as his head is pinned against the wall with Laura's ripe smelling foot. She enjoys watching him forced to endure the aromas with no hope of escape; she wouldn't be able to enjoy those faces nearly as much when her butt is covering it.

Laura leans in again, keeping her foot pressed against Adam as she grabs a chunk of his hair; she caresses it softly at first, lovingly. But then she yanks him down by his roots until his head is against the seat of the couch.

She leans over him, shadowing him completely as she comes face to face with him, "You look a lot better down here," she taunts.

"Please, just tell me what I did wrong!" Adam pleads desperately.

"Ask yourself this, Adam, what have you always done wrong?" Laura sneers; she undoes the buckle on her belt and removes her tactical dark gray khakis.

She grabs Adam by his still sore neck and positions his head on the couch before straddling over his body with her naked butt just a foot from his face. Laura splits her cheeks for him so he can see her ass crack, she looks over her shoulder to watch his expression; Adam's eyes go wide as he does, seeing the massive and fresh cummy mess that lay in Laura's butt.

"I had a lot of fun before I got here, and now you're gonna clean up the party," Laura chuckles, starting to lower herself to sit.

"Laura, why?! Please!!" He cries.

She smirks and proceeds to smash her ass down, mashing her dirty ass over him, "Are you really that stupid, Adam?" She smears the cum of various men all over his face, drenching practically every inch, every pore with jizz. Laura leans her butt slightly, BRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrruuuuppppp!

"Ahhh, nothing like a good ass fucking to free up those farts, eh, Adam?" Laura laughs loudly.

Adam sputters violently as his face is flooded with toxic, meaty gas; followed with a disgusting pour of ejaculate from inside Laura's ass, spreading out disgustingly over his face and carrying an odor of sweaty dicks and Laura's shit with it.

Laura puts her foot down against Adam's stomach and compresses it, forcing all his air out and into her ass; she feels a slight tinge of pleasure as it does. She bites her lip slightly, pressing her ass down hard over Adam to ensure he can't possibly breathe anything else.


Laura releases Adam's stomach after just one second, ensuring he'd endure the very worst of her gas. His body shakes violently as the fart hits him, he groans but it's cut off by a vicious coughing and then sputtering as cum drips into his open mouth and he's forced to gargle it down. Laura squeezes at her crotch a bit, enjoying listening to all of Adam's sounds of suffering as she keeps him pinned down under her perfect ass.

"One more I think, don't you?"

"Pl...please no," Adam gurgles out.

"But it's really about what I want, isn't it, Adam?" Laura says as she spreads her cheeks as far as she can, ensuring Adam's nose is plastered right against her butthole.

Adam can smell the horrible rank odors that reside inside Laura's body, waiting to come out; his nostrils are painfully upturned against her anus as he moans out weakly, whimpering.


Laura's asshole opens up, practically swallowing Adam's nose, before blasting out a vicious fart that splatters cum all over Adam's face as he screams. His nose flushed and bursting with a horrific aroma of the worst shit imaginable, the fumes thickly burning through his senses. His body spastically seizes as she keeps his head under her with no effort. "I would think you'd be more than used to all this by now, Adam," she sneers.

Adam sputters and his face contorts, his body gives a wild jerk and then falls still. Laura quickly sits up off Adam's face and checks his pulse from his indented neck; she's satisfied that he's fine and goes to grab a stool from Adam's kitchen counter. Laura holds the chair as she lifts one foot and stomps it down hard on Adam's stomach, forcing him back to consciousness with a sputtering cough.

"We're not done yet," Laura insists as she kicks away Adam's coffee table to set down the heavy stool right in front of him

"Why are you doing this?" Adam weakly asks.

Laura shakes her head and scoffs in feigned disbelief as she grabs Adam under the shoulders and lifts him onto the chair; she crouches down and ties his wrists and ankles to the bottom of the chair so his ass is prominently poked out.

Just as Laura stands again, admiring her rope work, Lamar comes out from the bedroom, "She's handled," he says stoically to Laura.

"What the fuck does that mean?" Adam pleads.

