Trapped in a Cave
by snmguy

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"if you look over here you'll see the stalagmites, well look up and you will see stalactite. it is an icicle-shaped formation that hangs from the ceiling of a cave, and is produced by precipitation of minerals from water dripping through the cave ceiling. does anyone know how long that takes approx to form?" the cave guide asked the group of university students jimmy raised his hand while all the students ignored the guide and tour

"about 190,000 years for every 10 cm" he answered a bit proud of himself

"that's right, it takes hundreds of thousands of years to form" replied the guide

the students continued down the dark cave illuminated by small hanging lights as suddenly someone body-checked jimmy knocking him hard to the ground, he looked up to see the beautiful devil Emily. they had been in the same school system since primary school and she had always made jimmy's life a living hell for no apparent reason. Emily was your average spoiled brat, she came from a extremely rich family and always got what she wanted, any teacher who gave her any trouble would immediately get shut down by her big mouth and even bigger attitude. the only thing bigger then her attitude was her ass. it was truly a sight to behold, like two mounds of jello the size of basketballs. she hadn't lifted a finger her whole life and from being spoiled all day she got quite curvy but never fat. she would go to the gym just barely enough so she could still ridicule and mock the overweight girls, but she was pushing the line herself. she had dirty blonde hair and huge doe eyes.

jimmy was a diligent student, he worked hard and studied even harder to try and make money to support himself and his single mother who actually worked for Emily's parents as a baker in their private home kitchen. his mother was underpaid so for much of jimmy's life him and his mother were starving. jimmy grew up very small and malnourished because of this. he vowed that he would provide a better life for his mother when he got older.

jimmy looked up at Emily glaring down at him with a smile on her face knowing there was nothing the scrawny boy say to her

"move it suck up!" Emily spat at him on the ground as she walked by tailing the end of the tour with her two best friends

jimmy brushed the dirt off his clothes and continued walking with his head hanging down, he worked so hard to get into a good college and away from that girl who ruined his whole childhood, only to have her parents buy her way in. she didn't even care about geology at all!!!!! she just thought this would be easy!!! jimmy was fuming he stayed at the back of the tour behind Emily and her friends staying out of sight and not answering any questions as students, professor and tour guide continued down the winding tight underground cave passageways. every so often the guide would stop to tell the students to be careful or to point out a certain rock formation. jimmy with his head down though couldn't help stare at Emily's gorgeous ass. the way it wriggled back and forth was almost hypnotic. he had always had a crush on her even throughout all her torment and ridicule. today she had on a pair of thin patterned leggings, they dug in-between her thick cheeks and formed up to her thin hips so nicely.

as the tour came to a end the guide stopped the class to explain they would be crawling through a quite small cave passage so everyone would need to get down on their hands and knees. she also explained that the class would need to be very careful because there had been some cracks forming on the walls in the recent weeks from so many tours going through. none of the students really listened to her warning though as she progressed through the small tunnel. the teacher and students all got down slowly on their hands and knees as they single file entered crawling in a line. jimmy was still staying far in the groups back to avoid Emily when her and her two best friends wandered to the side to take a selfie.

jimmy went to get down on his hand and knees when Emily kicked him hard in the ribs. he fell to the ground wheezing for air as Emily's friends giggled

"ladies first" said Emily as her friends crawled into the tunnel.

Emily got down on all fours and crawled in leaving jimmy alone in the dark cave. some tears formed in his eyes as he wished he could stand up for himself. he wiped off his face and began crawling into the tunnel, he could hear that most of the class had already exited on the other end. as he kept crawling, suddenly he came to face Emily's massive ass blocking his path, he stared at her ass sticking out right at him as he tried to find the courage to speak...

"uhmm...... Emily?"

no response, he tried a bit louder


again nothing.. he got a bit frustrated and honestly a bit claustrophobic in the tight tunnel. jimmy lost his patience and yelled





jimmy watched as her ass tensed up and she sent her leg flying back at jimmy to kick him in the face, only she completely missed and kicked the side of the tunnel wall. suddenly the whole cave began to tremble and shake as dust rained down from the tight ceiling above them!

"GO FAST" screamed jimmy as the pudgy spoiled girl began to desperately crawl.

jimmy raced behind her wishing she could go a little faster in this emergency, the roof started to sink pressing down as Emily screamed, jimmy's face collided between her thick pillow like ass cheeks as he pulled back. dust and rocks continued to rain down behind jimmy and closed him in as he pushed with his hands against Emily' massive ass but she didn't budge. Emily wiggled and kicked her legs hitting jimmy as she frantically panicked, the rock closed in around her hips, and her ass and thighs wouldn't fit through, the rumbling stopped as Emily screamed and cried like a little kid kicking her legs!

