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My Sister, My Keeper (PREVIEW)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Synopsis: Isabelle is home from college and is quickly forced to find out her little sister, Elanor, has gotten into some very odd fetishes.

5,318 words

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Isabelle squints into the darkness, in the direction of the voice; she sees Eleanor, wearing only her panties, hunched over the old toy box as she digs through it aggressively. Her large breasts hang low and her gut protrudes just a little past the waistline of her underwear.

“Eleanor, what are you doing? Did you cuff me?” Isabelle says confused and shaking a bit; she begins to think more and more this is just a dream she can’t wake up from.

“I mean, yeah, who else would have?” Eleanor responds matter of factly.
“But why?!” Isabelle asks.

“Well I doubt you would have stayed still for this.”

“For what, what are you talking about? Undo these right now!”

“Hm, I don’t think so Issy; plus I still haven’t gotten this on you,” Eleanor says with a grin as she holds up a ball gag.

“Where did you even get this stuff?!”

“Internet. Mom wanted me to build credit, so I’m building credit,” Eleanor holds up the ball gag again as her example.

“I think she meant like movies and video games once in a while, not hand cuffs and chokers!” Isabelle asserts.

“No, my dear ignorant sister, this is a ball gag; a choker is worn around the neck,” Eleanor says as if narrating about bondage toys to her sister.

Isabelle pleads, “Please don’t...please...please...” Her eyes are wide with terror; she can’t believe this is real, or that she can’t wake up from this nightmare.

“Why are you so afraid, you don’t even know what I’m gonna do yet,” Eleanor smirks as she forces the ball into Isabelle’s mouth, then tightens the strap around the back of her head. Isabelle immediately feels a painful soreness in her jaw as her mouth is stretched to accommodate the gag. Eleanor softly clasps her hands together, “Alright, good, now we’re going to get you up to speed.”

Isabelle shakes her head, trying to loosen the uncomfortable gag but it’s hopeless. Eleanor pulls a tablet from the nightstand and gets up onto the bed; she sits down heavily on her sister’s lap, squashing her crotch under her big butt.

“Comfy?” Eleanor playfully taunts.


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