"Don't worry about it," Lamar replies plainly.

Laura slaps Adam hard across the face, "Focus! You only pay attention to me, got it?!"

Adam weakly lifts his head, tears in his eyes, "Please tell me why you're doing this," he begs. "What did I do?"

Laura growls and grabs Adam's cheeks, squeezing them tightly until his lips looked like a fish. With her free hand, she signals to Lamar and he goes around to the back of Adam and rips down his pants roughly; the sudden jolt startles Adam.

"Wha-what's happening?" Adam whimpers as he tries to turn back but Laura's grip is far too tight on his face.

"Hey! Just watch me, keep your eyes right fucking here," Laura barks, she backs away slightly, still pinching together Adam's cheeks; she salivates in expectation, her eyes glued to Adam's face and it plays out in slow motion as his eyes bulge and his mouth opens wide. The horrific pain on Adam's face is evident as all sixteen inches of Lamar's thick cock plow through Adam's rectum.

Tears well up and drip profusely from Adam's eyes as you release your grip on his face, no longer needing to hold him as his body is practically paralyzed from the agonizing pain. Adam's anus is torn open and plowed as he just has to take it; his body gyrates and bounces painfully.

Adam screams and cries as he feels the massive cock spearing against his stomach and rubbing vigorously, back and forth, against his prostate which fills him with a conflictingly enjoyable feeling; his own dick starts to get hard from the feeling though the terrible pain filters out most of that.

"" Adam sputters out, barely able to form words.

Laura snickers and heads to Adam's kitchen to grab a beer from the fridge. In the broken front doorway, Michelle comes in, holding a thick manilla folder; her face is in a horrified shock seeing Adam getting his ass violently fucked by Lamar who gives a friendly smile and wave to her as she comes in; she reciprocates much less enthusiastically.

Michelle sees Laura and smiles slightly to her as she comes back out into the living room, cracking open the beer and taking a long, satisfying sip.

Michelle sets the folder and a pen down on the table with Laura's gear before she leans in to her, "Don't you think this is a little much?" Michelle asks.

Laura scoffs and quickly chugs the beer; she leans in to Adam and grabs his face, covering his mouth with her hand as she brings her mouth to within an inch of his nose. Adam squirms and shakes but it's no help to him. URRRRRRRRrrrrrruuuppppppp!

Laura burps loudly, grotesquely, in Adam's face and holds her hand there, making sure he smells all of it before she lets him go; he whimpers and sobs between the smell and the massive cock pushing through his backdoor.

When she's satisfied, Laura steps back again and leans in towards Michelle, "Too much?" Laura asks innocently before grinning, her eyes still glued to the suffering Adam. Michelle backs away slightly but continues to watch as well, cringing slightly with each slap of Lamar's body against Adam's tormented bum.

Laura licks her lips as she watches Adam get his brains fucked out of him. She looks away a second to her gear on the table; she notices the taser sticking out from her vest pocket. She grins evilly as she playfully grabs it.

"Laura...don't," Michelle tries to plead as she sees her heading towards Adam with it; Laura looks to her and winks.

Laura kneels down near Adam's head, ensuring he can see the taser for a moment before she starts bringing it painfully slow to his crotch.

"" Adam spouts incoherently but his meaning is quite clear.

Laura grins to him, looking him in the eye, "You think she'll still fuck you after I fry it to a crisp?"

"!" Adam says, his body roughly bucking from Lamar's apparent second wind.

Laura bobs her head a bit, as if considering, and then shrugs as she jams the taser right into Adam's crotch. His body jolts violently, practically glowing with electricity as Laura smiles wide, loving to watch him in agony. Adam sputters uncontrollably, unable to feel the dick in his ass for a moment but instead suffering several thousand volts through his body

Michelle is teary eyed near the kitchen, she brings a hand to her face, barely able to watch anymore of this treatment. She's sympathetic to Adam but also recognized he'd bided his time for far too long. Still, it didn't justify all this in her mind.

Laura grabs Adam by the hair and lifts his face up to meet hers, "You can end this right now, Adam; are you ready?"