"STOP" screamed jimmy

Emily's kicking caused the unstable cave to collapse more as jimmy was forced to crawl forward, bent into an awkward curled up ball with his face pushed into Emily's huge ass, a large rock pushed down on jimmy's ankle breaking it as he gasped for air that was hardly available. the dust and rocks settled as everyone outside panicked and the teacher did a head count

"oh my god! where is Emily???"

as soon as the teacher realized Emily was missing he completely forgot about anyone else specifically jimmy. Emily was the most important girl in the entire school and her parents owned almost the whole town. paramedics and first aid arrived in minutes as a rescuer prepared to climb into the unstable cave and see if they could get Emily out. there was so many flashing lights outside the cave you'd think the president was missing. the rescue cave explorer was easily able to reach Emily as she asked calmly

"hi Emily, my names seline, how are you?"

Emily cried like a little kid

"JUST GET ME OUT OF HERE" she screamed rudely at the paramedic trying to help her

"ok we will Emily, were doing everything we can"

"clearly not because i'm STILL HERE"

the paramedic was a bit taken back by this girl arrogance. here give me your hands emily. the paramedic took her sweaty pudgy hands and gently tugged. she tried to look up around and could see Emily's hips filling the space. this girl wasn't going to fit through here, the paramedic knew it, not without a few days work of carefully removing stones and supporting the cave walls.

"ok Emily just relax for now, was there anyone behind you? can you remember?" the paramedic asked concerned Emily thought for only a few seconds before quickly answering

"NO.... its just me!!! GET ME OUT !!!" she screamed so high pitched the paramedic had to cover her ears.

"okay just relax Emily try to breathe. i'm going to come back in a few minutes okay"

the paramedic left the cave to notify the others of the situation

"its not good" she whispered to the teacher and other paramedics / rescue workers

"her hips are way to big to fit through that hole, thank god no one else is down there" she explained as the paramedics began formulating a plan multiple news crews arrived on the site as well as Emily's parents who were frantic. so many flood lights were set up around the area you could barely tell it was night time. the situation was a huge dramatic event for the small college town and multiple people came to see the scene.


jimmy was in searing pain, every movement his body made ever so slight sent lightening bolts of pain down to his crushed ankle. he wheezed in and out trying to breathe as his nose was forced deep between his tormentors ass-cheeks. her thin leggings leg his face sink easily into her plushy ass cheeks making it nearly impossible to breathe. the small breathes of air he did get though were tainted with the harsh smell of shit coming from deep between Emily's cheeks. he wriggled his face back and forth trying to get Emily to move but had to stop, the pain in his ankle was to great. jimmy started to cry as he whimpered sniffing another huge whiff of Emily's earthy ass. why.... why? jimmy always did his best to do good why would this happen to him. he listened as Emily communicated with the paramedic, it made him so mad how uncooperative Emily is!!!!


the night progressed as the crews began digging and trying to enter through the top of the cave, it was currently 5am. meanwhile emily was watching movies on a portable dvd player, and gorging herself on a multitude of snacks and foods, with nothing to do and no one to talk to, food was an easy distraction. she didn't stop to think for a second how hungry jimmy must have been as she ripped fart after fart into his face. for a few minutes she actually could hear him crying, she laughed it off and kept him quiet by launching another wet fart into his nose. as she was watching the latest episode of game of thrones she saw a big pack of yogurt at the bottom of the food bag. who the fuck put this here? she thought to herself. anyone who knew her well enough knew that she was lactose intolerant. the last time she accidentally ate dairy her parents actually left to go sleep at a four seasons hotel for the nights, her gas had literally swept through every room of their large mansion. some of the house staff had abandoned their duties and ran from the house choking refusing to go back in and all were fired.

