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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: September 28, 2011

"Skuntank; use your poison." I yell out as I wipe the sweat from my head. I lick my lips inadvertently.

Skuntank turns and presents its upturned tail to the pigeot who tried to block it with his wing but the spray got him.


He passes out almost instantly; unable to continue. I get a whiff of the air myself; potent.

After the battle, without even talking to the other trainer, I grab skuntank and run into the woods; I watch him, from cover, he looks at my direction then shrug before walking away.

In a clearing, I set skuntank down and drop my backpack; getting comfortable.

Skuntank looks at her training, somewhat confused.

"Don't worry," I say; "I won't hurt you." I take the pokemon in my hand as I drop to my knees. I lift her tail and take a peek behind my shoulder before plunging my face in the skuntank's butt.


She rips one; no doubt from fear right as I exhale into her. It's so pungent; so aromatic, it fills me with a sense of pleasure. To smell something so foul; to be reduced to something so small and insignificant.

"You didn't have to sneak away to do this," a female voice says.

I pull my head from the dark and see a lightly purple colored women before me; she looks young,; filled out where it counts, slender where appropriate. She is toned and shaped to perfection; she's gorgeous, a dream. Her purple and white striped tail wraps around my head and pulls me back into her pungent hole; it shows unbelievable strength and dexterity, as if it could be used as anther arm for her. It wraps around my neck once and constricts; it chokes me a little and I'm forced to make a quick inhale, a gasp for air.


Putrid, thick gas streamed from her and into my choked esophagus; I greedily inhale it as if it was life-giving.

My member presses against my tan cargo shorts; I unzip and start rubbing. I stroke it softly as I feel a hot, silent fart fill my nostrils.

"Mmmmmm, that one was just for you," she says, laughing sensually.

"What are you doing?" I hear a woman's voice ask relatively calmly, given the circumstances.

I drop skuntank who lands on her feet and darts towards my backpack.

The woman comes closer to me, "That could border on bestiality; maybe I should tell someone," she says, with a smile, as if she were toying with me.

But I am dead serious and horrified, "Please don't tell anyone!"

"I think I can help you," she says.

"Please don't tell anyone!" I repeat in plea.

For a confusing second, the chubby, short adventurer girl stands in front of me but then she begins to back her plump ass onto my face; eventually sitting on it as if it were a barstool.

I panic; I use my hands to try to lift her off but it really only serves to better hold up the muscular woman. I'm a pretty puny guy to begin with.


A low rumbler caresses my face; the aroma, different yet alluring all the same. I deeply inhale her emission and let it fill my senses for as long as it will remain; she giggled cutely.

I couldn't believe it; a real woman, blowing farts in my face. How could this not be some sort of fate? This woman might be a shot at a quasi-normal existence; maybe a little dark secret in the bedroom but who doesn't have that. I never really met a woman so free and open as her; she is so aggressive to my 'wait-and-see' personality.

My place was nearby, I took her there; we made love. It was more for her benefit than mine; I was aroused but not excited by the notion of sex. It's work I don't want to put in when pleasure comes so easy to me. There is nothing thrilling or attractive about pumping back and forth; it doesn't get me off. That doesn't worry me as much as it irritates me that I have to be dealing with this crap instead of just enjoying sex the way I want. I mean, she can get off on the power over me, right? Does she really need to be fucked?

"Are you alright," she asks me, noticing I had been staring off for several minutes while riding her.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"You sure?"


I thrust harder, disrupting her thought; making her forget. Her eyes roll back and she smiles in the corners of her mouth. She cums again.


The next morning, I come out of the shower; Jill, lies on the bed, looks at me as i exit the bathroom.

"Hey hunny, I got some bad morning gas; my stomach's kind of upset. Do you wanna smell it?"

"Sure babe," I say, heading to her. I loved that she had no restraint in saying what she wanted.

She turns and lies on her stomach; I part her naked cheeks and press my face up against her asshole. It already smells so wonderfully foul.

"Could you finger me while you're down there?"


I greedily inhaled her fart and tried to ignore her request. Honestly, I didn't want to do that. It seemed like I didn't have much of a choice though; it's what she wanted and she was giving me what I wanted.

I stick my middle finger and pointer slowly inside her; I could see in my mind, her mouth agape and then biting her upper lip.


She releases another fart as I hit her in just the right spot to make her lose control. She starts riding my hand; making my participation basically useless but I curled and release my fingers up inside her to give her an extra sensation.

She shudders and moans softly. She puts her butt up in the air slightly, my head goes with it.


The air blows into my nose and mouth with such awesome force; like a miniature windstorm in the region of my face. I inhaled deeply the thick clouds of fart air that surrounded my senses; what a blow.

She came too; I pull my fingers out slowly and reluctantly wipe my hand on my bed.

Before I can take my head from her ass, she spins over and sits on my face. I, startled by this, can no longer breathe.

