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An Evening at Monica's
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: November 28th, 2018

I'd talked to Monica extensively before I made the plan to meet her at her home. I was very anxious to see her, I'd enjoyed our chats over Kik about her and her family; she seemed like the perfect girl for me. She enjoyed all the cruel stories I shared with her, that was something I'd never seen in another fart fetish fan before, especially not a girl.

I knew I'd probably be sniffing a fart or two while I was there but I didn't think much of all her stories about her and her family, it had to be an exaggeration; a tall tale she told to impress me just as I was sharing my stories with her. There was no way it could be anything like she described.

I sigh, trying to get out the jitters, as I stand on the porch preparing to knock. I reach my hand up finally and tap gently on the door. From the other side of the door, I head a sing song voice say, “Coming,” very sweetly but it sounded a bit older than Monica who has said she was about to turn 28.

I'm startled slightly as the door opens so suddenly, and standing there is a heavy woman that had to be in her 40s. I realize quickly that this must be Monica's mom from what she’d told me about her.

She smiles warmly to me, “Hello, you must be Roger.”

“Yes, and you must be Sharon?” I reply.

She laughs, “You got it! I take it Monica has told you all about me,” I notice her smile quickly turn to a grin at the corners of her mouth as she appears to look me over, up and down even as she stands about a three inches shorter than me. She walks up a bit closer to me, it makes me nervous the way she stares at me; I feel the hair on my neck stand up as she gets closer, “Uh...yea...yes, I think so,” I chuckle nervously.

Sharon puts a firm hand on my shoulder, “That's good, so there won't be any surprises then,” she chuckles. I feel her hand pressing down on my shoulder and I start to freak out, recalling all the stories Monica told me but they couldn't be true, could they?

I stammer as my body starts to shake in fear, “Uh...I...I...I think...I think I need to go...” I try to turn and run but Sharon's grip tightens on me.

“Nonsense,” she interjects, “Monica said you’d be spending the day with us, I made a special dinner just for the occasion,” she giggles.

She quickly pushes me down to my knees, right there on the top step of her home. She chuckles as her big butt swings around like a truck, bringing me face-to-ass with her tight stretch pants; her ass eclipses my head at least twice over. Then she slowly slips her pants down and unleashes a horrid smell that comes from deep between her ass cheeks.

“No, no no, wait…” I cry out, pleading with her as her ass quickly descends over my face, burying it deep within her smelly ass canyon and assaulting me with all the smells of all the past shits she’s had.

She laughs, “Aww, don't you know I like it when they squirm.” She readjusts herself over me, practically half sitting with her weight barely held by my aching neck.

The smell is horrible, I gag repeatedly but stop instantly in pure terror when I feel her anus open up right near my nose. I scream in panic but it only serves to open my nasal passages just as she blows a long, punishing fart straight through my face. BRRRRRRRRAAAAUUPPPPPPP! It explodes like a bomb flapping and slapping my face with full intensity before leaving me in a stink prison of unimagined horror.

“Please!!!” I scream out, my voice muffled deep between her cheeks.

“Well, since you asked so nicely,” she chuckles as she pushes her ass out a little more. I feel her butthole press against my nose, as if it was trying to escape past me but it was only to open to allow her monster fart to blast me. PRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPP! My head shakes, trying desperately to get free but I'm wedged too far inside her ass to even move an inch. My legs and arms flail as I try to pull my head out any way that I can but she clenches her butt cheeks, sealing me in and laughing all the while.

“Mom! What are you doing?!” I hear another voice somewhere near me; hurried footsteps approach and I feel a hand on the back of my head, pulling me out by the hair. It takes more than a moment to free my head from Sharon's ass but I'm so thankful once I'm out, taking long, heaving breaths of air as my eyes try to adjust to the light again. I hear Sharon giggling to herself, her bare ass shaking a bit as she does, right in front of my face.

I see Monica just to the side of me, she smiles down to me, still holding my head by the hair. Then suddenly, I see darkness coming again as her black yoga pants come towards my face and sit on it. “Glad you got to meet my mom the right way,” Monica laughs as she readjusts herself, sitting fully on my face like a stool.

“Please no, I can't take anymore!” I yell out as my mouth presses hard against the stretch fabric of Monica’s yoga pants.

Monica sighs in great relief, “Ahh…but were just getting started,” she chuckles as she sits down a little harder over me. I inhale the horrible beany smelling fart from Monica's ass but soon the light returns as she lifts herself off me. “Okay mom, you can finish up, I just wanted to say hi real quick,” she laughs as she smacks my face roughly before grabbing me by the cheeks and pushing my face back in her mom's ass as I cry out, “No, not that again, please!”