a horrible devilish grin creeped across the beautiful girls face as she ripped open the packs of yogurt, she also grabbed some mixed berries and organic almonds making a nice parfait for herself. she dug into the diary treat eating like a pig so excited for her scheduled torture with jimmy and completely forgetting whats comes after the dairy farts. meanwhile jimmy was drenched in sweat, he couldn't feel his ankle anymore and he knew the damage was really bad, he didn't have time to concentrate on that though, PLLLLLRLRRRRBBBBRRRTTTTT. another of Emily's horrid farts splashed over his nose,

over the night her farts had gotten so much worse, he could feel the anal juice on the tip of his nose and leaking down his lips as he dry heaved. please god just kill me, jimmy prayed to himself...PPPPPRRRRRBTBTBTBTBTBT her asshole vibrated on his nose as he grimaced and closed his eyes. he could taste her farts in his throat.. jimmy thought back to the countless nights he spent jerking off in his bed late at night picturing this very same ass on his face. never again would he ever look at this ass the same.. VRRRRBBBRBBBBBBRRTTTT a hot fart vibrated down his nose and into his lungs as he choked and gagged, he wanted so badly to vomit but had no idea what kind of wrath Emily would inflict for that. her pussy leaked into his forced open mouth all night as she ate and watched stupid movies, sometimes it would be small bursts of pee.. other times a small leakage of cum. his thoughts were interrupted though when he heard a horrible bubbling sound come from deep within Emily's colon as his eyes went wide with fear!


"hey jimmy... i know ive done alot of mean stuff to you over the years.. and im really sorry... were trapped here.. and things are about to get so ...much....worse ..." PPPBBBBBRRRRRRRBRBRBBRTTTTTTT

jimmy could feel her anus clenching his nose as she spoke, and as soon as she said the word worse, the wettest fart jimmy had ever heard rained down on his nose, he gagged and choked feeling a stream of anal juice shoot down his nose and sting the insides of his throat and passage to his lungs. the smell was beyond anything he could imagine, like sniffing a burning hot pile of cow shit. he shook his head back and forth as Emily let out a huge moan and released another fart! jimmy felt his eyes spinning into the back of his head as Emily pushed her ass back, aligning her asshole with his mouth.

"ugh oh fuck, that smells fucking horrible, lets see if your .... uggggghhh mouth" PRRRRBBBBBTBBBBBTBBB "makes a better filter"

jimmy's throat closed as he dry heaved and choked on Emily's gas, he felt a popping pressure in his chest and a incredible stinging pain as he passed out cold. the force of Emily's gas filling his lungs caused one of his lungs to burst, jimmy's chest sank inwards as Emily absentmindedly continued to pass her horrid gas straight into his unconscious boys mouth. eventually she pulled a large fluffy goose feather filled pillow from the supply bag as she slowly fell asleep. the last thing she remembered before drifting off fully was letting one more wet fart echo down her toys throat. as Emily slept peacefully the massive amount of popcorn, doughnuts, chips and snacks and yogurt digested into a horrible nightmarish onslaught that was soon approaching the passed out little jimmy


Emily awoke startled as she clenched her belly, her face and body was drenched in sweat and her stomach was churning.

"oh fuck, oh no..." she groaned loudly as she shook her ass back and forth desperately trying to wake jimmy. he slowly opened his eyes, they were bloodshot and only opened halfway, his mouth was still plastered to her asshole and he cold taste her gas all throughout his throat and nose.

"oh fuck" moaned Emily again as she leaned back and forced jimmy's lips tightly around her anus, jimmy clenched his eyes expecting another fart as her asshole spewed open and filled his mouth with a burning hot liquid. jimmy choked and the substance shot out his nose as he convulsed and grabbed the sides of Emily's sweating pale ass cheeks. her asshole burst open again filling jimmy's mouth and blasting her shit down his throat, he felt like he was swallowing acid. his little hands pushed against her massive cheeks in a desperate attempt to end the torture but that did nothing to stop her, she continued to relax and let loose the build up of accumulated diarrhea within her colon.

"oh gawd that smells like death!" Emily exclaimed as she rubbed her belly and continued to shit. jimmy gasped for air through his nose as Emily's ass gave him a small moment of respite only to force a soft yellow sausage of shit into his tiny throat followed by a wave of shit that came out into his mouth like a soft serve. his eyes bulged from from his head as he used his nails to scratch Emily's ass! desperate to end this anyway he could!

"HEY" Emily yelled at him, just then realizing exactly what she was doing. she knew she was taking one of her horrible morning after lactose shits but because of the urgency and pain hadn't comprehended what she was actually shitting into. her pussy instantly began to dribble cum as she shuddered with pleasure from what she was doing to jimmy. she massaged her belly lightly coercing as much shit as she could out of her body while she swung both her legs around and down hard, slamming jimmy's weak arms to the rock ground under her weight.

jimmy could feel the mass amounts of shit collecting in his stomach as she continued, it seemed never-ending. his tongue burned as undigested popcorn kernels scratched the insides of his mouth allowing her shit to enter his bloodstream. a grossly wet fart erupted into his mouth followed by another stream of soft serve shit. as her stream of sludge slowly came to a wet end jimmy desperately pressed his shit caked tongue against her anus in a feeble attempt to block anything else that tired to force its way out.

