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Author: Closet Fetishist

Written: August 1st, 2010

"You've always been a good friend, Steve. I won't let you down."

"I know you won't, Luke. Go round up the others and meet me outside."

"You got it, Commander."

A few glaring eyes look upon Captain America and Luke Cage.

"Not so loud; it's not safe here."

"Sorry Cap, see you outside."

Steve watched Luke take the elevator down a level; he turned away but quickly turned back as he heard the elevator ascending again.

It was Maria Hill; the President's Watch Bitch.

"Nobody move! Under SRA Directive, all super humans must register their secret identities or face incarceration. We have Stark Tower under complete lock down; no one in or out. Submit now."

"This is bullshit and you know it, Maria!" Captain America says, charging full speed Ms. Hill.

"Ah, just the man I was looking for. Boys; see if you can persuade Mr. Rogers."

Stasis beams charge out of Maria's five, heavily armed guards; Captain America is trapped, hovering a few feet above the floor.

"Glad to see you've come around, Captain," she said with a devilish smile.

The undecided super humans standing around made their decision as they watched Captain America hauled off; they were going to register.


"You know, we found your little resistance movement," Maria finally said after what seemed like a lifetime of minutes; Tony loves his long corridors.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Ms. Hill."

"I think you do; Mr. Lucus, Mr. Rand posing as Mr. Murdock, very clever; Ms. Jones. Found them as I was on my way up. All in custody."

Steve shows no emotion but, inside, he knows all hope for his cause is lost. He lost. All superheroes lost.

"Did you really think it would work?"

"Don't you understand the repercussions of this act? Superheroes will be vulnerable; super villains simply able to just look us up in a directory. Am I going to be sorted under Rogers or America?" He asked.

"You and you're pals aren't going to be listed."

"So what then? Indefinite jail time?"

"Not quite; though I'd imagine that'd be more pleasant."

"I fail to understand."

"You will, Steve."

Maria turns to two of her meeker guards; "Can you two escort the prisoner to Ms. Marvel?"

"Right away, ma'am."

"Good. I'm going to patrol the building, make sure everyone's signed."

Maria and her remaining posse take their leave as the two guards open the door to Ms. Marvel's office, she sits behind a large, black marble desk.

"Oh, what a pleasant surprise; have you boys brought me a gift."

"Where would you like him?"

She pushes a button on her desk and two binding rings appear; "Put his wrists in these."

"Aye, ma'am."

As they prepare Steve, Ms. Marvel stares at his angry face with gleeful pleasure; she licks her lips sensually.

" I've wanted you for a long time Steve."

"What's your point Carol?"

"You never gave me the time of day you fucking prick!"

"And so this, just to get back at me?"

"That's a reach; this is just convenient timing..."

Her stomach gurgles loudly.

" many ways."

She quickly leans to the side.


Carol farted a huge blast.

"Ah, super farts; gotta love 'em."

Carol watched as the two guards bore her fart in silenced agony; not wanting to say anything but being unable to take it much more. She loved that power.

"You two can go, I have Mr. Rogers under my control."

"Bite me," Captain yells out; choking on the tainted air.

"Aye, Ms. Marvel," the guard's nose clearly unreceptive to her special odors.

The two turn to leave; Carol winks at Steve before hitting a button and sealing the two inside with them.

"Uh, ma'am...the door seems to be jammed."

"Oh dear; here let me take a look."

She pats Steve on the butt as she walks towards the men.

"Now you sure it's stuck?"

"No ma'am; just know that it's not opening."

"Interesting. Maybe it's...oh...oh my..."

"Ms. Marvel, what's wrong," he asks as he approaches her.

She whispers in his ear; he backs away startled as she turns to him and his quieter friend.

"You boys did good; take care now."

She groans as her stomach churns like a tornado.

"Here comes..."

"No, please..."


Carol watched the life slowly fade out of the two; their hands clutching the locked door.

"So you kill people for enjoyment? This is your idea of fighting crime."

"God, Steve; you're so fucking serious all the time. They're not dead; they passed out."

"And what about me?"

Carol swoops into the Captains waiting but bound arms.

"You....have a choice. One last chance to register; look, I even brought an American flag you want it after you're could be yours."

"Please, a pen? That's your joining bonus?"

"Can't say I didn't try; a shame, we could had some fun Stevie," she said as she turned her ass to him.

It was hard for Captain America to not get a little exited over that prospect...but he wasn't trading liberty for sex...not again.

She pushed her ass out, the thin Mylar stretching over Carol's perfect body. She looked back and saw him staring at her ass.

"You like it Steve?"

He snapped out of it and looked at her sternly.

"Fine! Have it your way!"

She pressed her ass against Captain America's face, pressing him backwards uncomfortably against his wrist restraints.


The fart was short but powerful; it blew a decent sized hole in Ms. Marvel's outfit. She felt the hole with her hand.

"Hm...a little small but we can make it work; come here Steve!"

She grabbed Steve's head and shoved it into her outfit; the stretch material sealing around his neck. Captain America was in an ass prison.

"There, that's...*grund* brrrrppp...ah, nice."