They both laugh to each other as my head is squeezed between Sharon's cheeks again, somehow the smell is worse than before, sweaty and rank with the smell of poorly wiped shit and rotting eggs. I buck and try to get free but Sharon's ass holds me tight just before… BRRRRrrraaaauuuuppppp! She sighs, “Ahh...much better; you better get used to these farts fast or you won't survive today,” she laughs. I only hope she's joking but, at this point, I think the joke ship has sailed.

I feel her hand pulling on my hair as she finally extracts me from her butt and tosses me carelessly onto the floor of the hallway. It hurt but I was just overjoyed to be out of her ass and smelling somewhat fresh air again though the house reeked of old farts, I could smell it all around me, especially coming from the bathroom right next to me near the door. I see Sharon's foot come down near my head as she crossed into another room. “I expect better from you later,” she sweetly chuckles as she disappears into the kitchen without so much as a second glance, I catch her ass swaying slightly away as it vanishes slowly behind the wall.

Then another foot steps near me, I look up and see its Monica. My eyes plead with her for this to be the end of if and she smiles sweetly. “What did your mom mean?” I ask frightened.

Monica brushes it off, “Don’t worry about her, it's time for you to do what you came here for,” she giggles. She lifts me to my knees by the hair and drags me along behind her; I crawl on my hands and knees to keep up as I'm led into the living room at the end of the hall. When we get there she tosses me onto the floor, she sensually slips down her black yoga pants, revealing to me her perfectly round, shiny from sweat ass. She grabs me by the hair again and lifts me to my knees. I shake my head no but she nods yes as she pulls aside one of her asscheeks and pulls my head in with the other until my nose is flush with her asshole and I can smell everything she had as a result of her breakfast, it smelled like processed McDonald's eggs.

“Now remember, I want you to describe each fart. Like really describe it since you said you'd be able to,” Monica demands, laughing as I flail and buck to get away but it's no use. Her asshole opens up right against my nostrils, practically swallowing my whole for a moment before the hot gas comes blasting out. BRRRRRRrraaaaaauuuuuuupppppppppppppp! She sighs as she pumps her fart up my nose, insuring I get every particle of her grotesque stench. “Now describe it,” she firmly demands.

“No please…” I beg.

“Wrong answer, buttboy!” She laughs, puffing her butt out some more. FRRRRRRRAAAAAAuuuuuuuuppppp! “Describe!” She orders.

The horrid smell invades every inch of my senses, I can taste it like spoiled nacho cheese and beans harassing my face. “Mexican?” I cry out desperately.

Monica yells, “I said describe it, not tell me what I ate!”

“Uh...uh,” I struggle to think as my face is assaulted by her gas and squeezed between her ass cheeks.

“Ooh...” she taunts, rubbing her bloated belly, “I feel so gassy.” PRRRRRRRRAAPPPPppppp! “Ahhh...I may have over done it a little with the Taco Bell on top of everything else,” she laughs and groans from stomach pains at the same time.

“ smells like beans and eggs,” I gag out desperately, my mouth filled with her putrid wind “It’s so flappy and beefy, and hot, like I feel it baking my face in fart smell” I start spouting out wildly, hoping to say anything that will end this torture.

“Mmm…” she laughs, “I thought you were a fart fetishist.” BRRRRRUUUUUUOOOPPPPPPPP!

“No more...please!” I groan out painfully as her grip tightens on my head, ensuring my nose is pressed up against her anus.

She laughs lightheartedly, as if this was all another day at the office, “Come on, describe my fart; just a few more and you can be done.” Monica pushes her butt out at me as she bends over…FRRRRRAAAAUUPPPPPP! She sighs as the last of the flapping fart blasts into my face, “Now describe,” she insists, almost ignoring me now except to hold my head against her butt.

“Big, big and just so stinky,” I scream out quickly.

“Not good enough, tell me more about it.” Brrrrppp!

“Oh god…” I say first, it makes her snicker. “Uh, like spoiled nacho cheese, and rotten raw veggies. And hit like a desert wind, and stinky, oh God it smells so bad, please stop this.”

BRRRRRRRaaaappppp! “Ahhh...oh be quiet, I know you love this,” she laughs, farting once again like a period on her sentence. Frrrrrbbbb!

Then, there’s a doorbell and, mercifully, my head is freed from Monica's butt as she checks from the hall who's at the door. Sharon’s steps creek over the floorboards as she goes to answer. “Hi!!” Excited voices say almost in unison from the door and I see Monica smile and then wink to me as she disappears down the hall; I hear their low talking continue by the door.

I try to stand but my legs give out and I collapse into a coughing heap on the floor. I start to hear footsteps approaching and I women talking about me. Then, suddenly, Sharon and Monica appear around the corner with three other women, the look quite similar to Monica's mom. “Here he is,” Sharon grins down at me.