"ooooooooo" Emily cooed, keep doing that, i'm going to need some toilet paper anyways!"

jimmy's stomach was twisting and burning as he tried to keep down Emily's waste, he shook his head back and forth in her thick ass cheeks in protest

"mpppppph" he pleaded with her but she couldn't hear him. Emily grunted pushing a wet fart into jimmy's shit caked mouth as her waste rushed up jimmy's throat filling his mouth again. he cried as his tiny body convulsed trying to swallow it all.

"stop fucking around and clean my asshole" Emily yelled behind her as she started to find something to eat for breakfast. she settled on something light considering she would be waiting to be rescued all day. she only ate a bagel with some cheese, a few croissants, a bowl of fruit, a big chocolate chip muffin and some dried mango slices. while she was eating a wonderful breakfast little jimmy was almost at deaths door. he stretched out his little tongue and stroked Emily's asshole but only managed to smear more shit around. after about an hour of stroking and licking her ass he could finally feel that it was starting to get relatively clean. he felt her anus puff outwards as a rancid morning fart assaulted his mouth

"oooof that felt hot" laughed Emily as jimmy choked, he breathed out through his nose and the fumes of her gas burned his eyes. suddenly Emily heard someone crawling down the tunnel, it was one of the first aid responders.

"hey Emily how are you feeling?" seline asked her compassionately.

"oook i guess" replied Emily trying to sound innocent

"i just wanted to let you know that were going to have you out of here in the next 12 hours, theres something i need to ask you though. theres a woman outside, shes hysterical and saying her son is in the cave, his name is.... umm.. "

seline checked some papers for a moment

"jimmy... do you know a student of that name?"

"yea i know jimmy" replied Emily sounding confused "but i was sure he was in-front of me? there wasn't anyone behind me im sure of it!"

"well okay, ill be back in a bit but try to remember when the last time you saw him was"

"okay ill try to but i dont" in the middle of Emily's sentence a wet fart slipped out from her big ass and into jimmy's mouth, he couldn't move or speak as he moaned and let the potent gas seep into his remaining lung. "ooo excuse me" Emily put her hand to her face embarrassed. seline could have sworn she heard a moan come from behind the trapped girl.. she waited a moment before replying to emily

"its ok, ill be back soon"

as the first aid responder left Emily kept her ass pressed up forcefully keeping jimmy as quiet as she could, as she saw the woman fade from view she relaxed her cheeks and let a soft brassy fart blow into her victims mouth. Emily laughed out loud a little as she heard it echo into jimmy's throat


around 10am Emily began to hear drilling sounds above her and could feel slight vibrations, her chest felt heavy as she began to realize her time with jimmy might be over soon.. she wasn't ready for that yet though. this boy was so weak and useless.. his place in life was here.. with her and being used by her. she owned plenty of objects and jimmy was hardly a person so what was the difference? her family pretty much owned his anyways. she began to gorge herself on any and every food she could find inside of her supply bag. her body was going to be so pudgy after getting out but its fine, she would take a few months off from school to "recover" and work off the pounds. she needed to punish his throat with her feces one more time before they got her out.

jimmy was broken.. his pale shaking arm reached up and gently stroked her big jiggly ass cheek in a desperate attempt to win his torturess over, he could feel her eating, spending so much time with his face in her ass he had begun to recognize the sudden movements and what they meant, she was stuffing her self. he could feel the vibrations of the drills digging above them as he prayed to any god that existed that the workers would reach him before the shit reached the exit of Emily's anus.

Emily ate for hours, devouring dried meats and fruits, fancy breads and sweets and cookies, chugging the remaining amount of yogurt that had started to go bad, all the while she let burning farts loose into her personal toilets quivering mouth, she could feel his trembling hands rubbing her big ass cheeks and she felt like a queen. she could feel the mass amounts of food working its way through her body as she smiled.

"hey toilet...." there was no response

"TOILET" screamed Emily as she shook her ass getting jimmy's attention. jimmy gently licked her asshole letting her know he had heard.

"use your hand to stroke my clit" jimmy reached between her thick jiggly thighs and under his chin and gently began rubbing his finger over her pussy lips, they were sopping wet.

