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Let me first welcome you to a really weird part of the internet and the kink world; always remember to be respectful to any and all kinks even if they might not be within your scope of interests or understanding.

Who are you?

I'm Closet Fetishist, I've been writing Femdom fart fetish erotica since 2005; and I've been doing image captions since 2013. I've had fart fetish fantasies starting as early as first grade where, even then, I seemed to have an obsession with tragedy, torment, and evil winning out over good.

I continue to use a lot of those themes in my stories, preferring the victims to not be bullies or mean spirited characters that would deserve such cruel and callous treatment; I instead opt to involve characters that are essentially innocent of any wrongdoing but forced to endure intolerable cruelty anyway.

More recently, I've started to explore characters with more naturally submissive tendencies; characters that essentially give in to torment through manipulation, loyalty, commitment, blackmail, or similar themes.

I'm open to write just about anything, even dismemberment, so if you like my style and you'd like to make a Request, please feel free.

If you want to know more about me, I have a bio that I like; or you can just message me to chat about anything you'd like. I've also started more actively using my blog so if you want to read my thoughts and experiences, check that out.


What's this site about?

About 200 pages. Rimshot.

Aside from being about fart fetishism, my stories focus on and feature mostly Femdom, or Female Domination, and using the aspect of farting as an element of torture in a consensual non-consent type fantasy setting. Other themes are explored as well but those are the primary elements on display here.

If you are sensitive, do tread this site carefully as some stories will end in snuff; likely not a majority of stories but a handful, including my very first story.


What is Fart Fetishism?

Definitions may differ but I believe fart fetishism, or Eproctophilia, is a sexual kink involving the arousal to various aspects of flatulence (i.e. sound, smell, humiliation, etc.). Often times, this is coupled with an BDSM play element known as queening, or more colloquially, facesitting.

Anecdotally, it's a fairly unheard-of fetish within the Los Angeles BDSM community that I've met and talked with thus far, drawing many a non-reaction when uttered, possibly to avoid kink shaming or possibly catching the listener off guard; maybe both.

Statistically, and there aren't many in this fetish, I find this tidbit is interesting: According to PornHub's Year in Review 2016, the terms fart & farting are gaining traction (but not top search terms) in the Netherlands and Brazil.


How do I find someone to fart on me?

That is the question for our time. As of this date, today, I haven't found anyone to fart on me either; in the local community, I haven't even found anyone saying they have a fart fetish out here, be they female or male. Our fetish is, seemingly, not well known outside of our bubble; people in the community know watersports and they know toilet slavery, ours is seemingly an uncommon halfway point to the latter.

In more general terms, and in my limited understanding, you find someone in this lifestyle the same way you'd find any potential partner; the dynamic may be different but the journey starts very much the same way. So go where you're comfortable and try to talk to people, build a connection, and talk about your interests; I truly believe, if a rapport is built and someone grows to care for you, they will try to accommodate your desires as best or as closely as they can.

As far as where to go, I hate bars and dance clubs so I started going to dungeons for play parties and other gatherings or events within the BDSM community; Los Angeles has a very active community with events nearly every day of the week. I do this because, at dungeons, generally, you already know there's a strong common interest, at least in terms of lifestyle. You also likely will not be shamed for your fart fetishism within the collective BDSM community if it's a respectable one; online and everywhere else in life, all bets are off.

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