When I see them all standing there with smiling faces, I quickly realized who these other women were; they were Sharon's sisters. The heaviest was Nicole, wearing her fat all over her body; she works with Sharon as a receptionist for the same office. Lilly follows in weight between the three aunts and her big ass hangs over the sides of her body. And Summer was the lightest but by no more than a pound or two at most; Summer worked on a farm but from her flannel shirt, that was obvious.

“So this is our new toy?” Nicole jokes though it's not really clear to me shes joking, given what's happened to me so far.

“I can't wait to make him smell my farts,” Summer mentions excitedly.

I scramble to my knees, shaking my head in disbelief as I stare up at these four large women and Monica, the girl I'd had an affinity for ever since we started talking. They all start to advance towards me with grins plastered on their faces. I slowly back up and back up some more, holding my hands out as it trying to block their advance. “Please no, you can't do this,” I cry out.

“Oh we cant?” Sharon asks pointedly and stops in her tracks, “You come into my home and can’t even sniff a few farts from my sisters, and daughter, and I?” She smirks, tongue in cheek as she looks to her sisters and then serious back at me.

“I...I…” I stammer, trying to scurry up the wall but I was trapped and they surround me now.

“I brought the rope,” Summer says, pulling out a lasso style rope from her belt.

“No no no…” I beg to them but it falls on deaf ears as Summer easily grabs me and starts to tie me up. I can already smell the grotesque meat and egg farts that cling to her clothing, I can only imagine what her ass must smell like.

“Please you don't have to do this,” I plead with them to stop this, unable to move an inch now from Summer's rope worn tightly digging into my skin.

“Of course we don't have to, we want to and are butts are already groaning so there's no way we're not doing this,” Lilly chimes in with authority as the four sisters easily lift me up and jam my head between the odoriferous couch cushions reeking of years worth of punishing, awful gas baked into the fabric.

Monica meanwhile pulls a roll of duct tape out from the nearby drawer and comes at me; my eyes go wide when I see her, “Please, Monica, not you too, I love you!” I blurt out without thinking. It was true but I more wanted her to spare me than anything else. I could sniff her farts, even her mom’s farts too if I had to, but not her aunts, there’s no way I could survive all that.

Monica smiles genuinely, “Aww, I love you too,” she says at first. It makes my heart glow, especially since I figure she’ll get me out of this. She looks back at her mom and aunts who still smile at me, Sharon shrugs playfully when Monica looks over. Then Monica turns her head back to me and beams, “I love all my fart slaves,” she laughs as she slaps the tape hard over my mouth before backing away and joining her family. I muffle out a few pointless cries, but it was already way too late for that.

They admire me there in the couch, begging to be set free. Sharon turns to her family, “Well ladies, shall we start eating, I made everyone’s favorite and I figure we can all eat here in the living room…” she continues talking as they head down the hall. Then I hear a big laugh from all of them but I didn’t hear what was said.

And for a few minutes, I lay there with nothing but silence and muffled talking a few rooms away. I could only really hear the scratching of the fabric against my ears. I try to wiggle free but Summer’s rope tie is far too tight and immobilizing.

A bit later, Summer and Lilly are the first two back to the room, holding plates heaping with meaty, cheesy, greasy junk food. Summer is quick to slip down her pants and take a seat on my face, despite my attempts to shake my head no; I watch her puckering anus come right down on me and seal me in her funky prison.

Summer leans slightly as she continues to talk to Lilly with no sense of hesitation or struggle.

She sighs slightly but otherwise doesn’t acknowledge the hellacious fart she just unleashed over my face. My head shakes and convulses violently as my nose is forced to take in the bitter, beefy odor. I scream out, it’s pointless I know but it’s almost involuntarily now, this is a house of terror that has no end in sight, how am I going to…

Summer’s ass quickly pops off me and Lilly’s jeaned butt then crashes down over my nose.
BRRRRRrrruuupppp! Her ass rips off a loud, rippling fart straight up my upturned nostrils. My face scrunches up in cheesy agony as the odor hits my senses. I squelch out a no but it does nothing to ease the burn of her fart up my nose.

Lilly remains there for a good while, it felt like hours pressed up against her fart reeking jeans and I could smell her putrid ass from beyond them. PRRRRrrrrraaaaaaaauuuppppp! She adjusts slightly, crushing down on me a little harder but otherwise ignoring me completely; as if I was nothing but a couch cushion...oh…I realize that’s exactly what it was.

Finally Lilly gets up but not without crop dusting my face with a rank, eggy fart; they all chuckle at my reaction, my eyes rolling back in my head as my nose takes pained inhales against all survival instinct. But I hardly notice their laughter, I hardly anything beyond the inhuman odor lingering in the air around me.