"IN CIRCLES AND HARDER" she yelled as her ass blasted his mouth, the fart was airy and tasted like beef and he knew that another wave of her shit was coming soon. me moved his little fingers in circles as Emily moan and let another fart loose. jimmy choked and gagged feeling her shit sloshing around in his tiny belly. some dust rained down on the ceiling just above jimmy from the drills close by. please... please.... please.... jimmy prayed as he pushed his fingers into Emily's pussy causing her to gasp in pleasure. he pushed his tongue against her asshole desperately trying to keep her occupied. in less then a second Emily was cumming, she wrapped her big legs around jimmy's body and pulled him forcefully into her as his mouth was blasted full of mushy brown shit.

Emily moaned stretching her head up as her ass blasted in little spurts like a machine gun firing and filing jimmy mouth over and over, he could barely keep up as the mushy substance leaked from his nose.

"oh fuck that feels good" moaned Emily, jimmy pressed against her ass spreading her cheeks as he pushed, her anus began to stretch as a monster turd pushed out, it was so wide. jimmy started to see stars thinking he was going to pass out and die as the turd forced its way into his body. he could feel his throat cracking to adjust and make room for the mass to move into his stomach, when it finally dropped down his throat he could literally feel it splash into his belly and the rest of her waste. Emily's pussy quivered and sent waves of pleasure through her body, feeling her toilets hands quiver on her ass cheeks made her orgasm again! she pushed filling the toilet with a few tiny spurts of liquid waste. she gracefully waited a few moments before demanding her ass be licked clean, it was the least she could do.

"you have had enough time to recover toilet, you know what to do now!" jimmy's entire body was shaking, he had never felt so sick in his entire life. her shit continued to rise up and down in his throat as he was forced to swallow the horrid feces over and over. he felt like he had been licking her asshole for hours but in reality it had only been about 20 minutes.


suddenly there was a burst and a crack as the roof above Emily opened up. she could see two burly men lifting the rocks and creating a path just above her. with the roof now exposed the rocks around her waist loosened and crumbled. Emily reached back into the darkness and tugged her leggings up from her ankles knocking jimmy's face from the smelly wet prison. she pulled the pants up over her big jiggling ass as she called up to the rescue workers

"thank god your here!" Emily cried and wiped her tears, then reached up as the men tried to lift her up and out of the tiny cave. they both grunted and groaned audibly lifting the plump spoiled girl. as they lifted her she pushed off of jimmy's chest with her right foot breaking all of jimmy's ribs and popping his remaining lung. Emily used her hand to block the sunlight from her eyes as she pretended to pass out in the arms of one of rescuers. her parents rushed to her side as she was put into an ambulance and sped off to a private hospital.

"OH MY GOD" a man screamed as 2 first aid responders came crawling from the hole gagging, one ran to a nearby tree and leaned against it as he puked. the scene was horrific and nobody could explain it at first. two first aid workers wearing hazmat suits quickly and carefully removed the mangled boy. his body was a deathly white and his chest was compressed horribly while his stomach was bloated like a pregnant lady. he smelled like a outhouse and liquid feces leaked from the sides of his mouth. jimmy's mother ran to him, she could barely recognize her son as she dropped to her knees screaming and crying. he was rushed to a hospital but almost died in traffic. Emily was transferred to a helicopter and flown to her much more expensive and efficient hospital. as soon as Emily's parents had heard the news about the boys condition they instantly got their legal team on-top of paying off all the first aid responders. when the news hit the t.v no one would know jimmy was there.

jimmy's mother sat in the hallway of the hospital crying as her son laid there in critical condition. he was barely alive but the doctors said with time he would be able to live a semi normal life. it was all too much for her to take. Emily's father walked over and took a seat beside the grieving employee of his.

"im so sorry for this incident, we've taken care of the medical costs, yet you'll need to pay us back of course, it was hardly that much though" the rich man laughed a tiny bit "only 1.6 million"

jimmy's mother could barely speak....

"t.....thh....tha....that's....too much sir....." jimmy's mother began to cry again

"its alright" Emily's father put his hand on the grieving woman's back gently "i have arranged for you to move to our hotel in France and serve as one of the maids, you'd make an extra .35 cents an hour so it would be a huge step up for you, and once your son is recovered, he wont be able to attend any school ever again, not in his condition, so i have arranged for him to come work for our Daughter Emily at our home. she needs to start learning some responsibility and having her own servant is the perfect way. with both you and your son working together 7 days a week 19 hours a day.. the fees should be paid off in about 35 years... give or take..." he let out a hearty laugh as jimmy's mother broke into tears and collapsed to the floor.

Emily's father stood up and placed a plane ticket on her seat

"you leave in two hours" he walked away and didnt look back