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Dungeon of a Goddess
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: March 3rd, 2012

The Goddess smiles as she enters the dungeon below her house; which one will I use today, she asks herself as she looks upon the toilet men lined up. They hang their head down in fear and inferiority; one near the back shuffles a little. It is chosen.

She approaches the toilet man who barely looks up at the Goddess, her towering shadow nearly drowning him in darkness.

"Good morning toilet," she says as she begins to pull down her blue jeans; she turns her massive ass to face the pathetic toilet. She peels off her tight pants which allows the lingering smell from her dreaded, perfect ass is free to roam right into the toilet's face.

The Goddess laughs as she separates her ass cheeks and pushes her massive butt over the toilet's face; he gags as he tastes the bitter sourness of the Goddess' backside.

"Hope you're hungry toilet!" The Goddess exclaims mockingly; she pushes a little but only fires off a canon-like blast of noxious flatulence, the force could have blown the toilet away had he not been so tightly wedged between the Goddess' soft but firm butt cheeks.

"Morning wind!" She announced excitedly, she giggles; the toilet shudders under her weight in a futile attempt to free himself from the terrible smell that now enslaves his face.

The Goddess pushes a little harder and a wet fart gives way to a poo that, tauntingly, runs along the toilet's tongue; he gags on the terrible taste. She inhales deeply, concentrating, before letting it out; like a freight train the shit launches into the toilet's face and down his throat. The Goddess laughs at the unending stream of shit that flows out her butthole; the toilet whimpers, praying each yard is the last and he can finally close his tired mouth. The thick logs quickly fill his mouth and pile layer upon layer on his face, caking it in waste.

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