I see Monica’s face pop up and look down at me deliberately, she smiles cutely. I try to use my eyes to plead with her to...but she doesn’t respond to my silent pleas, instead she just pulls down her pants and shoves her nude butt right in my face without so much as another thought. She leans to the right, BRRRRRRrrrrrraaaauuuupppppppp! And sighs audibly, she looks over her shoulder to see my expression and I can see from her tightening cheeks that she’s grinning widely. She cups her hand over her mouth and whispers down to me, “I warned you, didn’t I?” She did warn me, it’s my fault I didn’t take her seriously and now that was backfiring in a rotten way.

She quickly stands up and I see the tremendously large ass of Nicole coming towards me. My head shakes no but I held little hope of that working on anybody, I just couldn’t help it, my body wanted to fight in whatever small way it could, no matter how pointless. Her ass smashes down over my face with the weight of what felt like an elephant, compressing the cushions around me completely so I felt the full weight of her body on me.

I was somewhat glad to be crushed under her because the pain took away a lot of the attention from her asscrack that smelled like pure death. BRRRRRROOOOOOooouuuffffffffff! They all laugh at the boisterous, animal-like fart that ripples through my face and blows back my hair. I feel my head burning inside as I repeatedly gag behind the tape on my mouth, coming uncomfortably close to vomiting.

Nicole stayed seated for longer than I could ever want, adjusting and readjusting her butt crack over my face, but it was practically swallowed whole by it anyway so it really only served to rub my face against different parts of her ass cheeks and refreshing the smells of her past bowel movements.

Mercifully, though with some difficulty, Nicole lifts up off the couch finally and they all look at me as if my face is indented now due to all the weight, they stifle snickers as they all share looks to each other. At the doorway, Sharon comes in with a tray that makes my eyes practically pop from my head.

“I brought ice cream!” Sharon announces in a sing songy voice before locking eyes with me and glaring at me hard before finally cracking and laughing; she sets down the tray for everyone to take a big bowl of ice cream with extra lactose before swinging around to me and sitting her big naked butt right down over my head.

“So tell me, Roger, are you enjoying your day with us?” She says between chuckles.

I cry out in agony as her grotesque fart caresses my face with the power of a hurricane before leaving a stink cloud around my head so thick I could practically see it. Sharon turns to her sisters, “I may have eaten a few scoops in the kitchen,” she giggles.

I hear the repeated and torturous clink of ice cream spoons on ceramic bowls for what seems like an eternity. And around and around they would swap, sit for a bit, fart a bit, and then switch again. It felt like it was going to be my life, from now on, like I was seriously scared they never would pull me out from this couch and just leave me here permanently, to be a couch fart slave or something like that.

But as it got later, the aunts started to trickle out, one by one until it was just Monica and Sharon, they both approach and stare down at me with smiles.

“Well, your performance was...adequate, at best.” Sharon said, ensuring to emphasize the last part. “But I guess you pass the family test, all my sisters love you.”

I look over to Monica and she’s beaming. I feel a tear in my eye from joy, I imagined going through all this and failing. I was happy to hear that I was being more readily accepted into the family, even despite the aroma that will probably cling to my face for the rest of my life. It was easily worth it to prove myself to Monica and her family.

Monica grins and she leans in to kiss my forehead; PRRRRrrrrrrppppp! In her hand, cupped around her butt, she collects her purid fart and shoves it in my face, holding it there and watching all my faces as I agonizingly inhale her fart. Sharon laughs watching me struggle.

Then Monica stands, “Alright, well, good night.” I watch her perfect ass dart away quickly towards her room. Leaving me here, tied up and gagged still, reeking of her last fart still lingering in my nose.

Sharon appears above me, and starts to undo my ropes until I’m finally free, the aching binds finally released from my arms. “Well, kiddo, time for you to go to bed as well.” She still left the duct tape on as she grabs me and leads me to a room; when she flips on the light I can see it’s her bedroom. Her bedroom....oh fuck it’s her bedroom!

She tosses me onto her cushy bed and gets on herself, dragging me up with her until she’s at her pillow and I’m at her butt cheeks. She holds me there for a moment, setting her alarm, before I watch, in slow motion, her massive ass cheeks coming towards me, intending to lay on me as she slept. I scream for mercy, a desperate plea that falls just like her ass crack over me, slipping my head deep within her butt. BRRRrraaauupppppp!

“Ahhhh...good night, slave,” she says with a clear satisfaction in her voice as I writhe and kick underneath her but I barely budge an inch under her heavy ass. I’m just stuck there, in her crack, inhaling her anus and potent farts.

At the doorway, Monica snickers, seeing my flailing body under her sleeping mother.

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