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Beach Vollyboot
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: May 28th, 2012

The Goddess, looking super fine in her shiny new black leather, thigh high stilleto 8" heeled platform boots. She strutted confidently to the volleyball courts in her two-piece pink summer bikini which she complimented with the high society, winter pink, full-length silk opera gloves. Her piercing green eyes were hidden behind large Gucci sun glasses on this most bright of days but the Goddess desired to play volleyball and that's what she would do.

She walks up to the courts where two toilets sat talking to each other, readying themselves for a friendly match.

"Mind if I join you sweeties?" The Goddess asks ever so sweetly, lifting her glasses to show her innocent eyes to the toilets before her; disgusted a bit by her own act to these pathetic toilets.

They looked at each other lustfully as toilets often do, "What do you say we play you; we win, we each get a chance at you."

The Goddess giggled, "Mmmmmm, sure sweetums." Typical toilets, leading with their half-cocked boners without even realizing their own idiocy.

The two young men went to the other side of the court as a small crowd began to gather on the fairly large bleachers. Toilets all of them, looking disgusting and lowly; the Goddess' booty rumbled at the mere sight of them.

The game began, the two men felt the need to go easy on the Goddess at first but her first spike ended that as the two pussy hungry toilets amped themselves up to bring their A game, although it was a C+ game at best compared to the skill of the Goddess.

The pair tried to cruelly set up a spike in the Goddess' open area but she jumped back impossibly, remaining upright, and smacked the ball hard as it pounded against one of the pathetic toilet's faces and fell to the ground. The toilet clutched his face vainly, effimately; this made the Goddess laugh inside.

The crowd began to get rowdy; perhaps they were drunk and just wanted to see some titties. The Goddess smiled; she would give them a show.

The Goddess, uncaringly steps away from the game towards the bleachers where toilets in the front row lick their lips lustfully at the divine beauty.

She sauntered sexilly towards them; her booty rumbled loudly, impossibly loudly. The toilet, front and center, to the Goddess looked at her with fear and she smiled at him widely as she turned her exposed booty to him and the entire bleachers, groaned, and then released an explosively wide blast of soupy diahreea that giesered from her anus like a Vegas fountain and pounded the toilets directly in their stupid faces. The farts which provided the fuel for such an explosive blast blurted from her booty loudly as she giggled watching the toilets' expressions of digust, horror; all of them recoiling from the terrible putrifaction that shot out at their face.

The Goddess sighed in great releif as she strutted away from the toilets, leaving them with one big long shart to clean her booty. She turned her attention to the two toilets she had played; they stood, frozen, shocked as she continued to walk to them.

She grabbed on by the shorts and looked down at his pathetic tiny package; its size infuriated the Goddess as she reeled back and kicked the toilet directly in the nutsac.

He doubled over in pain as the other tried to run but she grabbed his ankle and he fell to the ground. She dragged the testically injured toilet to the other who lay clawing at the ground, eventually having dug himself a nice hole around his head.

"Very good toilet, thank you; I was just hoping you'd make me a bowl to unload into...but it's a little small. It'll have to do," the Goddess said as she sat down over the toilet's upturned face that sank slightly into the small ditch he had just dug trying to get away.

The Goddess' booty smell was strong in this tiny cavern and the toilet's face was plunged deep within in so he would endure the remainder of that last unload on the bleacher toilets.

She farted which made the toilet kick and buck like crazy but he was still as the monster three inch log began to crown against his face. He screams as the log juts through his mouth and down his throat, making him sputter and choke as the logs continue to build up on his head and fill the small sand bowl he's made.

"I told you it was too small toilet!" The Goddess stood, the toilet tried to stand to but a heavy five inch wide log dropped on his head, submerging him back into the shit bowl.

The Goddess continued to unload her solid logs on the toilet; the other toilet, recovered now, tries to crawl away but the Goddess stabs causaully at his balls with his boot and he is immediately filled with pain again and again.

She rises off the first opponent toilet and looks down upon the other; "Stand up and plant your face in my booty toilet, I must punish you."

The toilet is non-compliant so the Goddess again, crushes his balls under her boot as he aggreissvley tries to stand and comply but its too late for that.

The Goddess hops up and throws up her legs to ensure she will land, booty-first right on this pathetic toilet face. Before she lands, sludge begins to pour aggressively out her booty as if to lube it for the toilet's face.

He immediatly moans and cries as the disgusting semi-solid sludge presses against and into his face with more hot diahreea pouring out on top; the Goddess sighing in sweet releif as the toilet gargles the gross mess.

The stream stops suddenly, clogged by a trobbing log that slowly pushed it's way through like a log at the lumber mill; the toilet screamed as it mashed but barely broke, its thickness so dense, against the toilet's face as it tried to jam its way into his eyes, nose, and mouth.

A trickle of slushy diahreea eeks it way from the Goddess' booty before slowing to a drip; she shook her booty, rising to shart the disgusting mess off her butt with a nice six second, wet one.

The toilet's head floopped back in defeat, landing with a disgusting smack in the shit piles around his head.

"Good game shit faces," the Goddess says, strutting her booty away, exaggeratedly swining it from left to right to torment all the toilets in the bleachers who watcher her stroll away, dripping with her now cold, drying shit.

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