"Ye-yes!" He chokes out as best he can.

"Good boy," she says; she grabs the folder and pen from the table and flips to the first document, smiling as she looks at it. Then she looks back up at Adam, "I can stop this right now if you sign all these."

"Wh-wha-..." Adam barely can breathe out.

"Does it really matter if it can stop this right now? I mean, unless you like being fucked in the ass, is that it?"


Laura smiles; she undoes the rope on his writing hand and puts the pen in it, she holds the folder firmly for him to write on.

Adam winces as he signs his name on the first document, not even taking a second to look it over. Laura flips to the next and he signs it, tears from his eyes fall on the signature line that bears his name just before she turns to the next one and he scribbles his signature again.

Lamar, with an endless endurance, continues to plow through Adam's butt, sending painful jolts through his body that you can see in every other signature Adam does; but it won't matter, they'll be just as legitimate and legally binding.

With each page turn, Laura's smile grows wider and wider; she bites her lip in excitement as she watches Adam desperately sign every page, almost fifty signature pages in all. Once processed she would control everything, bank accounts, lease agreements, power of attorney, his carefully altered will leaving everything to her; she even controls his eyeglass prescription just in case she wants to fuck with his eyesight too. She chuckles to herself in delight of the thought.

Once Adam signs the last one, Laura rubs his head like a dog, "Very good boy," she says and then signals to Lamar.

Lamar stops immediately and pulls out his cock from Adam's stretched butthole with ease but it leaves Adam's body like a knife; the friction rubbing against him painfully, burning at his anus. He yelps out in pain and then weakly collapses over the chair, panting heavily.

Lamar roughly slaps one of Adam's butt cheeks and chuckles as he returns to Laura with a hand up; Laura smiles and gives him a high five before she signals him to leave. Then she looks over to Michelle, "You gonna take care of this?"

Michelle seems disturbed, her eyes glued to Adam's weak body, hanging over the stool in his own living room, "Yeah, I guess..."

"Okay, I'm gonna go clean up," Laura says as she heads into Adam's bedroom.

Michelle walks over to Adam and undoes his binds, then she lowers him down to the floor, letting his head rest on the seat of the couch. She sits with him, her arm over his shoulder as his body still involuntarily jolts on occasion from the pounding force that was for so long on his anus.

Michelle pushes the hair from his face and comforts him, she holds him close but finds his face still reeks heavily of Laura's farts, so she turns her head away slightly, unable to bear it.

Adam doesn't try to run though he possibly could, but he's too submissive and too weak to try. And where would he go that they couldn't find him? They always find him. Adam eventually nods off.

After about a half hour, Laura returns from Adam's bedroom, still drying her hair as she walks out into the living room, her body completely naked. She sees Adam napping with his head against the couch; she whistles sharply and nudges him with her foot.

Adam startles awake, scanning the room quickly as he does but then his eyes fall on Laura's perfect body, standing nude in front of him.

She smiles as he stares, instantly infatuated, "I thought, after all that, you could use a treat, would you like that?" Laura asks.

Adam is far too disoriented to answer, he shakes his head no but it's lacking sincerity as he gawks at her body.

"Aww, I know you do, Adam; you always wanted to serve my nice clean butt, haven't you?"

"I..." he starts but trails off.

"It's okay, you don't have to say anything, I'll take care of it all, for you," Laura smiles sincerely at him as she comes over to the couch, she sits with her knees on one side of the couch, above Adam's face, with the soles of her feet against the back of his head. She looks down at him, lovingly, "You ready?"

He weakly, barely, smiles.

Laura's ass slowly comes down and Adam's eyes are glued to it, it's utter perfection as it descends closer and closer to him like a gloriously soft pillow gliding towards his face. But then Adam's eyes notice a figure approaching from the left, kneeling on the couch and jutting forward with a thick, dark shadow.

Adam's face is nearly completely buried under Laura's when he finally makes it out; his eyes go wide in terror as he sees the large, dark cock come into view and inching closer and closer to him. He tries to whimper out and squirm away but it's far too late; the dick plasters down over his face. Lamar's smirky smile is the last thing Adam sees before Laura's ass shuts out the rest of the world.

