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Camp Goddess
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 23rd, 2012

Walter opened the door to see a large booty facing him.

"Hey again sweetie!" A recognizable voice said sweetly before launching a blast of diarrhea that knocks Walter back to the wall.

The Goddess looked down at the already shit covered boy; "Someone said it was time for a tune up," she said, hovering her ass above him.


She sighs contently, "Oh yes, this is going to be real good!"

The Goddess moves forward but angles her booty towards Walter's shaking, convulsing face.

Like a hose, she blasts a semi-solid stream of sludge straight against his face; it smacked like water on a shower floor.

She grabs a nearby vase and quickly shits in it, creating a terrible sound as the jar is quickly filled with her waste; a look of euphoria on her face as she dumps into this container, smiling at Walter intermittently with her evil intent.

She placed the jar in front of him and pressed down on his neck so his face was flush with the jar, he shook and desired freedom but the Goddess sat on the back of his head and began to shit down his neck, ensuring Walter was covered with her Goddess waste.

Carmen squished Walter's face tightly under her big butt and farted again; he whines and cries and kicks around like a child as she laughs at his plight.

"Hey shit head! I heard you liked hanging out with Rosemary..."

Even worse visions came rushing back to Walter's head; a fart shakes him from his stupor.

She sighs, "...well she recommended a camp for little problems like you. You're going starting tomorrow."

Carmen sits down full weight on Walter and fumigates him with a five second bursting fart.

"Night night, little bro," she says as Walter passes out.

Walter wakes up in a tiny cell, it's dark and concrete all around. The ceiling is relatively low, maybe just beyond enough room for Walter to stand.

A booming voice echoes from somewhere unseen, "Good morning campers, mmmmm, I hope you are ready for your treatment this morning; I know I am," a cut off laugh ends the broadcast.

A bright light from above Walter's cell shines down on him, a shadowy figure appears then silence.


A bellowing fart echoes throughout the small chamber with deafening sound; the putrid, almost visible heavy gas floats down to Walter and stuns him with a familiar scent.

He starts to scream just as the dumps from above start to pour down on his pathetic face; laughter echoes profusely from above as the waste continues to rain down, quickly filling Walter's small cell up to his knees.

Straining, the Goddess asks, "Do you like this little toilet?!" She fires enough explosive charge of diarrhea at the boy which drips down into the pooled waste with disgusting smacks and plops.

A log drops down hard from above, then another smacking Walter square in the head. He stupidly looks up to get another right on his face and in his mouth; he coughs and gags it up as he is quickly buried in semi-solid shit; gurgling and sputtering the unending crap away from him.

Walter awoke with a ring over his neck painfully; the Goddess was over him quickly, smiling innocently.

"Mmmmm, sweetie, I had so much Mexican food; I'm glad you're here to help me."

Walter screams as he watches her all too familiar booty sit on him again in this toilet prison.

An ending, Earth shatter fart rips through the bowl and puffs a familiar dry shit smell up Walter's orifices.

A groan and the Goddess begins to unload a thick crackling log all over Walter's face like a girthy hot dog laying on his head. It eventually falls into the bowl and disappears.

Sludge rains down thickly, harshly on the boy as he feels the rapids like force of foamy shit coming at him, pressing him to break his head from his body.

The Goddess rises, Walter's head instinctively comes up as it is blasted back by a shotgun flow of sludge all over his already shit covered face.

"Don't worry," the Goddess says, straining. "Whatever you don't eat will be waiting for you in your cell." She farted a vastly wet fart all over Walter's moaning face.

Walter, sometime later, is removed from his cell; it empties, carrying him out to smack against the wall opposite him as the cold, old shit continued to pour over his now brown stained body.

The smiling Goddess looks down at him, shadowing him with her size, "Sweetie, your sister really wanted you to get the most out of this so I'm giving you a special assignment today."

Walter lifelessly twitched, he raised his hand slightly from the floor.

"Good, you understand," the Goddess said quickly.

She lifted the shitty boy and propped him against her magnificently large booty. She took a lengthy, wide belt out and wrapped it several times around her booty and Walter as if to mummify the two of them together.

"There we are," she said finally, the boy now one with her movements.


"Mmmmm, sweetie, first gas of the day; aren't you lucky?" The Goddess asked mockingly.

Walter sprung to life as the gas entered his nostrils with unseen power and putrefaction that he banged futily on the Goddess' strong butt.

"Now, now, that'll be enough of that," the Goddess says casually, unaffected by his 'attacks.'

A hot SBD quickly filled then over filled Walter's little head prison and dazed him into tortured submission as the gas seeped into himself.

Walter felt himself being dragged around; he heard chopping sounds, like cooking. A wet fart scattered his thoughts as he tried to avoid swallowing any of the liquefied shit. Another squirt made it impossible; the Goddess chuckles cruelly.

More dragging and then heavy weight as the Goddess sits on Walter, presumably in a chair; the sound of metal hitting glass; eating? A log teased Walter's nose for the longest time, hanging there right on the tip, forcing him to smell and feel it against him. Then it launched like a torpedo through Walter's head and into any hole it could find; his nose pained from the bursting feeling of the massive log now wedged in his nostrils.

Walter passed out at the chair and had no idea if it was two minutes later or two days; he was being dragged, connected to Goddess booty, when he heard the ripping of the belt and his head fell to the hard ground with a thud. The sunlight beat into his face, the shit solid and caked on his cheeks like hardened shit-based cement and stuck to him just the same.

The Goddess shadow was quickly overhead as Walter instinctively recoiled and whimpered; this made the Goddess giggle. She stood over his head and farted her ass clean over Walter's already destroyed face. She looked down at him when she was finished, his nose flaring horrified at the monster, unclean flatulence it was forced to endure.

She didn't say a word, she closed her eyes peacefully for a moment then, from behind her, three other Goddess copies emerged, each with an evil intended smile staring down at Walter who now rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

"Trippy, huh toilet?" She asks, grabbing Walter by the shoulders and chucking him effortlessly into a cabin and closing the door behind him.

Walter looked around the cabin; not bad, decently furnished, it seemed pretty comfortable. Then the window nearest him broke and a booty pushed through, a lazy but thick and endless stream of sludge waterfalled from it and onto the floor. Walter ran to the door in a panic but it was not opening, he was locked in.

Another broken window with a powerful, explosive diarrhea stream blowing through the cabin like a sprinkler; this booty panning back and forth to ensure the entire room was covered, leaving Walter no where to run.

He ran to the bedroom but soon that window shattered and another giggling Goddess poured her sludge onto the small bed in the room immediately dissolving the soft pillow in a hell of dark brown sludge. An explosive wet, gassy blast hits Walter; he screams and runs out the room as the floor is quickly being flooded with liquid and semi-solid shit, piles building up under the Goddess' booties that unload the putrid sludge.

The smell inside the room quickly becomes rancid and intolerable; Walter coughs and sputters on the fumes alone but also deals with shit spraying aggressively at him in all directions.

Then he sees it, a relative haven! The fireplace. Walter runs to it and begins to climb the skinny shaft. He's about half way up when a familiar giggle echoes down to him.

"Got you toilet!"

Without hesitation, like a pouring hot oil on intruders, sludge poured down on the poor Walter as he slipped back down the shaft and bumped his head lightly enough to knock him out as logs beat aggressively on the top of his head; a maniacally giggling Goddess above, groaning and grunting to ensure Walter was buried in a structure full of shit.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.