The foul winds whistle at gail forces up and into Steve's nose and mouth; he practically tastes Carol's digested smells of heavy of beans and strong cauliflower.

Inside Ms. Marvel's butt prison, the smell has nowhere to go; it merely hangs around, swirling around like shit in a clogged toilet; and there it sits, waiting until Steve must once again sniff it's noxious odor and inhale in the musky, heavy, putrid air.

"Smell my gassy pleasure, Captain!"  She manages to grunt out as a sentence length fart blew out of her simultaneously.

It quickly becomes too much; between the puke worthy stench and the lack of true oxygen, Steve quickly finds himself fading. Soon, the already dark cavern around, Carol's ass got just a little darker.


Steve wakes on the hard metal floor of a lab; he stares up for a few moments into tube fluorescents before rising to see She Hulk standing over unmasked Danny Rand.

"Try this on for size...POWERBOMB!"

It all happens as if in slow motion; the muscular green body falling towards Danny's soft face, the earth shattering fart that blows from Jennifer's sweet ass as she is just about to land on Iron Fist's unfortunate face.

Blood sprays out of every orifice Danny had; his head completely crushed under the woman with 300 pounds of muscle. She continues farting as she lands; bubbles appear in the pool of blood under her ass. She finally looks down at her destruction.

"Oh dear; I do believe I've squished him," she says with a snicker at the end.

She walks over to me, "I'll just have to do better with you, won't I Steve?"

Steve, in shock, says, " killed him."

"He's a fugitive, like you Captain Commie!"

"Fuck off, Jennifer; you know this isn't right."

"All I know is that veggies...ugh..."

She lifts one leg high, reminiscent of a sumo wrestler. She closes her eyes in what appears to be concentration.

Captain America stares at the grunting beauty with mild horror in his eyes.


"Ahhhh! There now, veggies, like I was saying, make me very gassy," she finally finishes her sentence; a smile filling her devilishly beautiful face.

The smell wafts to Steve and he is taken aback by its inhuman odor. He moves his head backwards in a desperate attempt to get away from it but it hangs around, even in the decent sized room.

"Pretty strong huh, Steve?"

"My God, what died inside you Jennifer?" speaking over her.

She laughed heartily and then walks closer to Captain America, "You want to know my secret?"

She approaches his ear and whispers to him.

Steve's face turns to pure horror as Jennifer softly grabs his head and pushes it into her deadly crack; some of Danny's blood smeared between her cheeks.


The disgusting sounding fart blows with light force but strong potency against Captain America's handsome features. He fights with all his might to free himself from her digested skunk farts but he is powerless against the stench; the skunk fart paralyzes him.

She Hulk, carelessly, releases Steve; his head banging against the hard metal.

She turns him over, onto his stomach, and then looks at her bound prey.

"What else can I do with you...I mean besides crush your face," she said, indicating to Danny with a sly smile.


The whoosh of the mechanical door is heard; Maria walks in.

"How's it going, Jen?"

"Not bad, I've just been thinking of new ways me and Mr. Rogers can play."

Maria nods approvingly.

"Hey, I have an idea; are you down to help me out?"

"Totally, what do you want me to do?"

I'm gonna lay down and stick Roger's face in my ass and then you sit on the back of his head so he's really wedged down in there...licking up his friend's blood if I make him.

Within seconds, Jennifer has Steve's head in her ass and Maria, still in her sexy, tight black jumpsuit, sits on the back of Captain America's head.

"There now, see're making yourself useful now," Maria comments.

The girls share a good laugh.

"Wouldn't it have just been easier to sign?"


She Hulk farted before Steve could even think about a response; she laughed.

"I think it would be but maybe Steve likes this; lift him a second."

"Oh hang on, I think I got something for him."


The petite soldier farted an embarrassing sized fart; especially in the presence of Jennifer.

"That's all you got?" Jen asks.

"What? It stunk; ask Rogers."

She Hulk lifted Steve from her ass as Maria rose off his head. He emerged coughing and gasping for breath.

"Who's farts are worse?"



The air blew quickly beyond Captain America's face but he wasn't spared the wretched smell.


"Yours, yours! Just please stop it!"

She Hulk smiles at Maria, very pleased with herself.

Maria, with no possibly way to match Jennifer, snaps with anger, "Just don't take to long! You've got other traitors to deal with!"

She storms out with a whoosh of the door which landed almost to show her anger, though not truly possible.

"Guess your time's about up, eh Cap?"

Captain America, still gasping, "You don't have to do this Jen; think about it! Really think and you'll see that this is..."

"Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah I like the sound of my own voice blah blah blahl you're such a relic...Captain America, talk about dated," she says as she merely walks over and sits down on Steve's talking face. "Just eat this Steve!"


Thick green gas filled Steve's every opening with a horrid stench like rotten cabbage, beans, and eggs; all churned inside and released with such force and such odor that it could burn the hair off your head.

"Oooooooh," She Hulk says, laughing; "I got you pretty good that time."

Steve isn't moving.


He remains still.

She Hulk smiles from ear to ear as settles back and farts again...just to make sure.

© The Fart Closet, All Rights Reserved.