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Evil Aunt
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 3rd, 2012

Daniel wakes in a cold sweat. A dream? Was it? He couldn't recall, everything seemed to real yet now he was back in his recognizable bed, his home again. Thank God.

He rises from bed and goes to open his window; it's stuck shut. He tries the next one, also stuck. The tiny hairs on the back of his neck stand straight as he goes window by window to find them all sealed. He runs downstairs to the front door. It won't open. What is going on?!

A booming voice, recognizable, fills Daniel with dread, "Oh Daniel; how's my little sweetie doing?"

"What is this!?" Daniel screams, pleadingly.

"Why, it's your house; don't you recognize it?"

Daniel looks out one of the windows to see a massive room surrounding him; the things out there look much bigger than normal, much bigger than they should.

"Please...let me go home."

"You are home Daniel; I built it for you so you can stay with me and play forever."

Daniel's cruel aunt comes into view, her giant eye up against the window, looking upon her nephew with crushing loving, "I see you there!" She laughs.

Daniel runs to the window, pounding on it, trying to break it.

"Save your strength little Daniel, you'll need it."

The aunt rises to her feet, she holds a long tube that looks like ducting; it leads from her hand to somewhere unseen. She winks at Daniel as she puts the tube down her panties; she groans slightly as she shoves it up her large buttocks.

"My farts have been smelling so bad lately, I wanted to share them with you Daniel."


A large fart blasts out of the cruel aunt and sends the high pressure fumes through the air conditioning ducts in the miniature house; the air is so thick and putrid it begins to stain the wall around the vents a dingy green-brown, the house fills with noxious gas.

Daniel runs around in a panic, looking for oxygen, looking for fresh air but every inch of the house is soon drowned in the aunt's terrible emissions.

"I guess I eat too much junk food," the aunt continues, half-yelling as if to include Daniel in the conversation. "I don't think that family size M&M bag was a good idea."


A silent fart with a rude ending blasts through the house. Daniel runs to a closet, hoping to escape the terrible smell as his eyes water profusely; he opens the door and is greeted by a wave of fart air that knocks him back, he crawls from the room.

"I don't think those chili cheese fries helped much either."


A huge wet fart pours out the air ducts, a stream of shit water flowing gently down the wall directly underneath it. The aunt sighs in relief as she builds into an evil laugh.

"You're going to be with me forever Daniel; I'm going to love having you around."


Daniel rocks back and forth in a relatively oxygenated corner of his new home as the gas surrounds and takes him for their own.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.