"Oh, what the..." Laura says surprised, feeling Lamar's thick dick running along the crack of her ass. Lamar puts a soft hand on Laura's shoulder, "When did you come back?" She asks, surprised.

"Just now, looks like right on time," he sensually snickers.

Laura giggles a bit as she lets her butt slowly gyrate on Lamar's dick, completely neglecting the fact that Adam's face is their seat for this play.

Adam moans fearfully as his face is rubbed against Lamar's dick, still smelling of ass and cum, "Please...stop, I thought we were done..." Adam pleads.

"Shut up!" Laura yells down to him as she starts to rub her booty harder against Lamar's dick, making him groan out a bit; his cock starts to throb violently and Adam starts to realize what's happening, "No no, don't do this!" He screams out.

Laura pants, bouncing her butt a bit on Adam's face, "I said, 'Shut up!'"

Adam's face is pounded by her; in between smashes, he sees Lamar's cock about ready to explode, "Please...don't..."

Laura slaps her butt down on Adam's face once more, hard this time, and rubs against Lamar's dick as deeply and roughly as she can; she smiles as she grits her teeth in concentration. He groans out painfully; Adam whimpers as he watches the tip of Lamar's cock pass by his face until finally it spurts out, soft pools of cum that drip down and spill over Adam's face. He tries to sputter to avoid the mess but there's no where for it to go as it oozes up his nostrils, choking him momentarily.

Laura continues to sit, like a queen, on Adam's face, making sure he enjoys his torment for as long as possible before she finally rises from his head. She takes a long moment to enjoy the disgusting, vicious mess over his face as both Laura and Lamar look down at him there.

Adam weakly tries to lift his head, ""

Laura smirks, "Hardly," she replies as she starts to put her gear back on. "I probably should have opened with this but, since you failed to submit willingly, you lose everything we agreed upon under the new Femdom Regime that's taken control of the city. Those papers you signed just legitimized the whole deal. Oh, and I know you're quite worried about Elizabeth; she'll be reprogrammed or...well, it'll really depend on her."

"Please don't do this..." Adam begs.

Laura smirks before she pulls her vest on over her head, "Why not, you're gonna miss out on your special treat." She adjusts the vest for comfort before grabbing the walkie on it, "Send her in."

Within seconds, a figure appears at the door way and Adam's jaw drops; his eyes are as wide as when Laura first burst through his door and she basks in that feeling; the sheer, unadulterated terror in his eyes.

"Well, well, well, look who though he could run away," Bridget says, standing there with a cruel smile on her face.

"God no, please! You can't do this, Laura!" Adam shouts desperately.

"Me?" Laura asks innocently, "You signed the contract to her, see?" She says as she pulls out the Goddess & slave contract that shows Bridget's name quite clearly as owner.

"Oh fuck no..." Adam practically whispers to himself, breaking down.

Bridget steps over and pats Adam's head lovingly, "Shhh, it's okay, subby, just better hope I don't gas you stupid again," she chuckles before bring her bountiful booty to his face.


A massive, rumbling fart breathlessly gags Adam before he chokes and sputters, pressed deeply in Bridget's deep crack; he flails and squirms but her large butt has him well and truly pinned down.

After another second or more, Bridget finally sits up; Adam pants and heaves like he's shriveling up and dying. Bridget smacks the back of his head hard, "Oh don't be a baby, you've smelt much worse."

Laura smirks for a moment, "Last thing, Adam; are you paying attention?!"

"Yes!" Adam gags out, "Please just end it!"

"Oh I shall since you can consider this your thirty day notice to vacate; I'm sure Bridget will be more than helpful in getting you settled into your new place."

Adam looks at Bridget; she looks back down at him and grins evilly.

"And remember, Adam, you brought this on yourself," Laura says sincerely before turning around and heading for the broken front doorway.

"Wait, Laura! Please! Can we talk about this?!" He cries out to her but Laura doesn't turn around; she disappears around the corner, leaving Adam to suffer in Bridget's cruel service.

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