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Drunken Haze (Abandoned)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: March 2009

Tina scans the bar as she takes another sip of her Heineken. She had been sitting for hours, just scoping out people, but this was routine for her by now.

Finally, she spots a viable target; a blonde, sexy woman; probably in her early 20's. The girl already had the appearance of being buzzed, a few more drinks and she would fall into Tina's lap just as the others had. The sultry siren rose from her chair and walked over to the bar, taking a seat next to the blonde.

"Hi! I'm Jessica!" The blonde was unsurprisingly, drunkenly forthcoming.

"Tina," she replied as she shook Jessica's extended hand.

"What do you do Trina?"

"It's Tina, and I'm a executive at Jacob's Publishing."

"Wow! That's so cool! I'm still in college, working on my degree in...FASHION!"

"Impressive," Tina said, sarcastically.

"Yeah, it's totally cool! I love it."

"Looks like your drink is empty Jess, can I call you Jess?"

"Sure, I love nicknames!"

"Bartender, another one for this lady right here; on me."

The bartender nodded and winked at Tina who winked in reply.

"Ah, that's so sweet of you, thanks Mina."


Tina continued conversing with the drunken woman right up until the bar closed at 2:00 a.m.

"Jess, you can't drive home like that."

"Come on, I'm fine," she replied.

Jessica walked a few feet only to fall and smack her head against her car. She passed out on the sidewalk.

Tina laughed. "Oh my god, this is just too easy."

She lifted the super thin beauty and hoisted her over her shoulder and walked the single block to her condo.

"Wee, I'm flying!" Jessica shouted in a brief moment of consciousness before passing out again.


Jessica woke with a massive headache. She laid on something soft, she assumed it was her bed and that she had made it home but she remembered very little of what went on.

She looked at the clock at her bedside and noticed it wasn't her clock. It was 3:55 a.m.

Where the hell am I, she wondered to herself. She tried to rise out of the bed but she quickly realized her ankles were tied and so were her wrists. It was dark and she could make out nothing in the room other than the bright red glow of the numbers on the digital clock at her side.

The loud rustling of sheets informed Tina her prey was awake.

"Look who's up."

"Who's there?!"

"Tina, from the bar; don't you remember?"

"No, I'm afraid not. Hey, thanks for letting me crash here but I really gotta get going, I got a test tomorrow." Jessica said nervously but trying to remain calm.

"You're gonna miss that test."

"Oh, I can't; I wish I could but it's really important."

"Really? What's it on? Proper hemming?" Tina asked, laughing.

"Let me go, please?" Jessica pleaded.

"I'll let you go after we're finished."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'll let it be a surprise," Tina said, her voice getting closer as she approached the bed and mounted it. She quickly undid Jessica's jeans and pulled them down.

With no warning at all, a cold, gel-like penis delved deep into Jessica's unprepared vagina.

"Oh fuck!" Jessica screamed in pain.

"What's the matter, don't like getting fucked?"

Jessica said nothing, only whimpered softly, as Tina continued to trust herself forward. Jessica bit her lip to try to not focus on the incredible pain of the larger penis toy that persistently plunged into her.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" Tina said, euphorically. "You like that?!"

"Stop! Please stop!" Jessica shouts.

"Why? Don't you like it?" Tina asked, not really caring about the answer.

"I'm a virgin! It hurts! It hurts so much! Please, stop!"

An evil grin crosses Tina's face as she continues her stead motion.

Several minutes go by before Tina removes her toy from a sore Jessica.

She crawls over to near Tina's head a grabs hold of her face. Jessica tries to release her head from Tina's grip but it is to no avail. With her mouth open, Tina plunges the length of the dick into Jessica's mouth and pulls it out quickly. Jessica coughs and gags as Tina plunges it back into her mouth once more and pulls it out again.

"Please stop this!"

"Almost done girly; this shit always gets my stomach churning."

Jessica had no idea what that meant but she felt Tina straddle her body and thought she was going to kiss her but she quickly found out she was wrong.

A decently sized presence hung over Jessica's head.

"Here it comes," Tina called out as she took her hand and stuck it over Jessica's mouth.

A horrid sound was produced from Tina's ass, followed by an equally horrid scent that filled Jessica's nostrils with it's putrid scent.


"Sniff it all, girly! Sniff it all for mama!"

Jessica was forced to do just that as the smell crept into her nose and filled her senses with its rankness.


Another fart rang out and Tina, sadistic as she was, removed her hand from Jessica's mouth and sat with all her weight on Jessica's face, trapping the smell between her asshole and Jessica's tortured nose.

The smell of this one was even worse, as if she had been holding them in for sometime and the already bad smell had expired and become a truly, ungodly scent.

From her seated position, Tina farted once more, directly up Jessica's nose.


"Ah yeah, that feels so good," she said as she ran her fingers through her slave's hair. "Sniff it all up for me!"

Jessica was fading, it was all too much for her as the putrid smell hung around her nose and never seemed to go away. She quickly passed out.

Tina, taking her time, slowly rose off the blonde beauty and exited the bed. She sighed as a silent fart escaped from her ass; she pointed it in the direction of the unconscious victim and laughed quietly to herself. She flipped the nearby light switch and turned back around to admire her work. The disheveled blonde lay lifelessly on the bed; her thin, naked frame looking almost anorexic.

Tina walked towards her victim; inspecting her. A substantial amount of blood pooled near Jessica's vagina; she was not lying about her virginity. Tina looked the young girl's face; it was pained and yet still beautiful. It was unlike anything she had ever saw. Tina immediately shook off the feeling and walked out of the room, tuning off the light as she exited.


The light from the nearby window woke Jessica. She quickly rose from bed and saw Tina sitting nearby; asleep in a chair. Jessica tried to silently leave the room but the floor creaking gave her away; Tina stirred awake.

"'re up," she said, compassionately.

Jessica stayed quiet. She saw the blue penis still strapped to Tina, she didn't know whether she wanted to laugh or cry...she did neither.

"You sleep good?"

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Jessica said, angrily.

"Now listen girly, I...

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