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Adopted Brother
Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: October 12th, 2011

It had been weeks since I told mom to adopt a brother for me; she told me she had done all the paperwork and stuff but I still wondered where the fuck he was. Did it really take this long? I was irritated; I constantly nagged mom until the day he finally arrived. Mom went and got him; I met him at the door when they came back.

"Hi," he says eagerly; what a pussy. He's perfect.

"Hey...come with me!" I order as I pull him with me; I hear his bone pop. Oops, haha. I look back; mom seems happy to see me so happy, and I was...for now.

In my room, I throw the little twerp on the floor. He starts to cry; I grab his neck.

"You better shut the fuck up, or I'll make you shut up!"

He seems startled, then he screams.

Fucking idiot, I quickly sit my perfectly plump ass on his face.

"I told you to shut you mouth! Now you're going to get it!"

I scrunched up real tight, pushed a little.


"Ahhhhh, yeah; smell it bitch. Smell my gas."

He didn't want to; he wiggles to try to get free but it's no use, I'm too heavy.

"You know little bro; we haven't even really gotten to know each other. Let me tell you about myself; I'm Danielle, you're going to be my brother. Do you know what that means?"

I rise up just slightly off him; he, fearfully, shakes his head no like the ignorant little orphan he is.

I slip my panties off and shove them in his mouth; he tears up. I laugh as my naked ass hovers over him.

"It means you have to do whatever I want; understand?" I ask, spreading my cheeks.


"Smell it! Take it all in," I say as I sit my stinky hole back over his nose.

I hear him gag under me; oh my God what it must smell like down there.


At bedtime, I sleep on my back with him in place in my butt.

"Good night, little bro," I say; I lift one leg and push.


I sigh.


When I woke the next morning, I found the poor kid unconscious. Actually he was dead.

I call downstairs, "Mom!" I yell with some anger.

"Yeah hunny?"

"I need a new brother like soon!"

"Okay, dear."

I love my mom.

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