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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: January 14th, 2012

The Goddess smiles as she looks down upon her brothers; each in position to serve her booty. Darren, the eldest, has his head in the toilet bowl; and with the audible rumble in the young Goddess' booty, she decided to visit him first.

"Darren I have something for you, I think you know what it is."

"Please, don't do this!"

"Oh come on, you love this; admit it," the Goddess says as she plants her big booty over the toilet bowl, sealing her brother's face inside. The toxic smell of rotting Mexican food tainted her butt and send Darren reeling, if there had been anywhere to go but his head just lightly tapped the water.

The Goddess sighs in relief as a loud, fart blasts around the bowl, the terrible, beany gas finally finding refuge in the toilet's face. He gagged and coughed; the Goddess mocked this and him as she closed the lid on her pleading brother, sealing him inside with her putrid stink.

Timmy and Adam had their necks slumped painfully over the side of the bathtub; the bones cracking softly at random intervals.

Adam was the youngest but Timmy was by far the most fearful; even now his body shook violently in fear as he watches, from the corner of his eye, fearing moving his head would draw the torture to him now instead of later, and he sees his Goddess sister sitting on his younger brother's face. He watched as he breathed in and out heavily before finally being buried in the Goddess' fleshy booty.

It was better to let Timmy fester in fear; it often allowed for much more fun when it came to be his turn to serve.

"You ready Adam? Open...wide!"

The Goddess looks down upon Timmy and winks playfully as she shudders and sighs, pushing a large two-foot log all over her poor brother's face. Quickly the logs flow from Adam's face like thick brown cement spilling over the sides of his mouth. Adam yells but it's drowned out by the logs that bury his face.

Timmy cannot take it; he screams and runs from the bathroom.

The Goddess smiles; she'd deal with him later. With a disgusting smack, she removes her booty from the modest log pile that occupies her youngest brother's face. The sight fills her with pride and the occasional twitch from her brother makes her laugh and ensures her he's still alive and filling his toilet face with all that is the Goddess. The thought warms her heart as she lifts the lid of the toilet and looks upon Darren again.

"You're turn!" She says simply as she sits back down on the seat, her booty pressed up tightly against his face. "Oooh, I don't feel so well."

The Goddess moans loudly as her booty opens with a ten gallon flood of liquid sludge; it flows like a disgusting fountain over the toilet's face and he quickly feels the terrible diarrhea fill the bowl, the back of his head, resting now, on his sister's shit.

"Are you okay?" The Goddess' mother asks.

"Fine mom; just that Mexican food...ugh...I'm a little...blocked up."

Darren shuffles his legs in a pathetic attempt to be heard but he knows better than to try anything stupid; he has been utilized several times before this, he knows his place more than any of them.

"Wow, that was like three nights ago dear; be careful opening that door dear, you might kill someone."

The Goddess laughs, "Wouldn't want that mom."

Darren moans softly but stops as the Goddess' truck-sized log hovers precariously above his brown covered face. With an evil smile, the Goddess shakes cutely to ensure the huge log splats well against the toilet's face.

The Goddess takes her time in standing from her brother's comfortable, log covered face; she reaches the door and puts her hand on the light switch.

"Now, you two clean this room up nice; okay?" She said as she switched off the light and went to her brother's room to find Timmy.

Timmy is terrible when it comes to hiding; this was no exception when the Goddess found him hiding in the dirty clothes hamper, the only saving grace was he choose his own and not his sister's.

Timmy tries to stand and run but the Goddess pushes him back down and seals the hamper with her big booty.

"This was your stupid decision; now suffer for it!"

A euphoric smile crosses her face as she fills the hamper with a noxious, silent but deadly fart that makes Timmy cough violently, almost immediately, as the terrible smell of beans and old meat fill his senses. She quickly grabs her brother and throws him onto his bed; he cowers near his pillow but nothing can save him from this.

The Goddess quickly ascends her brother's bed and towers over him menacingly. He shakes in fear and she simply smiles as she presents her ample booty to him; she spreads her cheeks to give him a full blast of ass and to ensure he didn't miss a thing while his eyes remained uncovered; that wouldn't last.

Like a hose starting to life, the Goddess blew two pint sized blasts of thick sludge all over her brother's face and pillow; he sobs softly so to shut him up the Goddess strains to push out a gargantuan 5 foot log that snakes it's way into the boy's face and drowns his pleas in uncaring brown mass that continues to pile on the boy until it's two feet thick over his mouth.

The Goddess leans near her brother's stinking, covered face and whispers, "Keep running from me; it makes this more fun."

She steps down from his bed, fires a fart towards Timmy's idle head and then exits the room.

Seconds later, their mother enters.

"Timmy! Look what you've done to your bed."

Timmy trying frantically to emerge from the logs to explain himself, "But mom, I didn't...."

"No excuses. I see this and your brother's ruined the bathroom, I swear I don't know what to; Mary always seems to straighten you boys out; maybe I aught to send her up here to discipline you three."

Timmy starts to cry.

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