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Career Goddess
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: June 17th, 2012

She rings the doorbell; the Goddess, in full delivery attire yet still looking sexy as ever, holds the Hot-Fresh bag containing this man's pizza order.

The door opens and the man is taken aback by her sheer beauty that radiated effortless off her; he smiled involuntarily as most men often do.

"Hi sweetie, here's your pizza," the Goddess said, reaching into her bag and pulling out the grease stain covered box.

She handed it to the man who never took her eyes off her; he fumbled around his pockets for his wallet.

"Actually, sir; I made this one special for you, do you mind having a slice so I can see how you like it?"

"Oh sure, really, you made it? That's excellent."

"Thank you, yeah; you sounded sexy on the phone so I wanted to make something special. I'm glad you didn't disappoint."

She watched the man turn red like the softest puddy, easily molded and bent to her will, her desires.

The man sits on the couch and opens the pizza box; he is immediately startled by a massive brown liquid covering the pizza which was accompanied by a horrific shit smell. The man looks down at the pizza with wide eyes and twitching nose; the grease stains from earlier are now clearly old shit stains where it soaked through the cardboard.

The Goddess smiles as she says, "Well, go ahead."

The man is quiet at first; he murmurs okay as he hesitantly takes a drippy dumpy slice. The Goddess licks her lips the closer the pizza gets to the man's face, his head involuntarily recoiling back away from his hands which deliver the slice to his mouth.

He cringes as he takes a bite and he spits it out almost immediately.

The Goddess jams her foot into his balls as she grabs a slice and shoves it into his mouth; the man's eyes wince profusely as he force chews the slice so he can manage to choke the shit pizza down.

"Not good enough for you toilet?!" The Goddess asks, incensed.

The man, tortured and bewildered, nodded frantically as if that was the right answer to this rhetorical question. He was as pathetic as they come; this would be a delight.

"Perhaps you're not convinced of your pizza's freshness? I assure you it is fresh, in fact; let me show you my oven," the Goddess says as she whips down her black work slacks, her massive booty eager to pour out the sides of the tight pants. She separates them and inserts the toilet's shaking, protesting head into her ass; warm rushing air lovingly welcomed his head with noxious fumes that tormented and dazed him.

The Goddess moans and pushes just a little to force a tiny bit of a monster log to touch the toilet's nose, like a wet crayon coloring him a shit brown. When it sat about his upper lip, she groans and pushes it, launching it up horrendously up the toilet's nose and down his throat until he's clogged, gurgling and sputtering the log train now filling his face with mound upon mound of slushy-solid dumps.

The Goddess crumples up the wrapper from her hundredth bean burrito as her booty rumbles in eager desire; she pats it to calm 'Veronica' as she exits her truck and walks up to the house.

She uses industrial glue on the door frame, ensuring it won't open; she does the same to the windows and backdoor. On the side of the house, there's an intake tube; the Goddess removes her pants and inserts the tube into her booty ensuring there's a good seal and that none would escape.

Her booty rumbled again but this time, she did not fight it and released a 5 second storm of gas through the air system in the house.

It only took minutes before coughing and the sound of panic imminated from inside; there was pounding on the doors, the walls, the windows as they slowly got grimy with a thick green film. The Goddess giggled as she watched a pathetic toilet beat on the windows near her; he saw her in fact, he asked for help and she responded by showing him the tube and then farting a big, long, loud fart through the toilet's home as he screamed for dear life as the gas slowly started to possess him and drive him mad.

It's late at night; the Goddess is using her tools to gain entrance into a house. Within seconds she's in and heading upstairs to the bedroom; a toilet lies there, sleeping. She sits on his face, blowing a knock out fart and holding it there until the toilet is unconscious.

She grabs him and places him on the floor; she puts a mold around his head and begins to fill it with plaster, ensuring a reservoir is created around the toilet's head and face.

When he wakes, he soon finds his head surrounded by white plaster; the Goddess beautiful face appears above him.

"Hello sweetie, I believe you called a plumber?"

"That's right! But what the fuck is this?!"

"It's your toilet silly."

The Goddess removed her work pants and took a seat above the toilet's head. A loud fart echoed through the plaster prison and the toilet coughed.

"Don't worry," the Goddess said as she began pushing slightly, "you'll have something to choke on in just a..." She drops a huge log right onto the toilet's pathetic face; he screams as the Goddess sighs contently, "...second." She giggles afterward and drops a horse-pile of shit over the toilet's face, burying him.

"Better start eating hunny, or you'll likely die," she said, unloading several more pounds on the toilet; "I feel bad for you a little; my booty really likes unloading on your poor, pathetic face."

A wet fart echos and bellows, spraying like a sprinkler system with great force through the toilet as the man starts to cry. The plaster toilet is overfilled with shit by the time the Goddess rises off her throne.

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