She raises one cheek; PRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

Jill gets off me and says she's going to take a shower; I lie in foul haze, savoring the aroma as I think about my options.

But then I realize, I don't have to make a choice. I race from the bedroom loft down to the living room where my backpack sits on the rack. I reach in a grab Skuntank's pokeball. I, as silently as I can, release her; the skunk pokemon appears.

I grab her and lift up her tail to take a big whiff; as wonderful as I recall it and completely without needs.

"That's right, I am here just to pleasure you," the Skuntank-woman says, caressing my hair with her tail.


"Ahh, yes baby; breathe in my aroma," she says with a little force.

It turned me on to be hers; owned by her, doing what she says, even if I would gladly do it willingly. And the aromas she emitted, inhuman; but I guess that would make sense.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me!" I hear Jill yell from upstairs; she sounds pissed but then, why wouldn't she be?

I'm less fearful this time, unstartled; I calmly set Skuntank down and look at Jill upstairs. Her naked frame hovers over me on the second story of the house like a dictator over his people.

"You're still sniffing the ass out of skunk pokemon?"

It is true; I really don't have anything to say. So I don't say anything.

She stares at me for a long time and then walks away; no doubt to put some clothes on. I avoid her in the house best I can, focusing on the dishes, well one dish that I keep washing, until I hear the front door slam; I look out the window and she's left.

I think about chasing her for a moment but it doesn't seem right.

"Now you have more time for me," the skuntank-woman says.

"That's true; but this is weird...and it's wrong."

"It's not wrong; and who ever really needs to know. This is your private life. Now that you told me, we can do this from the comfort and safety of your own home."

Her tail wraps around my head and jerks me closer to her; I get on my knees before it pulls me into her crack.

"I am the one that loves you for all you are; you are my master, I do this for you, to please you."


She keeps talking but I focus on the scent she fills my senses with; so foul and yet appealing. The same vein that would make you repulse, draws you closer. I begin to work on myself.

Her tail presses me against her; I open my mouth over her asshole.


The fart echoes loudly as it enters my esophagus, it tingles and burns slightly. I cough slightly; choking on the tainted air just a bit.

I don't know for how long we'd been doing this; it seems like hours but at the same time just moments, she has such a way about her. She was sensual, hypnotic; her poison desirable.

Suddenly, the door slams open. It's Jill.

I put down the pokemon and sit attentively, ready to listen.

"You asshole! You didn't stop me, you didn't look for me; you just sat here with your nose up that thing's asshole!"

All true; what could I say, tell her the truth? I'm lazy and just want pleasure that's one-sided without much or any reciprocation? That I thought getting her off is too much work? No, I couldn't be that much of a shit head; not to the outside world. I stayed quiet.

She's crying now; sobbing. In a fit of rage, she comes at me and kicks me in the privates. I go down.

"Bitch!" I yell and immediately regret.

"Oh, I'm a bitch?!"

"I didn't mean that; it was just an exclamation!"

"Yeah, fuck you!" She yells as her panties drop on my face. She sits her plump ass on my face; sealing me between her asshole and the floor.


It sounded like a popped bubble rising from tar; it smelled as putrid as it sounded. But there was something else, a familiarity to it; a power to it.

"I'd do anything for you; it hurts me so much that you're not content with what I give you, what I offer."

She has it wrong but the concepts are there; I don't argue. I take another big whiff of her new gas; I am still more interested in what is different about her farts now.

She keeps me there, under her ass, blowing thick farts, for I don't know how long; she leaves me on the floor and cries in another room.

This is so complicated. I look for my skuntank.


She makes dinner for the both of us; we sit down in an awkward position, doing what we would never actually do normally.

"I ate a stunky to please you; to make my smell worth your time."

What a bitch; I hated when she victimized herself.

I say, sincerely, "Well, it really did something crazy; I couldn't believe what was coming out of you. It had such...power; I don't know, crazy."

She smiled cutely; it's a smile you fall in love with.

"I just want to be enough for you, you know; be able to make you happy."

I grasp her hands; "You do make me happy." I smile slightly; it feels fake but she seems to buy it.

She gets up, starts walking towards the bedroom; "Maybe you'd like a second round?"

I nod like a young kid asked if he wants ice cream.

She departs beyond the door frame but not before giving me a sensual glance. I want her so bad.

"But what about me?" I hear the skuntank-woman's voice but she's no where to be seen.

I look in the backpack and feel her pokeball; she's in there.

I silently release her; I grab her and take a big whiff of her hind quarters.


She raises her tail and blasts a loud one; the smell as wondrous as I recall.

"You know, she'll never please you like I do."

She may be right; I'm not sure though.

I look at the bedroom door; I look to the front door. Skuntank's tail wraps around me and presses me into her ass. A wide smile crosses her face.


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